New Challenger Drag Pak revealed

For the first time, sportsman racers will have the choice between a 354 or 426 HEMI.

Mopar is taking its Drag Pak Dodge Challenger to new heights, adding a new supercharged engine option to the successful package car drag racing program. Sportsman racers in NHRA (and other sanctioning bodies) will now, for the first time have the choice of either a 354 cubic-in supercharged HEMI engine for their Dodge Challengers - or they may opt for a naturally aspirated 426 cubic-inch HEMI engine.

Orders begin next month for these new engines available in the new Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. The new Challenger, revealed for the first time today at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Chelsea (Mich.) proving grounds, is designed for passionate Sportsman racers. It features the latest evolutions in Sportsman racing technology, a huge number of upgrades and improvements from the prior generation’s Drag Pak - and unique heritage exterior design cues.

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