Southern National: Randy Humphrey race notes

Randy Humphrey snags yet another top ten finish. KENLY, NC (July 27,2002) Randy Humphrey drove the ...

Randy Humphrey snags yet another top ten finish.

KENLY, NC (July 27,2002) Randy Humphrey drove the #93 Tarheel Underground Camera Pontiac to a 7th place finished in a fast-paced race that found him battling for real estate with his former teammate, Johnny Chapman.

Humphrey qualified 11th and picked his way forward. On lap 4 he and Chapman were dueling for position, and it was Humphrey who expertly defended the charge. Lap 49 found the duo dueling again for the same spot and again Humphrey staked his claim and held the line. Two laps later on 51 Humphrey, who had been battling a loose car all day, got loose off of turn four and fishtailed onto the front stretch. Chapman took advantage of the extra space and dashed beneath him for the position.

Humphrey who enjoys a challenge reflected on the duel with former teammate, "It was great. Johnny is a good friend of mine. He is a really great driver and I can learn a lot from him. He drove me real clean. I bumped him just a bit, but I didn't mean to. We have a good rivalry and I enjoy racing with him. Though, I probably raced him harder than I should have at that point in the race."

Randy Humphrey holds his spot ranked 9th in a field of some 65 drivers, for the 2002 Goody's Dash Series, NASCAR Touring Championship Points. He hopes to do well at South Boston next week and his team will work hard for another top 10 finish. Randy Humphrey Racing continues to look forward to the rest of the season with Myrtle Beach and Bristol as key places to gain points.

"Myrtle Beach has been a real good track for us. We love going there," said Humphrey.

"We are looking forward to Bristol.  That is a hard track and I have only
been there once.  My Crew Chief, David Flynn, won there with Robert Huffman,
so it gives me a lot of confidence about going back to Bristol.  We got a top
ten there last year.  My goal will be to duplicate that," said Humphrey.


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