SWS: Woodside hopes to cap season with good finish at Phoenix

October 30, 2000 (Palmdale, Calif.) - Sean Woodside first took his place behind the wheel of the REF Motorsports ...

October 30, 2000 (Palmdale, Calif.) - Sean Woodside first took his place behind the wheel of the REF Motorsports #4 Pontiac in the Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring in this past February's Copper Classic at Phoenix International Raceway.

In that first time run, with a team he had joined only two weeks before, and with practically no experience in a touring type car, he piloted the #4 to a respectable top-twenty finish out of the more than 70 drivers who entered the event.

There is a little more at stake for Woodside and the REF team this Friday, however, when they will compete in the season-ender at PIR, the Albertson's 125. Although the team is not in contention for the championship, it does have the opportunity to finish the season in its highest-ever point position.

REF's top year-end finish to date was sixth place for the 1999 season, with driver Dennis Dyer. Assuming a good finish at PIR this Friday, the team should be able to hold on to its current fifth-place in the championship standings.

"We were just not prepared mentally for a wreck in the first ten laps," Woodside said of the incident on lap nine that took him out of the race in the October 21st Southwest Series event during Mesa Marin Raceway's October Classic. "It was very disappointing, there was a lot of damage to the car, and the team has worked hard to get it back into shape for PIR."

Woodside was struck from behind and pushed into the wall as he tried to avoid a spinning car in front of him. The car suffered extensive damage to the rear end.

Woodside continued, "We do hope to hold on to our points position, so you'll see a major effort by the team to make that happen."

Team owner Bob Farmer said, "We really want to finish this race in a positi= on that will give us a top five finish for the season. We've had to overcome problems that last few races, but the team has pulled together each time to get us back into the game. It would be great for all of us to set a new record for ourselves."


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