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JOLIET, Ill. - SUMMIT FastNews - Final order after 4 rounds of qualifying in Pro Stock at the 2nd annual Fram Route 66 Nationals: Psn---Num-Driver, Home Town, Car Type-------------------------ET---Speed 1 3 Kurt Johnson, Sugar Hill...

JOLIET, Ill. - SUMMIT FastNews - Final order after 4 rounds of qualifying in Pro Stock at the 2nd annual Fram Route 66 Nationals: Psn---Num-Driver, Home Town, Car Type-------------------------ET---Speed 1 3 Kurt Johnson, Sugar Hill GA, Chevy Camaro 6.955@ 197.94 2 1 Warren Johnson, Sugar Hill GA, Pont Firebird 6.964 198.70& 3 44 Mike Edwards, Broken Arrow OK, Chevy Camaro 6.985 197.05 4 93 Allen Johnson, Greeneville TN, Dodge Avenger 6.985 196.87 5 233 Greg Anderson, Jacksonville NC, Pont Firebird 6.989 197.22 6 4 Jim Yates, Alexandria VA, Pont Firebird 6.996 195.73 7 2 Jeg Coughlin, Columbus OH, Olds Cutlass 6.997 197.16 8 4006 Mike Trumble, Pasadena TX, Pont Firebird 7.001 196.87 9 709 George Marnell, Las Vegas NV, Pont Firebird 7.007 196.10 10 403 Hurley Blakeney, Chester VT, Ford Probe 7.008 195.90 11 10 Mark Pawuk, Akron OH, Pont Firebird 7.012 195.96 12 24 Troy Coughlin, Columbus OH, Olds Cutlass 7.016 196.82 13 398 Darrell Alderman, Morehead KY, Dodge Avenger 7.016 194.97 14 6 Mike Thomas, Knoxville TN, Pont Firebird 7.024 196.36 15 9 Richie Stevens, New Orleans LA, Pont Firebird 7.026 195.68 16 1525 John Nobile, Melville NY, Olds Cutlass 7.032 196.07 ------------ Not Qualified ------------ 17 30 Steve Schmidt, Indianapolis IN, Pont Firebird 7.034 196.02 18 8 Tom Martino, Farmingdale NJ, Pont Firebird 7.041 196.19 19 50 Bruce Allen, Arlington TX, Pont Firebird 7.046 195.96 20 262 Robert Patrick, Fredricksburg VA, Ford Probe 7.048 195.56 21 397 Tony Gillig, Lake Zurich IL, Olds Cutlass 7.048 195.11 22 412 Arturo Delgado, McAllen TX, Pont Firebird 7.050 196.30 23 351 Ron Krisher, Warren OH, Pont Firebird 7.052 194.83 24 357 Larry Morgan, Newark OH, Dodge Avenger 7.061 194.77 25 28 Mark Thomas, Cincinnati OH, Pont Firebird 7.074 194.94 26 22 Larry Nance, Akron OH, Dodge Avenger 7.094 194.86 27 255 Danny Coffman, Russellville KY, Olds Cutlass 7.102 194.49 28 329 Gary Wiggins, Gilbertsville KY, Pont Firebird 7.114 194.18 29 55 V. Gaines, Lakewood CO, Chevy Camaro 7.130 193.49 30 3105 Michael Holton, Warrenville IL, Pont Firebird 7.220 191.02 31 376 Kevin Lawrence, Palos Hills IL, Pont Firebird 7.374 186.67 32 353 Lewis Worden, Festus MO, Pont Firebird 7.429 150.90 33 340 Terry Smith, Middletown OH, Pont Firebird 7.790 144.49 @ = Track ET Record & = Track Speed Record Results provided by the FastNews Network, courtesy of Summit Racing Equipment ** **

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JEG'S Mail Order Racing Saturday Pit Notes

The weather conditions here at the Route 66 Fram Nationals didn't improve over yesterday. The normally aspirated engines in Pro Stock and Pro Stock Truck were searching for good air to make horsepower. The JEG'S Team showed the crowd and the competition that they are back, the team will be something to contend with tomorrow on raceday. The men in yellow and black have shown that the name of the game is to make small measurable changes to the setup to improve the overall performance.

Pro Stock Truck brother duo Mike and John Coughlin qualified on opposite sides of the ladder, which means that there is a chance that they could race eachother in the final round of Pro Stock Truck. The Pro Stock Truck program has shown that they are right on track and ready to do battle on raceday at Route 66 Raceway. Mike is fresh off of a win in Pro Stock Truck, so the team knows how to get the familiar yellow and black JEG'S colors in the winner's circle.

Troy and Jeg Coughlin, Jr will begin there weekend from the number seven and twelve spots respectfully. The Pro Stock team also made little changes each time down the track to the setup of each car through qualifying. Both cars show that they can run in the heat and are more then ready for it. During the final session Jeg was the quickest car and was the second fastest in speed. With both brothers on opposing sides of the Pro Stock ladder an all-JEG'S final in Pro Stock isn't out of the question, it's happened before

Jeg Coughlin/Pro Stock:

Jeg showed the entire Pro Stock field that the #2 yellow and black JEG'S Mail Order Olds Cutlass plays well in the heat. The conditions tomorrow are expected to be a carbon copy of what we saw today. If that's the case, the JEG'S Team will be a force to deal with all day tomorrow. "Little changes, that's what we made all weekend to the car. We never over stepped the setup line and the performance showed that all the way through qualifying," said Jeg. The first round will put Jeg head to head against Hurley Blakeney when Jeg starts his day from the number seven spot. Jeg posted a very impressive 7.028 during the final session, which was the quickest of the session and was second in speed. "The car has responded well to every small change that we have made. I feel very confident that big things are on the horizon for us tomorrow."

Troy Coughlin/Pro Stock:

Troy also showed that consistency is the name of the game here at the Route 66 Fram Nationals. The first round will put Troy and Greg Anderson head to head. "Our team did what we wanted to when we got to the track this weekend, run well right out of the trailer. We spent the weekend fine tuning and avoided being behind the eight ball on Saturday for the final two qualifying sessions. It takes a lot of pressure off of the team and lets learn what the car wants in the setup area," commented Troy.

Mike Coughlin/Pro Stock Truck:

Mike Coughlin's key to his success so far this weekend was making small changes to the setup of the truck. Mike and his #28 JEG'S Mail Order S-10 have made consistent runs all weekend. "There are so many things that can go wrong with these machines, when everything is working and the team is full of energy it makes it easier on the entire program," said Coughlin. Mike ended up in the number thirteen spot and will face Brad Jeter in round one. "Brad and I had a close race in Englishtown and I ended up with a win. Our teams goal is to carry the momentum of my win in Englishtown all the way to the final round here at the Route 66 Fram Nationals."

John Coughlin/Pro Stock Truck:

Pro Stock Truck "rookie" John Coughlin has shown that he's here to stay and force to deal with if you are going to end up in the winner's circle. John has made the type of runs this weekend that indicate that he's no "rookie" behind the wheel of a Pro Stock Truck. The older Coughlin brother will start raceday from the number eleven spot and will go to battle against Lou Ficco in round one tomorrow. "The truck worked extremely well all weekend and the teams hard work is really paying off. It's a great feeling to have both of our trucks in the field and ready to race," stated Coughlin. The JEG'S Pro Stock Trucks were the second and third quickest trucks during the final qualifying session, which speaks highly of the teams handle on the setup going into raceday. The conditions tomorrow are expected to be very similar to what the team experienced today. "There isn't a truck in the field that can't win tomorrow. Our team showed that we know how to win one of these races."

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