Weird and whacky cautions in NASCAR

Be it debris, or Dale Earnhardt Jr. about to go a lap down, NASCAR throws the caution over some weird situations. From crashes with multiple cars flipping, or landing in Lake Lloyd, to birds and foxes on the track.

The internet is full of great gems. Be it a meme making fun of Juan Problem Montoya after his scary, yet funny jet dryer situation at Daytona, to a video remix of Bryan Silas falling out of his NASCAR truck at Martinsville to Nelly's Here Comes the Boom, search it and it has been done.

Which leads me to these great compilations. A user named RockyTopTN11 made a series of video compiling all of NASCAR's whacky cautions over time. 

Some of them were for animals on the track, or odd wrecks that saw multiple cars go over. Remember when the caution lights fell onto the race track at California? Yeah, that stuff made the cut.

So if you have a few minutes for some entertaining racing videos, here they are:





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