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CHEVROLET NOTES AND QUOTES Winston Showdown (NHRA) Bristol Dragway Bristol, Tenn. Sunday, July 11, 1999 FUNNY CAR -- CAMARO Z28 -- FIRST ROUND, Note 2 RON CAPPS, COPENHAGEN CAMARO Z28, was defeated by Kenny Bernstein's Top Fuel Dragster in...

CHEVROLET NOTES AND QUOTES Winston Showdown (NHRA) Bristol Dragway Bristol, Tenn. Sunday, July 11, 1999


RON CAPPS, COPENHAGEN CAMARO Z28, was defeated by Kenny Bernstein's Top Fuel Dragster in the first round, four matchups of which were held over until today following a rainout Saturday night. Ron smoked the tires at about 700 feet, then attempted to pedal it looking for the quickest e.t. for a losing Funny Car, which would have reinstated him in the third round. However, his 8.340-second lap at 101.61 mph, with a reaction time of .491, even with the .370 handicap, couldn't beat Bernstein's 4.886/285.83, 4.61 R/T.

CAPPS: "The race track conditions changed from yesterday to today because of the rain, and the lack of rubber made it a different race track, and we just had too much power, so it smoked the tires. We made progress this weekend bringing the othee chassis out, that was a big step. Having Roland (Leong, former crew chief now advisor) back was also a plus. We came here to test some things because there weren't any points involved in the race. We needed the test runs to see if the chassis we ran last year was definitely better. We're going to take our Camaro to Denver and try to put it on the top of the field."


WHIT BAZEMORE, KENDALL OIL/SUPERWINCH CAMARO Z28, defeated Larry Dixon in the first round, then was ousted by Kenny Bernstein's Top Fuel Dragster in the second: 5.055/297.35, .495 R/T for Whit, 4.578/315.86, .450 R/T for Kenny.

CHUCK ETCHELLS, SICKLES MOTORSPORTS CAMARO Z28 (and team owner of Bazemore's Camaro team), advances to the third round after defeating Doug Kalitta's Top Fuel Dragster. In Chuck's second straight race, his opponent redlighted. Chuck won it with a 5.102-second pass at 264.65 mph, .485 R/T.

BAZEMORE: "This event is a special race that Winston dreamed up and they dreamed it up for the fans. Apparently they think the fans want to see Dragsters versus Funny Cars. Is this a concept that is right for our sport? That's a question that I can't really answer because as a competitor it's very hard to race two different types of cars, two different categories of cars against each other at the same time and give them both an equal chance of winning. So is this concept good or bad, right or wrong? It's hard to say, but I will say from a competitor's standpoint it's very, very difficult. I'm not sure that it is a totally perfect concept, I don't believe it is." ON THAT RUN: "Chuck is looking good. This Kendall Camaro team did an excellent job, we lost to the second quickest Top Fuel run of the entire weekend, I believe. We ran what we thought the track would take from our Camaro. The two quick Funny Cars, Force and Tommy Johnson, went 5.01 and we went 5.05. We ran well, we spun the tires at the other end a little bit, that hurt us a little bit. We gave it our best shot and came up short. It's on to Denver and back to racing for points."

ETCHELLS: YOU "CAUSED" YOUR OPPONENTS TO REDLIGHT IN THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS, AND WHIT DID IT IN THE FIRST ROUND, DID YOU GUYS DEVISE SOME MASTER PLAN? "None." ARE YOU THE NEW INTIMIDATOR? "I just think that the Camaro is super, super comfortable to sit in. I learned a lot. I wish I would have given more attention to my old car as far as sitting in the chassis and making the seat just right and the throttle exactly as I want it. That's made a huge, huge difference. The way Tom Anderson (crew chief) is running the fuel system may be more responsive. I'm really comfortable in the car, I'm really relaxed. This team has no sponsors, they have no money and they're doing this for fun, and it is a lot of fun. We're not worrying about messing up."


CHUCK ETCHELLS once again won the round when his opponent red-lighted. Doug Kalitta fouled, and Chuck won with a 5.056/296.89, .488 R/T.


Two of the three Chevy Camaro Z28s advanced to the second round. KURT JOHNSON, ACDELCO CAMARO Z28, defeated Jim Yates in the first round (7.047/195.82 for Kurt, 7.112/193.49 for Yates.) Kurt was then eliminated by Troy Coughlin with a 7.048/195.93 for Kurt, 7.045/196.82 for Troy.

KURT: "We went a round. We have made 13 consecutive runs now. We've got our Camaro back. We were just a little light on the clutch, we had a couple of hundredths (of a second) left in the run. That was a good run, we had a good light, .430, he had a .408." ON THIS EVENT: "The track is great, I like it. It's always nice racing at new race tracks, different venues. I've come here from 1979 to 1988 when we raced IHRA here. I always enjoyed coming here to Thunder Valley to race. And I really thought I was going to win today. But it just didn't happen." WHAT NOW? "We will go back and regroup. Hey, we were No. 3 qualifier, but when you go .430 on the light and the other guy goes .408 and you run nearly identically, you're going to get beat. It's better than being put in a wall somewhere. We're getting back on track. This is just the warmup for the next half of the season." WHAT IF THEY RAN PRO STOCK CARS AGAINST PRO STOCK TRUCKS NEXT YEAR? "As long as the money goes up, it's OK with me. If it's going to be harder, we need to get paid for it."

MIKE EDWARDS, DEWCO SALES CAMARO Z28, defeated Mike Thomas in the first round on a holeshot advantage (7.083/194.69, .438 R/T for Edwards, 7.059/195.34, .468 R/T for Thomas). Edwards was then defeated by Greg Anderson in the second round (7.060/7.060/195.11 for Anderson, 7.072/195.00 for Edwards).

EDWARDS: "It was a pretty good run, we just ran slow all weekend, it never ran really good at all. If all the cars had been here we might not have qualified (if we hadn't been guaranteed a spot). I don't know if it's the engine or the car, or what." ON THAT RUN, WAS IT CLOSE?: "It was about 14 thousandths' (of a second) difference at the finish line. I could always see he was ahead, I never thought I was looking at a win. He had a .417 light and I had a .419."


Only Chevy S-10s are left in the semifinals. BRAD JETER, JETER RACING CHEVY S-10, defeated TIM FREEMAN, BLUEGRASS TRANSPORTATION CHEVY S-10, in the second round (7;743/173.90 for Jeter, 7.765/172.92 for Freeman), and will have a bye run in the semifinal (only 12 trucks are competing here).


FREEMAN: "His .74 beat my .76. It was a pretty good race. I wasn't running real good. He beat me on the starting line (reaction times: .442 for Jeter, .462 for Freeman) and he outran me. It's tough losing on your home track. But that's the good thing about racing, there's always a next time. We will have a short-deck motor like his (Jeter's) soon, hopefully that will make the field a little more equal. I've got plenty of power, I'm not complaining, but maybe that will make the difference. The short-deck is a new design from Bill 'Grumpy' Jenkins, the block and the cam are different."

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