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Arana camp keeps top qualifier honors for another day

For the fourth straight NHRA national event, it appears that low qualifier honors in Pro Stock Motorcycle will remain in the Lucas Oil camp.

Rookie rider Hector Arana Jr., who earned the No. 1 qualifying position in both Norwalk, Ohio, and Chicago, set a blistering pace Friday in Sonoma, riding his Lucas Oil Buell V-Twin to a 6.887 at 193.02 mph to capture the provisional pole. Arana's father, 2009 champ Hector Arana Sr., was No. 1 last weekend in Denver.

Hector Arana
Hector Arana

Photo by: Ted Rossino

"We'll take these No. 1 qualifiers every race if we can," Arana Jr. said. "It's hard to do in this class, so to get four in a row, if this one holds, is really special. It's something to be proud of, for sure."

After opening with a seventh-best 7.009 at 192.36 mph, Arana Jr. rode the cool evening breeze to the top position, making a run he described as "pretty much perfect."

"All we did was make one clutch adjustment (between rounds) and the track came to us," Arana Jr. said. "That was it. I rode a really good pass. It was amazing. I knew it was good as soon as a dropped the clutch because it smacked me in the butt. I was like, 'Oh, man, that kind of hurt, but that's good.' I tucked really hard, and ran a 6.88.

"This new motor we built, it's amazing. We call her 'Gracie' and she's 2-0 going for No. 1 qualifiers so far. Hopefully, we can keep the No. 1 spot, and she'll have one hell of a record going. Now, I just need to do my job of riding on Sunday and get a win."

Arana Jr.'s joy was tempered slightly by his father's second pass, which ended prematurely when he detonated a brand-new motor. Arana Sr. finished the day ninth overall with a 6.998 at 189.44 mph, which he ran earlier in the day on his Lucas Oil Buell.

"I've got to thank my dad and Lucas Oil for everything," Arana Jr. said. "If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have anything. Forrest Lucas stuck by my dad all these years – he knew my dad could do it. Finally, we got one of these Buells, and from there, we skyrocketed up to the top. I've been fortunate enough to jump in at the top."

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