WWS: Las Vegas: Scott Gaylord #00 race notes


#00 Oilver Gravity Separators/Denver Seminary Chevy

Qualified 2nd and finished 7th, one cylinder down and minus body parts. We are now 5th in the championship points race.

The race itself was a crash fest and the #00 seemed to be in every one of the 11 yellow flagged accidents but with the great Oilver Gravity Separators/Denver Seminary pit crew work we only lost one lap and still had one of the fastest cars on the race track at the checkered flag.

We started second and kept pace with the leader as the rest of the field began to string out, we ran in 2nd and 3rd for the first 100 laps until I had to take evasive action to avoid #16 from taking us both out, I spun relagating us to the last car on the lead lap about 11th place. We were able to move up through the pack during the last half of the race where we were racing for 3rd again when I was hit from behind while avoiding another accident in front of me. The car hit me so hard that he went over my drivers door destroying the back of my car flating my left rear tire, and tearing the cover on my left head support, at that time we had to pit for repairs which put us down one lap.

We finished strong even though we were running on 7 cylinders and had alot of rearranged and missing body parts. There is no doubt that it was an eventfull race, this past weekend the drivers did not perform to a standard that they are not only capable of but have proven in the past. One thing for sure everyone knows you can't drive like that at our next race on the speedway. The #16 was later penalized during the race.

Next race at Fontana April 26th, looking forward to racing our newest addition, and hope to see you there.

NASCAR notes

* Mark of a veteran . The Las Vegas race marked the 40th consecutive series start for Scott Gaylord (No. 00 Oliver Gravity Separators/Denver Seminary Chevrolet) and his 123rd career start in the series.

-Scott #00

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