Portland Speedway results 2001-07-06

PORTLAND, OR (July 6, 2001) - Tom Pinkowsky of Vancouver, WA took home his second main event victory of the season in the NASCAR Grand American Modified Division at the Portland Speedway Friday night. In doing so, Pinkowsky strengthened his lead...

PORTLAND, OR (July 6, 2001) - Tom Pinkowsky of Vancouver, WA took home his second main event victory of the season in the NASCAR Grand American Modified Division at the Portland Speedway Friday night. In doing so, Pinkowsky strengthened his lead over Don Jenner, also of Vancouver, in the overall points standings in the Grand American Modified's driver's championship.

Finishing in second place behind Pinkowsky was Richard Whiteman of Tigard, OR, while Jenner came home in the third position. Fourth and fifth, respectively, went to Dan Fox of Scappoose, OR and Ray Elwess of Portland, OR. There were 16 starters in the 35-lap event.

In the evening's other Grand American Modified action, Eric Sayre of Vancouver, WA set a fast lap during qualifying with a time of 16.530 seconds on the Speedway's 1/3rd mile clay oval. The Division's two Heat Races were won by Richard Whiteman and Dan Fox, while Don Jenner cruised to victory in the Trophy Dash.

Starting from the inside of the fifth row, Pinkowsky used his veteran skills wisely in avoiding trouble during two separate incidents involving other cars. By the second restart on lap 7, Pinkowsky had already worked his way up to the second position right behind Eric Sayre, while the car of Richard Whiteman chased closely behind in the third spot. Two laps later, Sayre spun into the infield in Turn 2, turning the lead over to Pinkowsky.

From that point forward, and despite two more short caution periods, Pinkowsky drove a textbook race to hold his lead to the checkered flag. It was far from an easy win, as Richard Whiteman pressured Pinkowsky the entire distance. Meanwhile, an exciting race for third place involved the cars of Gary Morris, Don Jenner, Dan Fox and Ray Elwess. With two laps remaining, Morris was forced to retire due to a broken rear axle.

Final Results - NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Grand American Modifieds <pre>

Fast Time: Eric Sayre 16.530 seconds Heat Race #1: Richard Whiteman Heat Race #2: Dan Fox Trophy Dash: Don Jenner Main Event (35 laps):

1.. Tom Pinkowsky, Vancouver, WA 2.. Richard Whiteman, Tigard, OR 3.. Don Jenner, Vancouver, WA 4.. Dan Fox, Scappoose, OR 5.. Ray Elwess, Portland, OR 6.. Sonny Sayre, Vancouver, WA 7.. Curt Zelmer, Portland, OR 8.. Curt White, Eugene, OR 9.. Gary Morris, Boring, OR 10.. Dan Obrist, Portland, OR 11.. Eddie Farness, Portland, OR 12.. Zoe Minsker, Clackamas, OR 13.. Mike Obrist, Portland, OR 14.. Eric Sayre, Vancouver, WA 15.. Chris Quinn, Longview, WA 16.. Sonny Modaff, Portland, OR Final Results - NASCAR Shortrack Sportsman Series

Fast Time: Trevor Brotherton 18.025 seconds Heat Race #1: Jody Tanner Heat Race #2: Scott Winebarger Trophy Dash: Martin Stanwood Main Event (30 laps):

1.. Brad Tanner, Clackamas, OR 2.. Jody Tanner, Portland, OR 3.. Martin Stanwood, Portland, OR 4.. Andy Church, Portland, OR 5.. Brad Stanwood, Portland, OR 6.. Dale Holland, Portland, OR 7.. Jay Estes, Oregon City, OR 8.. Ross Greiff, Portland, OR 9.. Trevor Brotherton, Clackamas, OR 10.. Scott Winebarger, Portland, OR 11.. Mike Graham, Portland, OR 12.. Clyde White, Longview, WA 13.. Doug Mitchell, Milwaukie, OR Final Results - NASCAR Street Stocks

Heat Race #1: Brad Tanner Heat Race #2: Herb Thomas Heat Race #3: Dan Harris Heat Race #4: Brian Puncochar Trophy Dash: Dan Harris 'A' Main Event (30 laps):

1.. Dave Cannon, Portland, OR 2.. Scott Puncochar, Hillsboro, OR 3.. Dan Harris, Portland, OR 4.. Pat Schwartzkopf, Tigard, OR 5.. Dustin Wilkenson, Milwaukie, OR 6.. Brad Tanner, Clackamas, OR 7.. Brian Puncochar, Hillsboro, OR 8.. Curt Nusom, Portland, OR 9.. Pete Kelly, Gresham, OR 10.. Tracy Jones, Portland, OR 11.. Don Dean 12.. Brian Overturf, Portland, OR 13.. Jeff Brookshire, Portland, OR 14.. Mike Aubrey, Portland, OR 15.. Dennis Krohling, Vancouver, WA 16.. Jerry Schram, Vancouver, WA 17.. Chris Schlat, Gresham, OR 18.. Herb Thomas, St. Helens, OR 'B' Main Event (25 laps):

1.. Tracy Jones, Portland, OR 2.. Don Dean 3.. Michael Ward 4.. Pat Schwartzkopf, Tigard, OR 5.. Susan Nelson, Portland, OR 6.. Robert Jenner, Portland, OR 7.. 8.. Grant Baker, Sandy, OR 9.. John Fordyce, Vancouver, WA 10.. Tim Patrick, Portland, OR 11.. Kevin Martell 12.. 13.. George Voss, Vancouver, WA 14.. Mike Crase, Portland, OR 15.. Robert Cutler 16.. Willy Thom, Dundee, OR Final Results - Figure 8 Cars

Heat Race #1: Joe Cherington Heat Race #2: John Mayfield Trophy Dash: Kelly Nace Main Event (20 laps):

1.. Dan Cherington, Vancouver, WA 2.. Kelly Nace, Clackamas, OR 3.. Joe Cherington, Vancouver, WA 4.. John Mayfield, Vancouver, WA 5.. Robert Jordaine, Tigard, OR 6.. Ken Warford, Vancouver, WA 7.. Ray Perry, Portland, OR 8.. Brent Beall, Portland, OR 9.. Ron Henderson, Vancouver, WA 10.. John Schave Final Results - Bomber Division

Trophy Dash: Jeremy Brookshire

Main Event (6 laps):

1.. Jeremy Brookshire 2.. Danny O'Neil, Vancouver, WA 3.. Randy Ashley, Gresham, OR 4.. David Ballas, Portland, OR

-Bob Kehoe

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