Portland Speedway results 2001-09-07

<pre> NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Grand American Modifieds Fast Time: Don Jenner Trophy Dash: Mike Obrist Heat Race ...

<pre> NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Grand American Modifieds

Fast Time: Don Jenner Trophy Dash: Mike Obrist Heat Race #1: Richard Whiteman, Kenny Miller, Zoe Minsker, George Daniels, Eddie Day Heat Race #2: Sonny Modaff, Eric Sayre, Chris Quinn, Ed Farness, Gary Morris

35-lap Main Event

Pos. Driver Hometown 1. Gary Morris Boring, Ore. 2. Mike Obrist Portland, Ore. 3. Jesse Williamson Portland, Ore. 4. Donnie Martin Portland, Ore. 5. Tom Pinkowsky Vancouver, Wash. 6. Don Jenner Vancouver, Wash. 7. Kenny Miller Vancouver, Wash. 8. Scott Puncochar Hillsboro, Ore. 9. Ray Elwess Portland, Ore. 10. Eddie Day Portland, Ore. 11. Chris Quinn Longview, Wash. 12. Ed Farness Portland, Ore. 13. Gary Lee Morris Molalla, Ore. 14. Zoe Minsker Clackamas, Ore. 15. Richard Whiteman Tigard, Ore. 16. David Burkhardt Portland, Ore. 17. Sonny Sayre Vancouver, Wash. 18. Sonny Modaff Portland, Ore. 19. Eddie Daniels Portland, Ore. 20. Dan Fox Portland, Ore. 21. Eric Sayre Vancouver, Wash.

NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman

Fast Time: Scott Winebarger Trophy Dash: Brad Stanwood Heat Race #1: Ross Roberts, John Nusom, Christopher West, Ross Greiff, Dennis Krohling Heat Race #2: Brad Tanner, Clyde White, Michael Short, Doug Mitchell, Andy Church Heat Race #3: Brad Stanwood, Dale Holland, Darrell Smith, Jay Estes, Scott Winebarger

20-lap Main Event

Pos. Driver Hometown 1. Scott Winebarger Portland, Ore. 2. Brad Tanner Portland, Ore. 3. Ross Roberts Portland, Ore. 4. Willy Thom Dundee, Ore. 5. Dale Holland Portland, Ore. 6. Trevor Brotherton Clackamas, Ore. 7. Christopher West Portland, Ore. 8. Brad Stanwood Portland, Ore. 9. Martin Stanwood Portland, Ore. 10. Allen Solum Jr. Portland, Ore. 11. Jeremy Brookshire Vancouver, Wash. 12. Clyde White Longview, Wash. 13. Andy Church Portland, Ore. 14. Jody Tanner Portland, Ore. 15. Doug Mitchell Milwaukie, Ore. 16. Jay Estes Oregon City, Ore. 17. Darrell Smith Milwaukie, Ore.

15-lap "B" Main Event

Pos. Driver Hometown 1. Ross Roberts Portland, Ore. 2. Trevor Brotherton Clackamas, Ore. 3. Ross Greiff Portland, Ore. 4. Bob Hays Portland, Ore. 5. Hal Farness Portland, Ore. 6. Clark Lukens Portland, Ore. 7. Dale Bowman Portland, Ore.

NASCAR Street Stocks

Trophy Dash: Scott Puncochar

Heat Race #1: Scott Puncochar, John Fordyce, Dan Harris, Robert Cutler, Curt Nusom

Heat Race #2: Dustin Wilkenson, Pat Schwartzkopf, Tracy Jones, Dennis Krohling, Robert Jenner

Heat Race #3: John Nusom, Jeff Brookshire, Don Dean, Kevin Martell, Mike Crase

Heat Race #4: Grant Baker, Brian Puncochar, Rob Evans, Brad Tanner, Willy Thom

30-lap "A" Main Event

Pos. Driver Hometown 1. Brian Puncochar Hillsboro, Ore. 2. Dan Harris Portland, Ore. 3. Dennis Krohling Vancouver, Wash. 4. Curt Nusom Portland, Ore. 5. John Nusom Portland, Ore. 6. Willy Thom Dundee, Ore. 7. Don Dean Portland, Ore. 8. Tracy Jones Portland, Ore. 9. Kevin Martell Portland, Ore. 10. John Fordyce Vancouver, Wash. 11. Tim Patrick Portland, Wash. 12. Pat Schwartzkopf Tigard, Wash. 13. Robert Cutler Portland, Ore. 14. Scott Puncochar Hillsboro, Ore. 15. Grant Baker Sandy, Ore. 16. Dustin Wilkenson Milwaukie, Ore. 17. Rob Evans Portland, Ore. 18. Jeff Brookshire Portland, Ore.

20-lap "B" Main Event

Pos. Driver   Hometown
1. Willy Thom  Dundee, Ore.
2. Curt Nusom  Portland, Ore.
3. Jim Schram   Vancouver, Wash.
4. Mike Crase  Portland, Ore.
5. Mike Aubrey  Portland, Ore.
6. Robert Jenner  Portland, Ore.
7. Brad Tanner  Portland, Ore.
8. Pete Kelly  Gresham, Ore.
9. Bob Gaboury  Portland, Ore.
10. Tam Haskett  Vancouver, Wash.
11. Dave Cannon  Portland, Ore.
12. Chris Schlaht  Gresham, Ore.
13. Brian Overturf  Portland, Ore.
14. Rick Rickert  Estacada, Ore.

15-lap "C" Main Event

Pos. Driver   Hometown
1. Brian Overturf  Portland, Ore.
2. Mike Aubrey  Portland, Ore.
3. Susan Nelson  Portland, Ore.
4. Wes Maxwell  Portland, Ore.
5. Frank Casey  Vancouver, Wash.
6. Thomas Zywcki  Portland, Ore.
7. Mark Miller  Clackamas, Ore.
8. Thomas Pillow  Portland, Ore.

WAR! Women's Auto Racing

Trophy Dash: Jackie Graham Heat Race #1: Jackie Graham, Paula Smith, Nikki Schram, Cindy Thom, Kari Puncochar Heat Race #2: Pam Graham, Audra Jean, Corrine Flath, Cheryl Kollmeyer, Kim Henderson

20-lap Main Event

Pos. Driver Hometown 1. Corrine Flath Portland, Ore. 2. Lisa Tanner Longview, Wash. 3. Jackie Graham Portland, Ore. 4. Audra Jean Portland, Ore. 5. Kari Puncochar Beaverton, Wash. 6. Paula Smith Milwaukie, Ore. 7. Nikki Schram Vancouver, Wash. 8. Cindy Thom Dundee, Ore. 9. Cheryl Kollmeyer Portland, Ore. 10. Kim Henderson Portland, Ore. 11. Linda O'Neil Vancouver, Wash. 12. Pam Graham Vancouver, Wash.


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