Gainesville: Ryan Schnitz Saturday summary

Schnitz Snags His Second ...

Schnitz Snags His Second #1 Qualifier

Yesterday's scary top end tire problems didn't slow down Ryan Schnitz a bit today, as the young Decatur, Indiana rider rode the Team Muzzy's Buell straight to the top of the charts in round 3 and stayed there through round 4 for Ryan's second Pro Stock Motorcycle #1 qualifier.

Schnitz predicted a performance improvement for himself and the field for Saturday, and he delivered with a career best 7.012. "It was a really good pass, but through the first three gears I was hanging off the bike to the left a little bit because it wanted to go to the right. But it was a good run. I think the right lane is crowned just a little bit to the right."

As expected, round 4 was warmer and slower. "The track was hotter and conditions were worse. Although Antron (Brown, the #2 qualifier) had, in my opinion, a perfect pass. But most of the teams slowed down."

Schnitz will face Joe DeSantis in round 1 of eliminations. The field is just .009 of a second shy of the quickest field ever. "Obviously, anybody out there is gonna be a tough competitor," continued Ryan, who singled out former Team Green Kawasaki/AMA Prostar teammate Chip Ellis as a particular concern. "I don't think you'll see a 6 second pass, but I think you'll have to run .0's all day to continue on."


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