Bob Tasca III Norwalk Final Report

By Tasca/Motorcraft

Back To Work For Fordparts.Com Team After First-Round Loss In Norwalk

Imagine how many parts it takes to make an NHRA Full Throttle Series Funny Car go faster than 300 mph in four seconds.

Now think about how long it would take you to take the giant puzzle apart, only to put it back together again.

The Funny Car team has two weeks to take its Ford Mustang apart, evaluate each part and piece and figure out what caused it to go up in smoke not once but twice in Norwalk – the first time in four years the team has experienced such a clutch malfunction two runs in a row.

The issues came just one weekend after the team recorded the best run in its career in Bristol, Tenn. In Norwalk, Bob Tasca III qualified solidly in the field at No. 7 with a 4.143-second pass at 304.05 mph before smoking the tires in the first round against Jack Beckman. Tasca coasted to a 7.354 at 104.42, while Beckman recorded a 4.177 at 287.60 before smoking the tires himself in a Round 2 loss to Ron Capps.

“We felt as though we had a handle on it,” Tasca said. “Obviously we didn’t. The guys are stripping the car front to back to find out why. It’s got so much wheel speed at the hit of the throttle. It’s not even giving the car a chance. It’s very disappointing. Fortunately this isn’t the Countdown (to the Championship), but man, I’ll tell you. It’s not how we race. It’s not how we want to finish a day off. Certainly not giving someone a side-by-side run. We’ll take the car down to the bare chassis and put it back together again. Something, somewhere is causing this thing to malfunction in the bell-housing and we’ll figure it out.”

Teams went into eliminations with only two rounds under their belts after Friday’s two runs were rained out.

“We’re behind the eight ball when we have two qualifying runs (instead of four), so that didn’t help us any, but so did everyone else out here,” Tasca said. “So you can’t use that as an excuse. No excuses. We just simply didn’t get the job done. Off to Chicago.”

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