NHRA announces Peterson promotion

Josh Peterson Promoted To Vice President Of Racing Administration

Josh Peterson Promoted To Vice President Of Racing Administration

GLENDORA, Calif. (March 2, 2011) -- NHRA announced today that Josh Peterson has been promoted to vice president of racing administration, reporting directly to senior vice president or racing operations, Graham Light. Peterson will join NHRA's management team and sit on the NHRA Competition Committee.

"Since joining NHRA in 2005, Josh has assumed and excelled at every level of responsibility," said Light. "He has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, race program and race team management and marketing, and has become an important part of all aspects of NHRA's racing administration."

Peterson joined NHRA as general manager of sport compact racing, later assuming the role of director of racing administration in the fall of 2007. In that position, he has managed the national field office and competition office, with his role expanding to include administration of the racer point system, event registration system, hard card system and national event competitor credential system.

He is also actively involved in racer disciplinary actions, servicing NHRA member tracks, and has been the liaison with the legal department on racer/member track compliance and incident issues. At national events, Peterson manages VIP credentials and racer registration and is responsible for staffing major areas of the events. He currently serves as NHRA's representative for ACCUS legislations and FIA grants.

In addition to retaining all of his current responsibilities and becoming a member of the NHRA Competition Committee, Peterson will assume additional responsibilities with NHRA's sportsman racing programs. NHRA's seven division directors will report directly to Peterson and together will work on strategic planning, member track support and other aspects of divisional racing and operations.

Peterson came to NHRA from the Pontiac-GMC division, where he was a product analyst and before that a program manager for GM's front-wheel drive drag racing program.

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