Gainsesville: Stanfield takes Pro Stock Truck title

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Saturday, April 21) - Eliminations took place today at the rain delayed 32nd Annual Mac Tools Gatornationals. The final round would be a replay of last years Gatornationals Pro Stock Truck final. Last year Greg Stanfield met...

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Saturday, April 21) - Eliminations took place today at the rain delayed 32nd Annual Mac Tools Gatornationals.

The final round would be a replay of last years Gatornationals Pro Stock Truck final. Last year Greg Stanfield met Randy Daniels in the final round with Daniels taking the victory. This year it would once again find Stanfield and Daniels in the final round, but this year it would Stanfield's turn on the podium.

Stanfield took a slight advantage at the starting line and held on to take the victory over Daniels. Stanfield ran a 7.492 / 181.23 mph to Daniels 7.503 / 180.62 mph.

On his way to the final round Stanfield would defeat Joe Pigford, Bart Price and Bob Panella. In Daniels trek to the final he would defeat Craig Eaton, Scott Perin and Todd Patterson.

"I think our luck has finally turned around," said Stanfield. "We struggled some this morning, but the track came around for us. We stayed consistent. I think that has been the key to our success lately. We have tried to stay consistent and play off of the other guys mistakes."


Todd Patterson, Dodge Motorsports Dodge Dakota

"This has been a great race for us. After not qualifying in Las Vegas, then coming here and going to the semi's, makes me feel like we are going in the right direction. I would have like to have gone to the final, but we will get there. Getting this close makes you hungry, and makes you want to go back to the shop and work harder. We will be back."

Bob Panella, Jr., Panella Trucking / Ranger Boats Chevrolet S-10

"I'm looking forward to getting to Atlanta, a track I like a lot. It's a track I've had a little bit better success. We are going to work hard between now and the Atlanta event and try our best to get a win instead of a runner up like last year."

Round 2

George Supinski, Supinski Racing Chevrolet S-10

The Gatornationals was the first race for Supinski to try and qualify his Pro Stock Truck, and also won his first round of competition here today.

"We are very happy to be able to win a round at our first race. This is the first race that we have qualified at, just to qualifying here was thrilling, but to win our first round here too is great."

Scott Perin, NAPA Development Chevrolet S-10

"I was in a little too deep, and ended up leaving too early. I knew I red lit as soon as I let the clutch out. Coming into this round I knew I needed to be quick to win. It didn't work out for me this time, but we will try it again in Atlanta."

Bart Price, DBP Enterprises Chevrolet S-10

Price lost to his teammate Greg Stanfield in Round 2

"It is a 50 / 50 thing for me. On one hand, as a driver, I would have liked have won. I didn't drive as well as I should and Greg beat me. On the other hand, as the team owner, I am glad that Greg is going on to the next round. He is up there in the points, and could possibly win this race."

Jeff Gracia, Panella Trucking Chevrolet S-10

"Lane choice wasn't a factor today. We felt we could win from either lane. We don't know why we got loose; perhaps we lined up a little crooked. I felt it start toward the centerline, then the tire started to shake. I got out of it, but not before I crossed the centerline. We had a good enough truck to win, but unfortunately it wasn't our day.

Round 1

Larry Joe Seay, Larry Seay Chevrolet, Chevy S-10

Seay red lit in round 1 against Scott Perin the current reaction time leader

"I think I tried to hard to do good today. I don't get to race very often so when I do I always want to do good. I tried to hard today and it didn't work out for me."

Craig Eaton, Mopar Part Dodge Dakota

"My team; Rick Watters, Buddy Ingersoll and all the guys are doing a great job, but I'm not doing mine. Our program is really starting to come around, and that is encouraging. Now I need to work on my driving to back up all the hard work my crew has been doing."

Jeff Naiser, NRC Racing Chevrolet S-10

"I feel like we have learned a lot this weekend. We have made advances with both the truck and my driving. We are going to go home now and do some testing before we go to Atlanta."

Victor Cagnazzi, Cagnazzi Motorsports Chevrolet S-10

"We are learning something on every run, and that is what we need to do. It was a very close race. So close that I didn't know who won when we got to the top end. I would have liked to have gone some rounds today. But with what we have learned, I am sure we are going to start winning rounds soon."

Joe Pigford, Full Boar Motorsports Chevrolet S-10

"I knew that I had to take a shot at Greg. He had me covered, so I knew I would have to beat him on the starting line. I had a good light and did a my job today, but we just didn't have enough."

Mike Corvo Jr., Motor Homes Unlimited GMC Sonoma

"I broke 5th gear in the water box. It was a close side by side race. It is a helpless feeling to be pulling through the gears and know that it will not go into high. At that point he shot past me like I was standing still."

Vinny Barone, Hot Rod Shop Chevrolet S-10

"I had to take a shot at him. He (Panella) is a bad boy, and those guys really know what they are doing over there. I had to try and leave on him. It was a close race. I tried to give him a run for his money.

Don Smith, Texas Harley-Davidson Chevrolet S-10

"I feel like I let the guys down today. They have this truck running as good as it can, but I didn't do my job today. I need to get back into a rhythm and stop trying so hard."

The next stop for the Pro Stock Trucks will be the 21st Annual Advance Auto Parts NHRA Southern Nationals May 3-6 in Atlanta, Ga.

-GM Racing

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