Las Vegas II: Tasca III - Ford interview 2010-10-27

This Week in Ford Racing October 27, 2010 Bob Tasca III, driver/owner of the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Shelby Mustang Funny Car, heads to Las Vegas this weekend with a win in his sights. Tasca is fifth in series points and looks to improve his ...

This Week in Ford Racing
October 27, 2010

Bob Tasca III, driver/owner of the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Shelby Mustang Funny Car, heads to Las Vegas this weekend with a win in his sights. Tasca is fifth in series points and looks to improve his position in the overall standings as the series draws to a close. Tasca talks about racing at Las Vegas and the progress the team has made in 2010.

HOW TO DO YOU APPROACH THESE FINAL TWO RACES OF 2010? "This is a very exciting part of the season. Two races to go with so much still undecided with the championship up in the air. For the fans, these next two races are what we invested the whole season in. For us, it is not about winning the championship at this point, but it is about finishing the year out as strong as we possibly can. We've gone back to the shop after Reading and have been working really hard on a lot of different projects to get ready for Las Vegas and put our best foot forward to end the season. We're also preparing for next year. The one thing about Las Vegas and Pomona, these are the same conditions we see at the start of the season next year. We're going to Las Vegas to learn a lot, we're going there to win. This team, me included, we need a win to end this season. Obviously we have a race car that is capable of winning. We have a team that is capable of winning and has won. We're going to Las Vegas with our best foot forward. Truthfully, conditions will be record setting conditions and we're going to spend the Monday after Las Vegas testing, preparing for Pomona and for the 2011 season. There are two races left in this season but the to-do list is longer than you can imagine. This is a very exciting time for the fans. It is an exciting time for the drivers. We want to finish the season on a strong note and see how these championships unfold."

SINCE MAKING THE BOSS 500 TRANSITION EARLIER THIS SEASON, HAVE YOU IMPROVED WITH THE COOL WEATHER TUNE-UP. DO YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THE COOLER TRACKS NOW THAT YOU HAVE MORE DATA AND SEAT TIME? "We've made this change with the Ford platform to have a race car that's capable of winning in any condition. Clearly, we have a very good handle on some of the warmer tracks. We're getting a much better handle on the cooler tracks. We qualified fourth in Dallas and seventh in Maple Grove, for us, it's really just fine-tuning the cool weather set-up, but I think by the end of this season, we're going to have a good handle on it. We have Las Vegas, the test session and Pomona. Then we'll have the Palm Beach and Las Vegas test sessions and then we're back in Pomona for the first race of 2011. We'll have plenty of time to really get our arms around it. I don't think we're far away. Last year at this time, I couldn't have even begun to say we weren't that far away because we were trying to sort out how to run the big speed and the big ET numbers. We have a set-up that runs the big speed and the big ET numbers as evident. We've some of our quickest times this year and the Force camp has run some of the quickest time the sport has ever seen. It's really some fine tuning at this point. In our sport you learn four seconds at a time and it takes you an hour and a half to go and try again. It's a slower process than in some other sports where you can keep hot lapping over and over. You can't do that in drag racing. If you make a mistake, you've got to go back and try again. I feel very confident that we're going into Las Vegas with a race car that can not only win, but can go to the pole. I couldn't say that this time last year. I will go out on a limb. We will run the quickest and fastest times of my career before this season is over between Las Vegas and Pomona. I have all the confidence in the world in what Chris Cunningham and Marc Denner have been working on this season. No one can guarantee winning a race because 1000 things have to go right to win and one has to go wrong to lose. We're looking to end the season with a win or two and more importantly putting down some of the quickest and fastest runs that we've ever made. We are very determined, before the season ends to run quicker and faster than we've ever been."

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT RACING IN VEGAS? "I love to race in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is awesome. Vegas is an exciting place to go to, never mind to see a race. It's a fun place to go. The track is always packed. There's so much on the line this weekend. My championship hopes have expired but I want to see Ford win a championship. That's why we come out here. If I can't win it, I want one of my fellow Ford drivers to win it. We're going to Las Vegas to win the race. I have the team, Chris, Marc and the sponsors, we want to learn some things and push the limits but when Sunday rolls around, it's about winning the race. That's really what we're focused on doing. I'm confident that we have a legitimate shot at finishing this season in third of fourth in points, which would be a huge improvement over last year. It's an important two races for our team, even though we're not in the championship discussion, these two races are very important for us to do well and end on the high note."

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