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CAM STRADER SCORES FIRST NASCAR TOURING SERIES VICTORY By Bill Desmond MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (August 12 2000) - NAPA Filter Rookie of the Year contender Cam Strader has had a phenomenal racing year in his...


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (August 12 2000) - NAPA Filter Rookie of the Year contender Cam Strader has had a phenomenal racing year in his first year with the Goody's Dash Series, NASCAR Touring. And it even got better Saturday night when he scored his first NASCAR career victory, winning the Van Camp's Piggly Wiggly Goody's Dash 100 at Myrtle Beach (SC) Speedway. Strader in his Wesson Cooking Oil/Children's Miracle Network Mercury and Jake Hobgood with his Wynn's/Precision Engine Service Pontiac hooked up in an old fashion duel that saw two young guns battle side-by-side and wheel-to-wheel around the .538-mile oval over the final 50 laps with the outcome hanging in the wind. Strader led three times for 34 laps with Hobgood leading twice for 57 laps but on lap 97 Strader put his Mercury to the low-side of turn two and into the lead for the final time. "I have been at this track many times in a late model car and frankly it has not been one of my favorite tracks," said Strader in victory lane. "I have never run well here but after tonight it will move to the head of my list of favorite tracks." "This Wesson Cooking Oil team led by Barry Owen is awesome," continued Strader. "Barry is the driving force behind this team. He knows a race car." Finishing behind Strader and Hobgood were Justin Hobgood with his Wynn's/Precision Engine Service Pontiac, Robert Huffman in his White House Apple Juice Pontiac and rounding out the top five was Jimmy Britts with his NAPA Autoparts/Horsepower by Hedrick Pontiac. "I just didn't drive a smart race in those final laps," said a disappointed Jake Hobgood after the race. "Race fans saw a good race but I didn't make some good decisions with lapped traffic at the end. I just didn't get a good line to drive and that allowed Cam (Strader) to close on my car. He was strong and I am happy that if I couldn't win he did." Keith Roggen won his first career Bud Pole start with a fast lap of 20.789 Secs (93.165 mph) in his Ten Brink Underground/Dallas Auto Chevrolet to lead the 30-car field. But in the series pre-race drawing for starting position, Justin Hobgood moved up to the point to start the race. Roggen was elated about his feat after the engine in his car blew during afternoon practice. "We had a Jan Smith engine in our hauler that we were taking back to Florida for George Crenshaw," said Roggen. "We called him after ours broke and pleaded with him to let us borrow the engine. He was eating dinner when we called and he finally said yes. We just about didn't make qualifying but thanks to the crew and Haskell Willingham, we made it." Strader started outside front row after the pre-race qualifying draw and wasted little time establishing himself as a contender taking the lead on the first lap with Justin and Jake Hobgood in second and third followed by Roggen and Huffman. The two Hobgood brothers dueled each other for runner-up honors with Jake taking the position on lap 17. A mandatory pit stop between laps 25 and 90 saw all cars, except three, come down pit road for a splash of gas. The crowded pit road conditions didn't fair well for two-time 2000 winner B. J. Mackey when his car got clipped in the right front by Johnny Chapman's car. Jimmy Britts and Chapman's car made contact resulting in Mackey's misfortune. One of the cars that stayed on the track was Ricky Woodward who started the race in 30th position then inherited the lead when the front cars made their pit stop. He held the front position for eight laps until Jake Hobgood made the bold move of the race by splitting the cars of Woodward and Bobby Dayton in turn three on lap 35. He held the point through lap 84 when Strader started flexing his muscle for the win. Over the final 20 laps, Hobgood and Strader drove door-to-door to the delight of race fans, with neither driver giving ground. Strader took the point on lap 84 coming off four with Hobgood retaking the point on lap 89 with an outside move. Strader was glued to Hobgood's back bumper with five to go then with two laps to run he took his mount to the low side of turn two and back to the point one last time. Fourteen drivers finished on the lead lap with Roger Sawyer, Ricky Bryant, Chapman, Maxie Bush and Zach Brewer rounding out the top ten finishers. Jake Hobgood won Gatorade FrontRunner of the Race honors by leading the most laps with Strader being the top finishing NAPA Filter Rookie of the Year contender for the 10th time in 13 races. The next event for the Goody's Dash Series, NASCAR Touring will be the Pabst Blue Ribbon 150 on August 23 at Bristol Motor Speedway in conjunction with the Slim Jim All Pro Series, NASCAR Touring Real Saver 250. Four Hundred laps of racing in one evening under the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway.

OFFICIAL FINISH AND LAPS COMPLETED: 1. Cam Strader, 100; 2. Jake Hobgood, 100; 3. Justin Hobgood, 100; 4. Robert Huffman, 100; 5. Jimmy Britts, 100; 6. Roger Sawyer, 100; 7. Ricky Bryant, 100; 8. Johnny Chapman. 100; 9. Maxie Bush, 100; 10. Zach Brewer, 100; 11. Ned Combs, 100; 12. Randy Humphrey, 100; 13. Joey Miller, 100; 14. Brent Moore, 100; 15. Shane Hmiel, 99; 16. Tom "Doc" Brewer, 99; 17. Steven Barfield, 98; 18. Angie Wilson, 98; 19. Greg Goodell, 98; 20. 20. B. J. Mackey, 98; 21. Tommy Ballard, 85; 22. Bobby Dayton, 83; 23. Scott Weaver, 67, Accident; 24. Ricky Woodward, 65, Engine; 25. Keith Roggen, 51; 26. Kelly Sutton, 40, Engine; 27. Tim Nichols, 10, Engine; 28. Brandon Ward, 5, Accident; 29. Danny Bagwell, 4, Accident; 30. Doug Gainey, 0, Engine. TIME OF RACE: 54 Mins. 21 Secs. AVERAGE SPEED: 59.393 mph. MARGIN OF VICTORY: .2 Secs. CAUTION PERIODS: Six Cautions for 29 Laps. LAP LEADERS: Justin Hobgood, Grid; Cam Strader, 1 - 26; Randy Humphrey, 27; Ricky Woodward, 28 - 35; Jake Hobgood, 36 - 84; Strader, 85 - 89; Jake Hobgood, 90 - 97; Strader, 98 - 100.

GOODY'S DASH SERIES, NASCAR TOURING TOP TEN IN POINTS: (As Of August 12 - Unofficial) 1. Robert Huffman, 2061; 2. Ricky Bryant, 1960; 3. B. J. Mackey, 1860; 4. Cam Strader, 1840; 5. Johnny Chapman, 1809; 6. Roger Sawyer, 1801; 7. Ned Combs, 1701; 8. Keith Roggen, 1684; 9. Jake Hobgood, 1669; 10. Justin Hobgood, 1654.

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