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January 12, 2010

In 2009, Robert Hight dominated the Countdown to 1 and walked away with his first NHRA Full Throttle Funny Car championship. In 2010, Hight failed to win a single round in the final six races and he finished a disappointing eighth overall as the championship torch was passed to John Force. That frustrating experience has made the highly driven Hight hungrier entering the 2011 season. Looking for any advantage he can find, Hight has rededicated himself to his craft and has gone on an intense physical regime which has resulted in him losing nearly 20 pounds. Hight talks about preseason testing and his outlook for 2011.


THE OFF SEASON GOES QUICKLY. WE ARE LESS THAN TWO MONTHS REMOVED FROM POMONA AND WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF PRESEASON TESTING? "I haven't had a whole lot of time off. We finished the 2010 season and my Auto Club Ford really struggled. It is hard to forget about that so you have to start working on 2011 and you can't look back. I've been back and forth from Indianapolis and California working with the team and trying to get ready for 2011. My team is building me two new cars and I can't wait to get back on the race track. When you're a racer at heart it is just too long between the end of the season and Winternationals. Now they have moved Pomona to the end of February so it is even longer. We are getting ready to go testing and I can't wait to get over to Palm Beach at the end of January and get down the race track."

JOHN FORCE MENTIONED THAT YOU ARE TAKINGA PAGE FROM HIS BOOK LAST YEAR AND THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT HEADING INTO THE SEASON. "I have been on a major diet trying to lose some weight and that has been a good thing. I think as a driver I will feel better and do a better job in 2011. It is kind of funny but in 2009 John ribbed me all winter that he was going to take that championship away from me and sure enough he did. The table is turned and I have been ribbing him this winter that I am going to get it back. What is most important is that we keep it in the Ford family and that we win a third straight title for Ford."

HAVING TASTED THE CHAMPAGNE OF A CHAMPIONSHIP ARE YOU HUNGRIER TO WIN IT AGAIN NOW THAT YOU AREN'T THE CHAMPION? "It was tough not repeating, but it isn't like we didn't win as a team, which is what our whole group is all about. It is truly the One Ford approach but within John Force Racing. Last year John won it and I was happy for him and he felt the same when I won it the year before. We succeed and win as a team. If we can get Ashley the championship in 2011 John and I would be just as happy. I finished eighth in 2010 and that is not where I want to be. I want to be at the top fighting it out with my teammates on the last day at Pomona and we finish 1- 2 and 3. That is what our goal is."

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