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Harumi McClure, Brad McClure, Bill Shawhan & Mike Shawhan Brad & Harumi McClure
Photo caption Thomas Martin gets best wishes from Sonoma President Steve Paige
Jay Guy, NASCAR Crew Chief
Bill Shawhan & Jake Koens Tommy Baldwin & Mike Cesario
Photo caption Jake Koens pulls the offending axel out of Mike Shawhan's #11 JSR stock car
transmission issues Photo caption
Photo caption Bill Shawhan & Mike Shawhan
Mike Cesario Photo caption
Photo caption Photo caption
Photo caption Photo caption
Pit stop for the #5 & 15 Michael Shawhan
Photo caption Gas stop
The JSR crew dives underneath Thomas Martin's #5 ride to fix the tranny rods Robin Osborne, Steve Ertzner & Mike Cesario
Thomas Martin's #5 Photo caption
Mike Cesario & Jake Koens Photo caption
Mike Shawhan & jake Koens JSR Crew Chief RJ Godett
Photo caption Mike Shawhan's #11 is ready to run
Photo caption Charlie Silva gets Jack ready to race
Thomas's crew moves the #5 to the qualifying lineup Steve Ertzner, Lee Schwartz, Mike Cesario & Brad McClure of BTM Motorwerks
Photo caption Mike puts DMC decals on while Robin & Steve look on
Photo caption Photo caption
Jack Sellers meets the Sonoma Race Princess Jack Sellers share a laugh with Mike & Melissa Shawhan & Brad McClure
15 Year Scotts Valley, CA Late Model Racer Bryce Napier
Photo caption Photo caption