Portland Speedway results 2001-06-08

Portland, Ore. (June 8, 2001) Race in fans in Oregon have learned to expect the unexpected and that is exactly what was waiting for them at Portland Speedway Friday night. There was sun, fun, rain, and great racing action on the track as Don...

Portland, Ore. (June 8, 2001) Race in fans in Oregon have learned to expect the unexpected and that is exactly what was waiting for them at Portland Speedway Friday night. There was sun, fun, rain, and great racing action on the track as Don Jenner out of Vancouver , Washington played out a perfect hand and won the 40-lap NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Grand American Modified feature in the True Value Hardware/Bud Retailer night at the races.

Ed Farness started on the pole of the 40-lap feature, but quickly faded as the handling on his ride went away. Veteran asphalt Portland Speedway competitor Dan Obrist of Portland quickly established the pace for the first couple of laps but just as quickly lost the lead when a flat right front slowed Obrist.

The #23 of Chris Quinn made his way to the front and was able to run high or low keeping the rest of the field at bay. Quinn continued to lead until the first caution at lap 16 for the stalled car of Kenny Miller. On the restart the hard-charging Eric Sayre used the outside groove to make up ground on the front four until he ran out of racing room going into turn 2 and spun the car. Sayre was a able to recover, but fell to the end of the field.

Quinn continued to set the pace as Don Jenner made several attempts to pass, but each time Quinn was able to pull out a lead.By lap 33 Jenner was able to move to the outside of Quinn as several drivers were able to go three-wide in each of the corners. Quinn continued to slam the door on Jenner until lap 37 when Quinn's car lost an engine. Jenner went on to win his first Modified race of the year. Gary Morris battled through the filed to finish in second, followed by Tom Pinkowsky, Dan Fox, and Miller in fifth.

Brad Tanner of Clackamas is finding his groove as the season enters summer. The driver of the Jody's Bar and Grill, Club Cabos Camero cruised to the 20 NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman victory. The victory moved Tanner into sixth place in the season point standings just 89 markers out first place. Following Tanner to the line in the Sportsman main event was Chad Williams in the truck, Jody Tanner (Dad), Brad Stanwood, and the best run of the year for Jay Estes in fifth. Martin Stanwood continues to lead the point standings by 18 points over two-time 2001 feature winner Dale Holland.

Herb Thomas picked up a hard fought victory in the Street Stock class over Curt Nusom, Brian Puncochar, Brad Tanner, and Dave Cannon. Point leader Scott Puncochar had an off evening finishing a disappointing 12th in the 35-lap "A" main event. Edward Peters won the 20-lap "B" main event, with Brandon Taylor winning the Street Stock "C" main.

Pam Graham won her first WAR! division main event over the track driven by Wendy Schwartkopf. Kari Puncochar finished in third followed by Paula Smith in forth, and Lisa Tanner in fifth. The 15-lap dual was red flagged briefly after the #66 of Audra Jean got loose coming out of turn four and found herself in the fence. Jean was OK.

Racing resumes Friday, June 15 when the Snap-On Tools Shootout for the I-5 Outlaw Late Models invade Portland to dual on the Monster half-mile. More than 65 cars are expected for this first of two visits this new series will make to the Rose city. Spectator tickets prices for this special event are $19 for adults, $10 for juniors (11-17), and children 10 and under with a paid adult are free. Advance tickets can be purchased at all Ticketmaster locations or online at www.portlandspeedway.com Spectator gates open at 5:00 PM with racing action hitting the track at 6:30 PM.

<pre> Racing Result NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Grand American Modified s

1.    Don Jenner
2.    Gary Morris
3.    Tom Pinkowsky
4.    Dan Fox
5.    Kenny Miller
6.    Eric Sayre
7.    Curtis Zelmer
8.     David Burkhardt
9.    Chris Quinn
10.    Sonny Modaff
11.    Ed Farness
12.    Ray Elwess
13.    Donnie Martin
14.    Sonny Sayre
15.    Richard Whiteman
16.    Zoe Minsker
17.    Dan Obrist

NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman

1.    Brad Tanner
2.    Chad Williams
3.    Jody Tanner
4.    Brad Stanwood
5.    Jay Estes
6.    Doug Mitchell
7.    Dale Holland
8.    Martin Stanwood
9.    Andy Church
10.    Mike Graham
11.    Scott Winebarger
12.    Ross Greiff
13.    Danny Daniels
14.    Hal Farness
15.    Kevin Haye
16.    Trevor Brotherton
17.    Tom Curbath
18.    Clark Lukens
19.    Clyde White
20.    Scott McKay

NASCAR Street Stocks "A" Main Event 1. Herb Thomas 2. Curt Nusom 3. Brian Puncochar 4. Brad Tanner 5. Dave Cannon 6. Pete Kelly 7. Willy Thom 8. Dennis Krohling 9. Grant Baker 10. Tracy Jones 11. Dustin Wilkenson 12. Scott Puncochar 13. Mike Crase 14. Susan Nelson 15. Jim Schram 16. Edward Peters

"B" Main Event

1.    Edward Peters
2.    Grant Baker
3.    John Fordyce
4.    Shawn O'Roke
5.    Dan Harris
6.    Brandon Taylor
7.    Jerry Schram
8.    Christopher Michael
9.    Rob Evans
10.    Mike Aubrey
11.    Tim Patrick
12.    Robert Cutler
13.    Robert Jenner
14.    Brian Overturf

"C" Main Event

1.    Brandon Taylor
2.    Mike Aubrey
3.    Pat Schwartzkopf
4.    Don Dean
5.    Kevin Martell
6.    Don Grentz
7.    Tom Moore
8.     Bob Gaboury
9.    Frank Casey
10.   Chris Schlat
11.    Ken Schave

WAR! Women's Auto Racing

1.     Pam Graham
2.    Wendy Schwartzkopf
3.    Kari Puncochar
4.    Paula Smith
5.    Lisa Tanner
6.    Nikki Schram
7.    Corrine Flath
8.    Cindy Thom
9.    Jackie Graham
10.    Audra Jean

The Bumpin' Bomber main event was cancelled due to time restrictions.


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