Morgan - Ford pre-event interview

Event: Pomona

This Week in Ford Racing, February 24, 2011

Larry Morgan, driver of the Lucas Oil Pro Stock Ford Mustang is ready to get back on track this weekend in Pomona. Morgan talks about the changes they've made to the Pro Stock Ford Mustang and what his team has been up to during the off-season.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE CHANGES TO THE PRO STOCK PROGRAM THAT HAVE BEEN MADE OVER THE OFF-SEASON? "We've made a lot of changes to the engine of the car, and we really look to do good this year with the Mustang. We've picked up power, things that Ford has helped us with, with the engine. We're really excited about it this year."

DID YOU DO ANY OFF-SEASON TESTING? "We did. We went to Bradenton and we ran a couple of times and we did very well. We're looking forward to this weekend, other than the weather out there. We ran fairly well and we were back a couple hundredths of the quickest car. That went pretty good."

TOWARDS THE END OF THE SEASON THE PROGRAM SEEMED TO BE TURNING AROUND. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU CAN START BACK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF AT THE END OF 2010? "Absolutely, I think we'll do fine. I'm really looking forward to this year. We spent nearly two and a half months testing and I think it's going to show on the track."

LAST YEAR YOU MADE IT TO THE SEMI-FINALS DURING THE FIRST RACE IN POMONA. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE CHANGES OVER THE YEAR GOING INTO THIS WEEKENDS RACE? "A lot of the guys have been able to pick more power up. I think we're going to hold our own out there. We can surely be in the top half and there's a very good chance that we can win the race and that's what we're looking to do. It feels good to be back on the track again, get the Mustang out there and have the support from the fans. All of the guys that work for me work real hard and want to go out and show off a little bit."

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