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Veteran Morgan ready to take final step in Lucas Oil Mustang

LAS VEGAS (March 28) -- One year ago, just a few months into an ambitious switch to Ford horsepower and bodywork, Pro Stock veteran Larry Morgan was working hard just to make the elimination field at any given NHRA event.

Now, after a sometimes frustrating season of engine failures and massive parts damage, Morgan and crew have found an competitive set-up for the red, white, and blue Lucas Oil Ford Mustang and come into this weekend's 12th annual NHRA Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with much loftier expectations.

"It's time to get after it," said Morgan, who has successfully qualified for both races this season. "You're going to see some big changes from this team in the next few races.

"We got gun-shy last year because we were breaking stuff every weekend. No one had run a Ford in this class for 25 years and we had a bunch of catching up to do. We spin these motors at 10,500 rpm and when things go wrong it takes awhile to figure out the culprit some times."

An engine builder by trade, Morgan and his loyal staff relentlessly chased their gremlins until finally firming up the components in their BOSS powerplant towards the end of their 2010 campaign.

At first, they were happy just to qualify for every race. Now they're aiming at earning top-half berths in every elimination field.

"We've been steadily moving up," Morgan said. "Every week we're finding something else that helps. Of course, in this class, everyone is doing that so you have to stay on it around the clock. Heck, I wished we raced every weekend so we never rested. I'm so ready to contend for race trophies.

"Our engine parts are solid now, thank God, and we're making great power. If the NHRA would figure out how they want to prep the tracks and quit changing on us every race, we'll be cruising.

"This is an exciting time because, although Jason (Line) and Greg (Anderson) have jumped out to a fast start, everyone is basically bunched up. I think we'll see more contenders for the championship then ever before, and we expect to be in the mix. I'm not even sure how far we can go yet, but we're gonna find out. It's time."

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