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Andy Seuss Dominates to Win Southern Mod Tour Event at Caraway Speedway Hampstead, New Hampshire, Native Collects Fourth Tour Win in Stellar 2009 Season CONCORD, NC (September 21, 2009) -- Domination--it is something that when it happens,...

Andy Seuss Dominates to Win Southern Mod Tour Event at Caraway Speedway

Hampstead, New Hampshire, Native Collects Fourth Tour Win in Stellar 2009 Season

CONCORD, NC (September 21, 2009) -- Domination--it is something that when it happens, it makes a driver thrilled that they crushed the competition while the other drivers are left scratching their heads wondering what just occurred.

One week after a dismal performance due to mechanical woes, Andy Seuss and the #47 Advance Auto Parts Riggs Racing team headed back to Caraway Speedway (NC) to compete in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour "Caraway Classic 150" event. Not only did they compete, but their dominating performance earned Seuss his fourth Tour win of the year and fifth victory of 2009 in a career-best season for the Hampstead, New Hampshire, racer.

"What a difference a week makes," said Seuss. "This team doesn't lay down and settle. We've been third here twice and second once this year prior to last week. Last week we just said right, wrong, or indifferent, we're going to try something else. The car wasn't handling great, but that's not the reason we were down. The ignition was starting to cut out, which we had similar problems tonight and it wasn't as bad, so we've really got to figure out what's up with that, but last week was an absolute nightmare handling-wise, drive train-wise."

After qualifying second and redrawing the pole for the start of Saturday's race, Seuss rode second behind Burt Myers for the opening laps of the event, but made his move on the outside of Myers, racing side by side for multiple laps before Seuss took the lead at lap 10. The race went caution free well into the night, allowing Seuss to pull away and lap up to the sixth-place car before a caution came out on lap 123 for a single-car spin. On the restart, Seuss drove off and left the competition again, driving the rest of the race out front until the checkered flag flew on lap 150.

"These guys (his team) went home, did their homework and came back with an awesome car," explained Seuss. "We really struggled here this year by our standards. And, if you're going to try and compete with George Brunnhoelzl this year, you're going to have to win all of the races because he's right there."

In fact, the only thing that Seuss could point to on the day at Caraway as being a bad point is Brunnhoelzl's finish. Seuss is second in series points to Brunnhoelzl and was able to gain a few points on him in the title chase, but with Brunnhoelzl finishing second, it wasn't quite enough to make much of a dent.

"He (Brunnhoelzl) finished second to me again tonight," said Seuss. "Out of the four wins, he's finished second to me every time, and when I'm not there to win, he's winning and I'm third and he's gaining points. So, if it wasn't for bad luck (last week), we might have a shot at this title - and it's still possible, but we're going out the last three races just looking for wins."

The Caraway event was originally scheduled for earlier this season, which was going to allow Seuss to race in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event in his home state at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but when weather forced the Southern Tour to reschedule their event for the same day, Seuss had to find a way to race in both events in two states on the same day. When the possibilities dried up, Seuss put Eddie MacDonald in his family-owned #70 Stuart's Auto/Rockingham Boats Modified for the New Hampshire race. Unfortunately MacDonald went out early in the event after hitting the wall, causing quite a bit of damage on Seuss' machine. While it was on his mind in Caraway, it didn't keep his focus off the task at hand, and maybe it kept the bad luck away from North Carolina.

"There was no bad luck here today," said Seuss. "One caution in the race - you can't ask for any more. It is upsetting that they didn't have a good day up in New Hampshire, and because I'm staying here all week for the Martinsville race, I can't go and see my damaged baby, but I know those guys are hard at work, so the car's going to be back. Who knows, maybe you'll see it for Stafford and Thompson. If not, we'll have old faithful out."

The mixed-emotion day for Seuss ended on a high note. In fact, his season has been somewhat of a dream season for him, with multiple NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour wins in the #47 Riggs Racing machine and a win earlier this year in his family-owned #70 Modified at Thompson International Speedway (CT) in the True Value Modified Racing Series. And, while the title in the Southern Mods might be tough to get with Brunnhoelzl running strong every week, Seuss hasn't placed it out of reach quite yet, as there are three races to go in the season.

"Four wins in the season makes this my best personal season ever," said Seuss. "What really excites me is that I've won down here with these guys, and I've won up north with my guys. The places that I've won are pretty special-- South Boston, Lanier, Myrtle Beach, here (Caraway), and winning at Thompson finally was huge in my own car.

"I've never won a NASCAR touring series championship, and this is obviously going to be my best finish, ever, so you can't complain. I won the New Smyrna championship and that's just an amazing feeling. I would love to win the championship, and I'm still trying. I'm going to give it my best every week."

Seuss will jump back into the Riggs Racing #47 Advance Auto Parts Modified for the next NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event, scheduled Sunday, September 27th, at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia.

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