Tim Wilkerson Denver Saturday Report

Bandimere Speedway

Wilk To Race From 10th Spot

The number 10 is the recurring theme for Tim Wilkerson, here on Thunder Mountain in Denver. With sponsor Dick Levi in the house, along with 250 of his guests, the day was a "10" in terms of sponsor support and entertainment. On the track, Wilk again went 1-for-2 and will race from the No. 10 spot. His opponent in round one will be Johnny Gray, who currently holds down the No. 10 spot in the points. Wilk and Gray will face off in round one, and the winner will hold that precious 10th spot in the Full Throttle standings. Only one point separates them at the moment.

Tim Wilkerson
Tim Wilkerson

Photo by: Ted Rossino

"The way I see it, we're just out here racing for Dick Levi and LRS, and our job is to be in the top ten so we can have a shot at it during the Countdown," Wilkerson said. "It's not about us and Johnny, or us and anybody, it's just a points deal and we're all out here fighting for those 10 spots. I like Johnny, he's a great guy with some great stories to tell, so it's not about me and him and I know he's thinking the same way. We go out and there race it as hard as we can, and we let the chips fall.

"Today, just like yesterday, we made a really good run in the heat of the day and then messed up a little on the last one, so we finished up right where we started. I think we feel pretty good about how we can get the car down the track in the middle of the day, so if we can get by that first round it seems to me that we can have a pretty good day. We'll give it our best.

"To have 250 of Dick Levi's best friends in the pit today was an experience. We've had some big days with LRS in the past, but I don't think we've ever had that many people at once, and they were cheering for us, clapping and yelling, from the moment they arrived. That was a cool deal, and we're happy they all had a day to remember. That's the beauty of drag racing right there: You can host people right in your pit and give them a day they'll never forget. I know, because I heard those exact words from just about all 250 of them."

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