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Buddy Perkinson, driver of the GCPaycom Ford Mustang
Buddy Perkinson, driver of the GCPaycom Ford Mustang

Photo by: Ted Rossino

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Mar. 13, 2011) – Rookie of the year candidate, Buddy Perkinson, was dismissed in final eliminations today by number one qualifier, Rodger Brogdon. Perkinson qualified 16th this weekend, making it the first occasion in which Cunningham Motorsports has ever qualified in two back-to-back events.

Over the off-season, the CMS Pro Stock team members prepared themselves to battle the reputation of rarely qualifying for races. The team qualified a total of 4 races throughout the 23-race season in 2010. With each battle, it’s becoming more and more apparent that those events are merely a vision of the past. Necessary changes to the car and crew have proved to be well worth the wait.

Perkinson talks about the steps the team has taken to make it to this point and the gradual success of Cunningham Motorsports so far this year. “This team struggled a lot last year. Glidden came in during the second half of the season and started to turn things around. Over the winter we found some more horsepower and we changed a lot of things. We felt like we had an all around better shot at being more successful this season.”

Major sponsor for this event was GCPay.com, an internet-based service that offers billing solutions for companies involved in the construction billing process. As there is no software to install, this web-based service significantly reduces time spent verifying calculations, reconciling previously billed values, and ensuring documentation is completed properly and can be accessed from anywhere.

“It was a huge accomplishment for Cunningham Motorsports qualify 12th for the first race in Pomona, but then to turn around and qualify our second race too is just amazing for us. The guys here, and back at the shop as well, have worked really hard and our success is starting to reflect that. It would have been nice to get that first round win for GCPay.com, but we’re going to re-group and give it another go.”

“We have some new motors in the shop that we think might be a little bit better so we’re going to get those together and have them in Las Vegas (April 1-3). I think as long as we stay organized, keep everything in line and keep making those gradual changes, I think we’ll be just fine this season. It’s all about baby steps right now. We really are pleased with how well we’ve been doing; now it’s about continuing to make changes and keep moving forward,” added Perkinson.

The next race on the 2011 Full Throttle circuit will be in Las Vegas, April 1-3.

-source: cuinningham motorsports

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