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Anderson runner-up at Memphis Remains No. 2 in Countdown points MEMPHIS, Tenn. (September 16 2007) -- Greg Anderson drove his KB Racing-owned, Summit Racing Equipment-backed Pontiac to the runner-up position in eliminations for the Pro Stock...

Anderson runner-up at Memphis Remains No. 2 in Countdown points

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (September 16 2007) -- Greg Anderson drove his KB Racing-owned, Summit Racing Equipment-backed Pontiac to the runner-up position in eliminations for the Pro Stock title at this weekend's 20th annual NHRA O'Reilly Mid-South Nationals.

Before eliminations got underway, the Pro Stock KB Racing team of Anderson received $1,500 for winning the NHRA Full Throttle Pit Crew award for the O'Reilly Mid-South Nationals. The program utilizes a point system based on a combination of qualifying position and elapsed time. Points won at individual events accumulate from each event to determine an overall season-end NHRA Full Throttle Pit Crew Champion, which awards $15,000 to the winning Pro Stock team.

In the opening round of eliminations Anderson, who qualified No. 3, pulled to the line against the No. 14 qualifier, Ron Krisher, and then dodged a bullet during the race. Krisher got out first taking a sizeable advantage but moved abruptly shut down, possibly from tire shake. This gave Anderson a free ride to the Memphis Motorsports Park finish line, crossing in 6.650 seconds. Krisher followed, coasting to a 13.581.

"I had a little too much line lock (break) pressure on the starting line and I finally just had to throw it in there (into the starting light beam)," said Anderson during an interview at the top end of the track following the run." I got lucky there and got the round win."

In round two, Anderson's opponent, Larry Morgan, had lane choice based on his 6.636-second pass. At the light Anderson headed straight down the lane, while Morgan makes a sharp move and only his many years of experience helped him correct and get his car headed in the right direction, coasting to the finish line. Meanwhile, while that was going on, Anderson ran straight down the right lane and crossed the finish line in 6.622 seconds at 208.91 mph. By running low elapsed time of the round, Anderson gained lane choice over his next opponent, Jeg Coughlin, Jr.

Coughlin was out first, but Anderson had made up the difference shortly after the green and by the 330-foot mark was pulling away in his Summit Racing Pontiac. At the finish, Anderson crossed in 6.636 seconds at 208.42 mph. Coughlin recorded a time of 6.697 seconds at a speed of 206.32 mph.

This set up a final round that mirrored the final round at the last race at Indy -- Anderson's Pontiac versus Dave Connolly's Cobalt. Unfortunately for Anderson the outcome was the same with Connolly turning on the win light.

Both cars got out almost together and both car then got loose right after the start, although it appeared that Anderson was struggling with his Summit Racing Equipment Pontiac through the first three gears a little more than Connolly was with his Cobalt. Both corrected and headed to the finish line with Connolly arriving there .0187 seconds before Anderson. Anderson carved out an elapsed time of 6.658 seconds to 6.648 seconds for Connolly.

"We should have won the race today but we didn't," said Anderson. "We did a good job each round until the final, then neither one of us made a good run in the final. We both tried to give it away, but a lot of that may have been due to track preparation or lack there of. You never know what you're going to get for track preparation. One run they'll prep it (the track), the next run they won't. They usually always do that before the final, but today they didn't. But it was the same for both of us and Connolly did a slightly better job than we did today. They've got the momentum and it's our job to find a way to break that momentum.

"Don't get me wrong, we're starting to get a better handle on the car and it did perform well at times today. We've just got to get a little bit more consistent. We plan to still put this Summit Pontiac in the winner's circle a time or two or three over the next four races. We still want to take home a fifth consecutive championship for KB Racing and Ken Black."

Anderson continues to hold on to the No. 2 spot in the Countdown, trailing Connolly by 33 points. Anderson's teammate Jason Line, the reigning Pro Stock champion, is No. 6 in points. (See Countdown to the Championship below for more information.)

The three-time Pro Stock champ set a Memphis Motorsports Park track record for speed of 209.17 mph during qualifying.

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