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XXX Racing to Fuel Sampey's Countdown Charge When Bolingbroke, Georgia based XXX Racing Fuel went looking for an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle to sponsor, they didn't have to look further than nearby Americus and six-time NHRA champion tuner George...

XXX Racing to Fuel Sampey's Countdown Charge

When Bolingbroke, Georgia based XXX Racing Fuel went looking for an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle to sponsor, they didn't have to look further than nearby Americus and six-time NHRA champion tuner George Bryce. Bryce crew chiefs Angelle Sampey's S&S powered V-Twin, and XXX will join primary marketing partner Rush Racing and fellow associate Doc's Harley-Davidson for the remainder of the 2008 season.

"XXX CEO Thomas 'Tog' Goss has been one of my friends for 25 years," said Bryce. "I was one of the first ones to teach him how to drag race. He's been the ultimate under-the-radar drag racer for those 25 years and now he's all grown up. But most importantly, he's come up with a new invention. He's invented a racing gasoline that is three times better, and that's why we affectionately refer to it as XXX.

"XXX Racing Fuel is unleaded and makes more horsepower than any unleaded or leaded fuel and it burns clean. The exhaust pipe emits zero or very limited hydrocarbons and it needs 50% less oil than any other racing gasoline. XXX is a first step toward taking motorsports worldwide into the green zone."

"I met George and Jackie Bryce in 1982," said Goss. "I was 12 and my dad bought me a GS1100 Suzuki. I was about 85 pounds on that big bike, and George came over and gave us advice on wheelie bar height and such. As we got deeper into racing, we found more inconsistency with oxygenated fuels, and the inconsistency comes from the oxygenating process. We also found issues with fuel systems and injectors gumming up and getting residue with leaded oxygenated fuels. So what we've done is develop an oxygenated, unleaded fuel that creates no residue and does not have to be drained out after you race with it. We have a very high oxygen content and provide complete combustion that reduces emissions."

"You can really tune to this fuel," said Del Flores of Del's Performance Cycles in Brownsburg, Indiana. Flores has been the point man on dyno testing XXX fuel. "As we dynotuned that very first day with XXX, we found it to be extremely consistent. You can tune with it and it responds the way you expect it to with small changes because of its consistency. And it's amazing how clean it burns. Normally, when you've dynoed all day, the oxygen sensor needs replacing. But my O2 sensor was nice and clean.

"The AMA Dragbike Real Street bike I race had a brand new motor in it for the start of the year, and I've run nothing but XXX in this thing. When I took the motor apart mid season, I was shocked how clean the tops of the pistons and the exhaust port and all the exhaust valves were. This after over 200 dyno pulls and 150-200 passes. This stuff just doesn't build up and leave residue. When you're using stuff like that, your racing is consistent.

"We're definitely going in the right direction and have a good product," said Goss. "We have the problem where it's almost too good to be true. But the main thing to us is to supply the most horsepower to the racers we can. We want consistency, and for the sanctioning body we want to give them a fuel that's more environmentally friendly. We knew that at some point in the future, race fuels would have to be unleaded. We also knew that if we used natural, biodegradable materials, we would develop an oxygenated fuel that was more stable and didn't have materials evaporating. Racers have developed some of the best products in the industrial world, and this product was developed by me, my dad and two uncles.

"It's a lot of exciting things going on. Rather than come out as a six inch sticker sponsor on a wheelie bar, I thought it would be more beneficial to have a bigger presence at the biggest race of the year, and also it will be cool to be a new sponsor in the field for the Ringers Gloves battle."

"We're real excited to have Tog and XXX come on board," said team owner Karl Klement. "I know that their fuel works because I've been watching them come along and they really have a good product. I'm really happy to represent them."

"The XXX Race Fuels people are all such good, down to earth kind of people, and I'm really happy to help promote their company," said Sampey. "I'll be doing everything I can to take their sticker into the Indy winners circle along with all of our other great partners."

"There will be lots of news to follow as this product continues to develop," promised Bryce. "The whole concept is accelerating at a rapid rate. I wish it was legal now for our class, but we're happy to help introduce it to the motorsports world at the 54th U.S. Nationals. We're very, very proud to help introduce this brand new company to our favorite form of motorsports, NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Motorcycle racing, and get this product into the hands of the racers."

Angelle and the Rush Racing team race this weekend August 27 to September 1 at the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at O'Reilly Raceway Park near Indianapolis, Indiana.

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