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Coughlin Family's US Nationals Recipe For Success Leading candidate for 1998 NHRA "rookie of the year" Jeg Coughlin, Jr. is looking forward to the US Nationals next week in Indianapolis. Jeg is currently second in the 1998 NHRA...

Coughlin Family's US Nationals Recipe For Success

Leading candidate for 1998 NHRA "rookie of the year" Jeg Coughlin, Jr. is looking forward to the US Nationals next week in Indianapolis. Jeg is currently second in the 1998 NHRA Winston Pro Stock Championship and sixth in the 1999 Pro Stock Challenge points. Warren Johnson is leading the pack and his son Kurt Johnson is in the number three position and trails Jeg by a mere six points. Older brother, Troy is currently sitting in the fourteen spot and is within 100 points of the Pro Stock top ten.

Winning the US Nationals is a dream come true for any drag racer. This race has a long and rich history that surrounds it. The drivers that have won this race in the past have left the track with such a feeling of accomplishment. Jeg, Jr. won the 1992 US Nationals in Super Gas driving his Jegster built '27 Ford Roadster. "I remember this win like it was yesterday. Everytime I think about that win it brings a huge smile to my face! The car was built in our shop in Columbus; the guys in the chassis shop built it to perfection. This was my first race car that was built to my specifications from the ground up," said Jeg, Jr. The winners circle picture looked like a family portrait of the Coughlin Family. "My dad, mom, brothers, GaGa and PaPa were all there to share this moment with me. Our family is very close, it felt great to share this moment with all of them. I know that without them it never would have been possible," mentioned Jeg, Jr.

Jeg, Jr. was not the only Coughlin Family member to win the US Nationals. A year earlier, Troy Coughlin won the 1991 US Nationals in Super Gas. He drove a Pro Stock-legal Oldsmobile Cutlass and took a very unique approach to winning Indy. Troy used a throttle stop to slow down his low-seven-second car to compete in the 9.90 index of Super Gas. The car made a number of runs throughout the event that exceeded 165 mph. "That car was fun to drive. I have always been fascinated by speed and have a strong desire to go fast," mentioned Troy. In the final, his opponent put the red-light on and gave Troy a chance to show the crowd a 180 plus-mph Super Gas run. Unfortunately, the manual override for the throttle stop broke. Troy said, "I really wanted to show the crowd how fast that JEG'S car really was. That would have been really impressive!" Troy's win at the US Nationals was his first and only national event win in his career. "Winning the US Nationals is something that can never be taken away from me. This race is the "Super Bowl" of drag racing. To have my first national event victory at the largest and most prestigious event in drag racing is very special to me," stated Troy.

John and Mike Coughlin are looking to have their first US Nationals victory in their respective competition classes. John races in Super Stock and Mike competes in Pro Stock Truck. Mike stated, "I can't think of a better race to win my first NHRA national event at, my brother Troy won his first here. I would like to win my first NHRA national event at the biggest and best in the land!" John in his "rookie" year in Super Stock and is in the top ten in the NHRA Winston Championship in Super Stock. "A win here would do nothing for me in my points chase, I can not claim anymore national event points. However, this is the race that I have dreamed of winning ever since I got behind the wheel of a race car. I remember dreaming about winning the US Nationals when my dad raced their" said John.

"The Pro Stock cars have spent two full days testing at Indianapolis Raceway Park in preparation for the 44th Annual US Nationals. This track is one of the trickest tracks to read and tune for. The bald spots on the starting line grow with each launch from the starting line. At the end of a session, it's not uncommon to have two seven-foot long bald spots in each lane. This brings a serious challenge for the entire Pro Stock field," stated Jeg Coughlin, Jr. The entire JEG'S Mail Order Racing Team is focused on winning this prestigious event. "After my disappointing first round red-light last week, I know that focus will be the name of the game. When I returned to the trailer I told the entire team that they did their part and I simply did not do mine. We have a great team with a knowledge base that is second to none. I truely believe that this race will be a thinking man's race. I feel that we have plenty of horsepower and knowledge power to come out of this race with another win for the team and the employees of JEG'S."

The two full days of testing produced data that will be helpful to the initial set-up of both the #8 and #25 JEG'S Mail Order Oldsmobiles. However, the track will change between now and the first qualifying session for Pro Stock on Friday. "We feel very good about the discoveries we made during this test session on our Pro Stock cars. Our team continues to work well together and everyone is focusing on winning the 44th Annual US Nationals. Richard has been busy perfecting the Maskin horsepower and he feels very upbeat about some of his recent findings. John spent a day testing a Nationals Trail Raceway and is very pleased with the performance of his car. We will be testing Mike's Pro Stock Truck before leaving for Indy to prepare for this important event. All in all, our team is ready to do battle in Indy next week," commented Jeg Coughlin, Sr who is the team advisor.

The JEG'S Mail Order Racing Team has all of the ingredients for a win at the US Nationals. this recipe for success in blended by Jeg Coughlin, Sr. and is a recipe that will forever be kept in the Coughlin Family's vault of secrets. The odds look pretty good that a Coughlin has more than a fighting chance to win the 44th Annual US Nationals.

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