Angelle Sampey and tuner Bryce reunited

Sampey and Bryce Reunited for 2008 Three-time NHRA POWERade champion Pro Stock Motorcycle driver Angelle Sampey and six-time champion tuner George Bryce will reunite for a run at the 2008 title aboard Karl and Kim Klement's Rush Racing Products...

Sampey and Bryce Reunited for 2008

Three-time NHRA POWERade champion Pro Stock Motorcycle driver Angelle Sampey and six-time champion tuner George Bryce will reunite for a run at the 2008 title aboard Karl and Kim Klement's Rush Racing Products S&S powered V-Twin. The pair had a run of success starting in 2000 with Winston sponsorship and won the 2002 championship with associate sponsorship from Mohegan Sun casino. Though always near the top of the performance charts and point standings, neither has won a championship since. Bryce has been working with S&S Cycle to help develop a winning combination with the S&S Pro Stock billet V-Twin and the Kosman Specialties G2 chassis. That development reached its fruition when the formula won the 2007 championship, and Bryce and Sampey hope to bring this year's championship in-house for Klement sponsor Rush Racing Products.

"Angelle and I raced together for seven years," said Bryce. "We missed four championships in a row by only eight points in 1999, then we won the next three straight. I know it is different out there now than it was when we won so much. So much has changed in our lives and in our sport. But I know we respect each other's abilities, strength, and passion for winning now more than ever."

"I'm very excited about the reunion tour with George and Jackie Bryce," said Sampey. "They always have been like family to me since the day they gave me my first opportunity to race in the NHRA with the Star Racing team. We've had our share of bumps and bruises along the way, but just like family, we've always worked through it and remained there for each other throughout the years, even when we were in competition against each other. I think I am better at anything I try when I have a coach, and GB3 (Bryce) is the best racing coach there is."

"To be honest about it, I hate racing against her," said Bryce. "The reason we were so successful together the first time was her undeniable competitive spirit and drive, and I'm the same way. Even when we did not get along, the will to do what was required to win kept us on the same page.

"Angelle and I have talked for years about one day maybe having a reunion tour. Though it seemed kind of impossible to pull off, we did think that if we could, it would be a ton of fun. Now the stars seem to have aligned perfectly for several reasons. My G2 partner George Smith and crew chief Ken Johnson have been very successful running the G2 team without me, and Karl and I proved that we could win together. Karl and Kim had a record breaking first season for new team owners. If it was not a record success for a rookie team, it was close to it, for sure."

"Putting Angelle on our Rush Racing bike was huge, but completing the deal with George Bryce, George Smith, and G2 Motorsports is an extremely important part in making a run to the championship," said Karl Klement. "Our team enjoyed such great success last year with G2 and their S&S engines without an engine failure. They stepped up to the plate and got us what we needed to make a run in the Countdown. Everyone behind the scenes at G2 and S&S is what makes a team like ours run as well as we do, from Ken Johnson and Ruth Olson to Derek Churchwell and everybody in the engine shop. Not only are they very supportive, but I get along with them all down there and we have a very good relationship. The reliability that I've got and the friends I've made is why we have a good combination to make a run for the championship."

"Angelle and George have proven in the past that they're a force to be reckoned with," said Rush Racing Products president Lou Pringle. "We're looking forward to a great race year and I think it's going to open some eyes to what they can accomplish. They have a great team behind them and I expect to be in the winners circle a few times."

"I know what George Bryce is capable of tuning these V-Twins, and I can't wait to ride that Rush Racing Rocket with GB3 and the rest of the team behind me!" added Angelle. "My goal is to win five more races to gain the title of 'Winningest Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer' and I know that my best chance of making that happen is with George and Karl and the rest of my new Rush Racing Products team."

Sampey's attack on the 45 win mark held by the late Dave Schultz is garnering interest beyond the class. "A TV producer called me and told me that Angelle needed to win just five more races to enter into the record books as the winningest rider in history," said Bryce. "The producer said that she was trying to sell a cool TV show to several networks about Angelle's wild and crazy life and lifestyle. The networks pointed out to her that it was a cool idea, but was it really possible for her to win five more races in the length of time to put a decent show together in this day and age of ultra competitiveness in our Pro Stock Motorcycle class? You all know that Angelle and I only took two Wally's home with us in all of 2007, one each. That TV show may take five more years to come true at that rate!"

The show is called ''Devil on Two Wheels'', and the plot got extra thick and spicy with Bryce thrown into the roux. "The Producer called me out of the blue and said 'George, do you think you and Angelle could race together again? And would you win more together than apart?' I said 'Yes, I would hope so!' It is tough out there now, but I believe that we would win more racing together than racing against each other. I am so amazed that the opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself the way it has. To say than I am excited would be an understatement. The reunion of our winning spirit with G2 Motorsports and the S&S powered V-Twin monster gives Angelle the best chance to win rounds, races, and ultimately her fourth championship."

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