Englishtown: Chevrolet Racing final qualifying

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J., May 19, 2001 - Qualifying was completed today for the 32nd annual Matco Tools SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. In Pro Stock, Mike Edwards has the Young Life Chevy Cavalier qualified in the No. 2 position...

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J., May 19, 2001 - Qualifying was completed today for the 32nd annual Matco Tools SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. In Pro Stock, Mike Edwards has the Young Life Chevy Cavalier qualified in the No. 2 position with an elapsed time of 6.834 seconds at 201.28 mph. Kurt Johnson is qualified fourth in the ACDelco Cavalier with a 6.851 elapsed time at 200.68 mph. Ron Krisher is qualified sixth and Jeg Coughlin Jr. is eighth. The No. 1 qualifier is Mark Pawuk in a Grand Am with a 6.832-second run at 200.17 mph. Warren Johnson is qualified third and Darrell Alderman is fifth. In Funny Car, Tommy Johnson Jr. made two excellent hot weather laps today in the Skoal Racing Chevrolet Camaro. His final run of 4.858 seconds at 296.31 mph moved him all the way from the 13th position to the fifth starting spot. He started the day outside the 16-car starting field. Teammate Ron Capps has the green Skoal Racing Camaro right behind Johnson in the sixth position with a run of 4.863 seconds at 309.49 mph. Bob Gilbertson is 13th in a Camaro and Jim Epler is qualified 15th. The No. 1 qualifier is Tony Pedregon with an elapsed time of 4.801 seconds at 315.86 mph.


Kurt Johnson (ACDelco Chevy Cavalier) - "We have a consistent racecar. The ACDelco Cavalier's run 6.89, 6.85, 6.91 and 6.91. I've been between .440 and .483 on the light. I'll just forget about what happened today and go on to tomorrow. I think we have something we can win with, we'll just have to go out and see. It's getting so close out there that you're winning and losing races by four thousandth's of a second. I was pumped this morning and I probably tried a little too hard."


Tommy Johnson Jr. (Skoal Racing Chevy Camaro) - "I just had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. On probably 13 runs in a row we've had problems and not made it down the racetrack. That's the first time we've made it down in a long while, and it's only good enough for 13th qualifying position, but it was the third quickest run of the session. It wasn't set to go quick. It was set to go down the racetrack and get in the show. That's what we needed. We've had a problem and we've worked and worked to find it. The two-car team paid off there. I took everything off Ron's (Capps) Camaro, injectors, blower, manifold, magnetos, coils, came off of his car. We put it on mine and finally got it in the show. We've eliminated where the problem is now we just have to figure out what it was. That's the advnatge of having a teammate. I robbed all the parts off his car which is running really, really well and got in the show. That's team work at it's best."

Ron Capps (Skoal Racing Chevy Camaro) - "The weekend's been good for us. We got in the show on Friday with a 4.90 flat on our first run. The main objective is to get qualified with the field being so tough. That's why it's hard to get excited about running a 4.87 and at the same time we needed to focus on getting Tommy's (Johnson) Camaro in the show. We're trying to get our car in but we're really concentrating to get the whole team running a little bit better. I think we found the problem with his car which was evident by the run he made this afternoon and I think you'll continue to see him run a lot better. Today the conditions are very indicative of what we'll see on Sunday. These are the days that count because they are a good indicator of what may happen on Sunday."


Larry Dixon (Miller Lite/Chevrolet Dragster) - "I think it's really important to qualify in the top three or four cars. That allows you to choose what pair you get to go out for the first round. If we are third quick, then we get third choice as to what pair we go out and that's the benefit of qualifying near the top. The importance of qualifying No. 1: well, yeah, I guess that would be nice but it doesn't mean you're going to win. We have been able to qualify as one of the top four cars at every race this season but one, so I like that part about it. Now it's just a matter of going out and doing it on Sunday. The conditions changed dramatically from the first session today to the second session. We had our car set up on the softer side for the second session. Could we have gone out there and run a mid to high 4.50? I guarantee it, but if its hot and humid tomorrow like it was today, then that wouldn't teach us anything. We are looking at the probability that it's going to be hot tomorrow and we need to be able to get down a hot racetrack like we saw in Gainesville and Bristol. By what we ran tonight, I think we can go down any racetrack tomorrow at around a 4.60."

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