Jones steps down as driver

Ashley Jeffery Motorsports Jones to step down as driver for Darien & Meadows STOCKTON, Calif. - NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster driver Paul Jones announced his resignation as driver of the Darien & Meadows A/Fuel Dragster today. The team's sponsor, ...

Ashley Jeffery Motorsports
Jones to step down as driver for Darien & Meadows

STOCKTON, Calif. - NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster driver Paul Jones announced his resignation as driver of the Darien & Meadows A/Fuel Dragster today. The team's sponsor, Western Stabilization, also announced they would be stepping down as sponsor as well.

"I would like to shed some light on my recent decision to end my stint as the driver of the Jerry Darien and Ken Meadows A/Fuel Dragster," said Jones, of Stockton, Calif. "People who know me best know that I'm very goal oriented. When I focus on something I give it 100% of my attention. Sometimes this quest to reach a goal clouds your vision and allows you to neglect other areas of your life that are just as or even more important than the particular goal. My goal was, is and will continue to be to drive a Top Fuel Dragster someday. There are many different paths I could take to try to reach this goal. The path I chose at the beginning of this year was to drive the most competitive A/Fuel car in the country. This took a huge financial obligation and would not have been even remotely possible without the help from Western Stabilization. This next statement might be hard for most of you to understand. As the season progressed I began to evaluate this path that I chose. With the full support and understanding from Ashley Jeffery, Owner of Western Stabilization, wife Judy and daughter Justine, I came to the conclusion that this might not be the best path. Without going into too much detail as to why I made this decision please understand that this decision stems from a series of unselfish reasons. Now knowing my goal, you should be able to understand how hard it was for me to make this decision. I realize all of the possible ramifications that this could have on my career and I except them. But in looking at the big picture this was the only reasonable choice."

"I will continue my employment with Western Stabilization and continue to help Ashley and Justine with their Super Comp program," added Jones.

Ashley Jeffery, owner of Western Stabilization, also added his thoughts to the issue.

"The recent departure of Paul Jones from the Darien & Meadows team has raised a lot of questions as to how Western Stabilization fits into all of this," said Jeffery. "As the owner of Western Stabilization I would like to personally address this."

"From the time Paul Jones walked into my office last year looking for sponsorship he was up front and honest about his goals to someday reach Top Fuel. I am a man that spent many years raising a family and building my business so I know financially how hard it can be to achieve yours dreams at a young age. Yes, I have worked hard for all I have but I also feel I have been greatly blessed and that is why I believe in helping others. Despite what some may say Western's relationship with Paul has been a positive one. Paul is a very driven individual and he has spent a lot of time making sure he held up his end of the bargain by getting Western's name out there. Paul has always consulted me before every decision he has made. His decision to step back from driving at this point was difficult for all of us, however he has my support 100%. I won't go into all the details of the deal I made with Paul but the money he agreed to give Jerry was not all coming from me. I understand the hardship this could have eventually been on him when you look at the bigger picture. I am a man of my word but I am also a man that cares about people and I care about Paul's future and respect the decision he has made."

"With all that said many are wondering about Western's name on the Darien & Meadows car. Like I said before, the money Paul agreed to was not all coming from me and my agreement with Paul was with him in the drivers seat. What many people don't know is that a couple months ago Paul came to work for Western Stabilization. He has been doing an outstanding job promoting our new foam asphalt process. He also maintains our family's Super Comp cars. Paul will continue to be at the races with Ashley Jeffery Motorsports and I feel due to that and his employment at Western it would be a conflict of interest to continue on with the Darien & Meadows team with a different driver. This decision has no reflection on Jerry Darien, Ken Meadows or their program."

"I know many people are wondering if I would consider sponsoring a different team. My family and I will spend the remainder of the season focusing on our two Super Comp cars. There are many great drivers and teams out there that deserve sponsorship but at this time I feel I need to take a break and re evaluate where Western goes form here."

"Finally, some may not understand or agree with all that has taken place. I don't ask you to understand or agree but I will ask one thing. Many people have the need to speculate, go on chats and give their opinion or trash people, and some even start rumors as to why things happen. I believe in going directly to the source. If you are one that feels the need to know more please email Paul he has nothing to hide."


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