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IT'S BATEMAN AGAIN IN FUNNY CAR FINAL!! The NHRA Canadian Nationals came down to a classic Calgary vs. Edmonton final in the Top Funny Car category but ended in anti-climax when the supercharger drive failed on the machine of Edmonton's John ...


The NHRA Canadian Nationals came down to a classic Calgary vs. Edmonton final in the Top Funny Car category but ended in anti-climax when the supercharger drive failed on the machine of Edmonton's John Evanchuk, preventing him from racing in the final round.

Calgary racer Roger Bateman qualified fourth for today's race the largest NHRA drag meet in Canada and ran by himself down the track to win the race his fifth consecutive victory in Race City's August drag event.

A crowd of 7,000 was on hand to witness the final day of the 2002 NHRA Canadian Nationals.


Brandon Johnson of Shelton, WA and Mitch Myers of Hermiston, OR were the class of the Dragster field at Race City this weekend. The two US drivers qualified one-two and faced each other in the final round which was won by Johnson.

The victory capped a splendid weekend for the rookie racer, who also set the Race City records for both elapsed time and top speed in his class on Friday.

<pre> NHRA Canadian Nationals ­ RESULTS (win/runnerup. Name, hometown, state/province, car make, dial-in, elapsed time in seconds, speed in miles per hour) TOP DRAGSTER Win Brandon Johnson, Shelton, WA, TAD, n/a, 5.718, 248.07 R/U Mitch Myers, Hermiston, OR, AFD, n/a, 5.844, 229.35 Semis: Mike Cofini, Spokane, WA, TAD; Joey Severance, Spanaway, WA, TAD.

TOP ALCOHOL FUNNY CAR Win Roger Bateman, Calgary, AB, Pontiac Firebird, n/a, 6.202, 235.78 R/U John Evanchuk, Edmonton, AB, Pontiac Firebird, n/a, broke Semis: Dany Fillion, Sherwood Park, AB, Ford Probe; bye.

COMPETITION ELIMINATOR Win Richard Dingle, Olympia, WA, C/ED RED/Chevrolet, 8.28, 7.938, 167.16 R/U Rob Harrison, N. Vancouver, BC, J/A ¹91 Chevrolet Beretta, 8.85, 8.429, 156.41 Semis: bye; Jirka Kaplan, Calgary, AB, AA/AM ¹23 T Altered/Chevrolet.

SUPER STOCK ELIMINATOR Win Terry Anderson, Meridian, ID, SS/H ¹67 Chevrolet Nova, 10.65, 10.689, 116.62 R/U Rod Hanner, Calgary, AB, SS/EA ¹70 Plymouth Barracuda, 10.64, 10.671, 102.88 Semis: Mike Semeniuk, Sherwood Park, AB, GT/JA ¹81 Chevrolet Malibu; Art Congdon, Calgary, AB, GT/CA ¹91 Oldsmobile Calais.

STOCK ELIMINATOR Win Ed Matiejewski, Sherwood Park, AB, I/SA ¹71 Chevrolet Nova, 12.77, 12.764, 103.18 R/U James Quan, Sherwood Park, AB, B/SA ¹68 Shelby 500KR, foul Semis: bye; Jackie Alley, Eagle, ID, ¹69 Chevrolet.

SUPER COMP Win Garth Giroux, Canyon Creek, AB, RED/Chevrolet, 9.20, 9.226, 160.65 R/U Howard Johnson, Graham, WA, RED/Chevrolet, foul Semis: bye; Jim Durovick, Edmonton, AB, ¹23 T Altered/Chevrolet.

SUPER GAS Win John Schmidt, Sherwood Park, AB, ¹71 Dodge Demon, 10.24, 10.317, 125.89 R/U Brian Bond, Calgary, AB, ¹27 T Roadster/Chevrolet, 10.24, 10.155, 94.94 Semis: bye; Mike Shannon, Kelowna, BC, ¹57 Corvette.

SUPER STREET Win Randy Modersohn, St. Albert, AB, ¹67 Chevy II, 11.27, 11.270, 124.51 R/U Ron Cross, Springfield, OR, ¹67 Chevrolet Camaro, 11.27, 11.277, 123.57 Semis: Kurt Gross, Oregon City, OR, ¹77 Chevrolet Vega; Gary Culp, Hermiston, OR, ¹70 Plymouth Duster.

TOP COMP Win Rob Murphy, Hope, BC, ¹90 Dodge Daytona, 7.78, 7.940, 178.74 R/U Ken Neibauer, Billings,MT, ¹95 Pontiac Firebird, foul Semis: bye; Mike Weiss, Port Orchard, WA, RED/Chevrolet.

SPORTSMAN MOTORCYCLE Win Brian Hudson, Kennewich, WA, ¹80 Suzuki, 9.35, 9.435, 134.50 R/U Steve Cross, Calgary, AB, ¹82 Suzuki, 9.70, 9.650, 129.21 Semis: Troy Rypstra, Sherwood Park, AB, ¹96 Kawasaki; Randy Morken, Columbia Falls, MT, ¹96 Suzuki.

SUPER PRO Win Vicki Strell, Mission, BC, ¹71 Dodge Demon/Chevrolet, 11.59, 11.586, 116.17 R/U Darren Williams, Calgary, AB, ¹92 Chrysler LeBaron, 8.90, 8.892, 149.97 Semis: bye; Lee Lyons, Regina, SK, ¹89 Chrysler Daytona.

PRO ET Win Bernie McIvor, Calgary, ¹66 Chevy II, 12.17, 12.858, 86.13 R/U Jerry Omelusik, Calgary, ¹70 Plymouth Duster, foul Semis: Bill Morrison, Spruce Grove, AB, ¹65 Chevrolet El Camino; bye.

SPORTSMAN Win David Rastad, Maple Ridge, BC, ¹72 Dodge Demon, 13.70, 13.699, 93.07 R/U Ted Bazunis, Fort Macleod, AB, ¹74 Chevrolet Cheyenne, 14.95, 14.804, 90.11 Semis: bye, Ken Gilavish, Calgary, AB, ¹70 Pontiac GTO.

ET MOTORCYCLE Win Corey Burkitt, Medicine Hat, AB, ¹86 Suzuki, 9.60, 9.637, 136.63 R/U Tim Ryerson, Carstairs, AB, ¹75 Kawasaki, 10.92, 10.887, 118.24 Semis: bye; Randy Morken, Columbia Falls, MT, ¹96 Suzuki.

JUNIOR DRAGSTER ­LIGHTNING Win Aaron Giroux, Canyon Creek, AB, ¹99 Vanessa, 9.32, 9.351, 67.00 R/U Cody Weatherby, Calgary, AB, ¹94 Cosby, 10.20, 10.161, 61.90 Semis: Jake Neibauer, Billings, MT, n/a; bye.

JUNIOR DRAGSTER ­ THUNDER Win Nikki Cannon, Bothwell, WA , n/a, 12.31, 12.316, 50.57 R/U Natasha Cherchuk, Beaumont, AB, ¹95 Cosby, broke Semis: bye; Jason Hughes, Calgary, AB, ¹02 Cosby.

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