Englishtown Jeg's Racing Sunday Report

JEG'S Mail Order Racing Sunday Pit Notes Rain Delays Event One Day Jeg Coughlin, Jr./ ...

JEG'S Mail Order Racing Sunday Pit Notes

Rain Delays Event One Day

Jeg Coughlin, Jr./#2 Pro Stock: Jeg Coughlin, Jr began his day fresh off of a win. Jeg won the '99 Holley Dominator Duel yesterday and took home a check for $50,000. Winning this all-star race cetainly let the Pro Stock field that the young and talented driver was back!

In the first round Jeg faced Mike Thomas, lane choice went to Jeg. Jeg took the right lane for this battle. The yellow and black JEG'S Mail Order Olds Cutlass left the line first and never looked back. The car followed the groove all the way to the big end. Thomas ran into problems and was forced to watch Jeg take the win. "The car still has room for improvement. Having the rain delay really made the track different for everyone," said Coughlin.

The second round put Mark Pawuk and Jeg against each other. Pawuk had lane choice for this match up. Pawuk took the right lane and Jeg lined up in the left. The advantage went to Jeg out of the gate and he took it all the way to the stripe. Jeg's run was the quickest of the round, which gives him lane choice over Richie Stevens in the semifinal. "The car really responded well, but we still have more left. We did what we needed to do, we ran quick enough to have lane choice in the next round," stated Jeg.

Mike Coughlin/#28 Pro Stick Truck: Mike and the four remaining Pro Stock Trucks spent the day waiting to run. All four drivers will have to wait at least one more day before going down the track. "I am really looking forward to getting in my JEG'S S-10 and running the semifinal round. Waiting around is just delaying the excitement for me and the entire team," said Mike.

Rain set in just before the cars were going to be called to the staging lanes. The rain put a delay on the action until tomorrow.

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