South Boston race notes 2003-06-21

(South Boston,VA) The night was aptly named SPRINT NIGHT, as the Coor's Light Late Models rolled off with pole winner and current series point leader, Jimmy Mullins in the point. Flying from the start, Jimmy Mullins ...

(South Boston,VA) The night was aptly named SPRINT NIGHT, as the Coor's Light Late Models rolled off with pole winner and current series point leader, Jimmy Mullins in the point. Flying from the start, Jimmy Mullins #75 held the front spot, with Dean Ward #2 trailing in second. Jon Denning #46 looped his machine on lap 5 for the first caution. On the restart, Phillip Morris #01 worked to the inside of Ward bringing Nick Woodward #21 with him. Mullins led a three-car breakaway with Ward fading to a distant fourth by lap 50. After a brief caution, close to halfway, Mullins continued to inch out in front of Morris. Morris looked for the lead on lap 62 and found Mullins bumper with Woodward tucked tightly behind. As the three-way battle waged for the lead, Woodward looked to take second on lap 67. Morris slammed the door and the front three settled down for a late lap challenge. With 85 laps on the board, Jon Denning #46 and Brandon Hendrick #11 made contact and damaged both vehicles in another caution. Mullins scooted away on the restart to lead Morris, until lap 103, as Morris made a move to the inside. Mullins held on with Morris on his bumper. With the white flag in the air, Morris made a move under Mullins to take the lead on the last lap, in the last turn. Morris pulled the win by only inches over Points Leader, Mullins.

Morris started where he left off for race two, but Mullins took it away on lap two. Woodward powered to the outside of Ward for third, but Ward put the slide job on in two. Woodward went back to the inside on lap 5 and completed the pass, as the leaders pulled away. 20 laps were recorded before Morris mounted a serious challenge on Mullins' lead. Morris and Mullins rubbed, scraped, and bounced for almost ten laps before Morris captured the lead. Wade Day #92 led Ryan Rhodes #83 through heavy traffic for seventh, but Rhodes took the fans out of their seats, as he threaded the needle for position. Mullins cut a tire on lap 40, taking a hard shot in the wall, after previous contact with Morris. Day and Rhodes settled down after the restart, as Morris pulled away by lap 60. Woody Howard #30 made his move for fourth as Wade Day #92 followed around Dickerson #19 on lap 70. Morris sprinted away for the final 20 laps to call it a night. Morris dialed in the long distance posting two victories for the SPRINT event.

Chad Mason #18 rolled from the Pepsi Pole for the Sheetz Limited Sportsman 50 lap event. With only 3 laps in, Billy Yarbour #36 looped his machine in turn four. Mason led the restart, but Billy Myers #05 went to work on Mason's bumper by lap 10. After 20 laps, Mason and Myers found lap traffic, but Bruce Anderson #9 found the wall after trying to clear the lap car of Jimmy Seay #55. Anderson was running in seventh before taking a hard hit on the inside frontstretch wall. On the restart, Tommy Peregoy #2 hit some dust on the track causing several cars to spin in turn one. After another clean-up, Bill Moshenek #27 manhandled Myers for second, as Jonathan Cash #07 pushed into third. While the runner-up position was being decided, Mason pulled out to a sizeable lead by lap 35. Myers muscled back for third, as Moshenek lost an engine. Cash went for a ride courtesy of Myers, while Mason won the race. It was a wild finish for the Sheetz event.

Tommy Woolridge #20 pulled out in the lead over Billy Goble #18 in the Pure Stock 30 lapper. Jason Parker #55 brought out the first caution on lap seven. Woolridge rolled to victory, as Lee Anderson #01 bumped into second around Billy Goble #18.

Mark Slye #57 marched from the pole for the Rolling Thunder Modifieds. Eddie Johnson #05 sustained heavy damage on a lap one incident, which called for a full field restart. After several cautions and incidents with lap traffic, leader Mark Slye was caught up and surrendered the lead to former Late Model competitor Owen Miller #11. Miller charged away from Thomas Stinson #4 for a healthy lead by lap 35. Lap traffic became a factor for the lead with Stinson picking off Miller for the lead on lap 46. Miller tried to get back, but could not catch Stinson. After the checkered flag, Stinson was hard on the breaks, causing himself to spin, while collecting Miller.

Racing makes a midweek show for the ARCA Liberty 200 on Wednesday, July 2nd. Winston Cup Star, Ken Schrader returns to defend his title for this event. The Coor's Light Late Models also run 150 laps and fireworks are scheduled on and off the track. Advance tickets are on sale now by calling the Speedway at 1-877-440-1540 or logging on to 23rd Annual Cantaloupe Festival is scheduled for July 11th. Combo tickets are available at the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce.


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