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LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2002 - The 3rd annual Nationals was completed today at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ron Krisher, driving the Eagle One Chevy Cavalier picked up his first victory of the season. Krisher, 54, defeated Darrell...

LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2002 - The 3rd annual Nationals was completed today at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ron Krisher, driving the Eagle One Chevy Cavalier picked up his first victory of the season. Krisher, 54, defeated Darrell Alderman in the final round after taking out JR Carr in round one, Jeg Coughlin Jr. in round two and Jim Yates in round three. In the final, Krisher's Chevy Cavalier, the No. 1 qualifier for this event, ran 7.016 seconds at 197.83 mph to Alderman's 7.026 e.t. at 197.54 mph.

Ron Krisher (Eagle One Chevy Cavalier):

"Getting by first round today was like the biggest win I've ever had. I almost had tears in my eyes. It was the biggest relief I've had since I've been drag racing. Once we won the first round, I was pretty confident that things were going to work out. You need some confidence to be successful in this sport and I didn't have any after what had happened the last three races, much of which I took the blame for but really it wasn't anything I was doing. I think today we showed them that we do know what we're doing. We have good engine builders, we have a good racecar in this Chevy Cavalier and we've made a lot of improvements to the racecar drive ability wise - the clutch system, the brake system, it's all been a problem. We've been attacking it one issue at a time and finally the most important issue became the brake system. We took care of that, got the car to where it staged properly and didn't drift, and we were able to race the it without a mishap."

How much did you break down the car?

"We tore the whole brake system out of it and rebuilt it from front to back. We went with the steel brakes on the front because of the heat problems with the carbon-fiber brakes. When you get them hot, they're hard to stage with and can't hold much pressure. When they're not hot they don't have any pressure and that's what happened in Gainesville."

Do you feel like you have the fastest car in Pro Stock?

"I think everybody would agree with that. We do have the quickest and fastest car in Pro Stock. We're looking forward to Houston and hope the air's good down there. If you give us some good air we'll really show you what we can do."

Is it too early to think about points?

"I've been watching points - we passed a lot of people today, plus we closed in a lot more. We'd like to make a run for the championship this year. We think if we can maintain the horsepower and the car combination, and with the people we have working for us, we've got as good of a shot as anybody."

With your current momentum, is it beneficial to be racing as early as next weekend?

"Any next race you go to after a win it's easier to drive. You're more confident going up to that starting line and things go a lot better. You win a race, you do well, you qualify well, you make all good passes and the next race gets a lot easier. We're hoping we're on a roll for the time being anyhow."

Are you testing on Monday?

"No, we don't need to. We have a pretty good handle on the motor and we want to make sure it's right for Houston. We don't have any test motors, all we have are race engines, either mine, or Tom Hammonds or V. Gaines. We don't like to beat them up unnecessarily. We have a new Jerry Bickel-build Chevy Cavalier coming after Houston and we're going to have to beat one of them up to make it work. We'll wait until we get the new car and start on it."

What's the timetable on the new Cavalier?

"It actually depends on a lot of things. We'd like to bring it out as soon as we get it, but we have back-to-back races and then we pick up the car after Houston. You don't really pick it up after Houston though, you go to Bickel's shop, put the motor in it, make sure all of your transmission slides work, everything fits the way it's supposed to, and that will take about a week. That throws you into the next week. We'd like to test it in St. Louis because that's close to Bickle's shop, but it depends on how easily the car goes together. You make a couple of 60-foot passes, and a couple of 330-foot passes before you go down the track to make sure you don't have anything strange going on that you don't want to have happen in high gear. We wanted the car much sooner than this. The new Cavalier is going to be an inch narrower than our current car so it should run more speed when we get it together. But this racecar we have now is going to be hard to beat. We'll ease into this gingerly. We want to make sure we have one car under control before we try doing something silly with another."


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