Dan Wilkerson Norwalk Saturday Report

By Team Wilkerson Racing

D Wilk Leaps From Outside The Field To 6th Spot

Dan Wilkerson, driving his Summit Racing Ford Funny Car, crammed a whole weekend's worth of drama into one day in Norwalk. With Friday having been completely washed out by rain, 21 Funny Car teams had to fight for 16 race spots in two pressure packed sessions. D Wilk's mount lost traction early on his first pass and he entered the final session mired outside the field.

Running early in the session, under a bright sun after a day and a half of clouds and rain, D Wilk drove the Summit Mustang right down Broadway, posting a big 4.137 to jump way up into the top half. His run held for the 6th spot, out-qualifying his father by three spots. He will face Paul Lee in round one.

"The first run was a mess, but man that was a thrill on the second one," young Wilkerson said. "I was pretty much bound and determined to get the Summit Racing Shelby to the finish line, no matter what, and it ran great. They got on the radio to me and I was like 'It ran what? It was how fast? We're in?'.

"This one-day deal was stressful on everyone, and every team. Going into the second one without having made a full pass tightened the screws down even tighter, believe me. Then, to go out there and run good like that, well that's about all I can ask for. I'm thrilled right now."

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