Brainerd: Jeg's finals summary

Jeg Coughlin wins third of season. Sunny skies and cool temperatures made for a great day of racing at the Rugged Liner NHRA Nationals in Brainerd, MN. Team Jeg's driver Troy Coughlin was looking to upset No. 1 qualifier Ron Krisher in the...

Jeg Coughlin wins third of season.

Sunny skies and cool temperatures made for a great day of racing at the Rugged Liner NHRA Nationals in Brainerd, MN. Team Jeg's driver Troy Coughlin was looking to upset No. 1 qualifier Ron Krisher in the day's action packed opening round of Pro Stock. The ultra-competitive class is known for it's door-to-door racing, and the first round from Brainerd International Raceway was no exception.

Krisher took the favored right line, while Troy lined up in the left. Troy had the advantage off the starting line by .04 seconds. Krisher needed every last inch of the quarter mile to catch the Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet Cavalier. Krisher's 6.857 second pass beat Troy's 6.898 by just over one-thousandth of a second.

"My hats off to the entire team for a great effort," said Troy. "We knew that Krisher was going to be tough, but we were also well aware that winning from the sixteen spot was not an impossible feat. We gave it our best shot, unfortunately we came up a bit short this weekend. We didn't bring home the win today, but today's run was pretty solid and will be a could way to end the weekend as we look towards the Mac Tools US Nationals in a couple of weeks."

Jeg Coughlin was also looking to fight an uphill battle in the day's first session. The 2000 series champ faced off against No. 2 qualifier Allen Johnson after struggling in qualifying. Johnson held lane choice and stayed in the favored right hand lane. Both Jeg and Allen are well know for their prowess off the line and they were quick to live up to their reputations posting .419 and .438 second reaction times respectively. The win light went to Jeg with a 6.895 to 6.880 hole shot victory.

"It was a huge round win for us," said Jeg. "We did everything but change the paint last night preparing for today's action. Fortunately we made the right calls and were able to pull out the first round win."

Second round Pro Stock action featured several classic match-ups including a duel between Jeg Coughlin and Warren Johnson. Lane choice went to Jeg who was the only driver to take the left lane. Jeg launched from the starting line first by .022 seconds (.444 to .466). The starting line advantage proved to be the "ace in the hole" when Coughlin took the hole shot win by .0175 seconds at the stripe. Jeg posted a run of 6.920 at 198.76 on the board and was rewarded with lane choice for the semifinal match up.

"The chassis really unloaded when we went over the bump in the left lane. Thankfully we got lane choice and have another run under our belt to better tune the Jeg's Mail Order machine," explained Jeg.

In the semifinal round Jeg went head-to-head with Kurt Johnson. Coughlin once again had lane choice and this time moved over to the right lane. The Jeg's machine left first by .020 seconds (.440 to .460) and never looked back. The win light came on for Coughlin when he crossed the finish line first with a 6.919 at 199.35 mph.

"The track conditions have changed a lot throughout the weekend and our whole group has done a great job noticing trends and making the right calls.

The final round pairing showcased two drivers that are known for their driving ability and lighting quick reaction times. Greg Anderson had lane choice over Coughlin when the two pulled to the starting line to begin their battle. Both drivers had the opportunity to walk away as the only Pro Stock driver to post three victories in the ultra-competitive class.

The battle lines were drawn and Coughlin rolled into the left lane. The two Chevy Cavaliers rocketed off of the line with the advantage going to Anderson by .018 (.424 to .442). The Jeg's Mail Order Chevy Cavalier posted a quicker run of 6.918 at 199.11 mph for the win.

"It feels great to score another win. This class is too tight this year, it is extremely rewarding to win and to be the only driver so far to win three events says a lot about our program. It is all about team work and dedication from the ground up," commented Coughlin. "We have really got a lot of great momentum going. The Championship is within reach and the way that we have performed over the last five races is what it is all about."

Jeg Coughlin is considered by his peers to be the hottest driver in Pro Stock right now. He has won three of the last five events. The win was the 26th professional victory for the 32 year old second generation Ohio driver. It also marked his 37th career win and puts him 35 points from taking over the top spot after 16 events.


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