SWS: Woodside and REF Motorsports Take to the Streets

July 10, 2000 (Palmdale, Calif.) - Sean Woodside, driver of the REF Motorsports ...

July 10, 2000 (Palmdale, Calif.) - Sean Woodside, driver of the REF Motorsports #4 Pontiac in the Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring, and the REF team have every reason to feel confident as they prepare for this Sunday's Ford L.A. Street Race near Los Angeles' Exposition Park.

With a total of five top-five finishes at road courses within the past three seasons between them, the team can expect to dominate this weekend's competition. In addition to Woodside's two second-place finishes and REF's two fourth-place finishes at Sears Point Raceway, the circuit's other road course event, REF finished in fifth-place in the inaugural L.A. Street Race in 1998, and was running in a top-three position in last year's event until a wreck took them out of contention.

There's a lot at more at stake this weekend, however, than just turning in a strong performance.

Currently in fourth-place in the point standings, and with a mere 28-point spread between second-place contender Doug McCoun, Auggie Vidovich's third place and Woodside, the Ford L.A. Street Race represents an opportunity for Woodside and REF to move up in the chase for the championship.

"I always say 'get wins and top-five finishes, and the points will fall into place,' but with such a tight point spread between me, Doug and Auggie, I can almost guarantee that we'll all have the same goals for this race," Woodside commented. "Strengthening point standings is definitely going to be on all of our minds."

Woodside, who is the reigning 1999 NASCAR Winston West Champion, knows a few things about chasing the championship. He clinched his Winston West championship following second-place finishes in the both the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

Bob Farmer, REF team owner, said, "The fans are going to see some good racing this weekend. It's such a great deal, racing like this on a street course. Adding to that the top teams' jockeying for points position just increases the excitement."

The July 16th Ford L.A. Street Race will be broadcast live by Los Angeles' KNBC 4 beginning at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Visit REF Motorsports' official Web site at http://www.refmotorsports.com for more information.

Bob Farmer, owner of REF Motorsports, owns and operates the No. 4 Stick Only Transmissions, Maropulos Racing Engines, Speedway Engineering, Hoosier Pontiac in the Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring with Sean Woodside as driver. Woodside won the 1999 NASCAR Winston West series championship after finishing second in the point standings in the series in 1997 and 1998. REF Motorsports finished 6th in the Southwest Series points standings in 1999, with six top five and seven top ten finishes during the season. The team is currently 4th in the point standings in the Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring, with one win, three top five and five top ten finishes.

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