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Local drivers continue to have success at Oktoberfest Holzhausen, Powell and Nuttleman take qualifying features By David Morgan (West Salem, WI -- October 7, 2000) On Sunday afternoon, the stars of the NASCAR Re\Max Challenge Series will take...

Local drivers continue to have success at Oktoberfest
Holzhausen, Powell and Nuttleman take qualifying features
By David Morgan

(West Salem, WI -- October 7, 2000) On Sunday afternoon, the stars of the NASCAR Re\Max Challenge Series will take the spotlight at the Oktoberfest Race Weekend, but for the third straight night, the local racers from the Coulee Region dominated. Steve Holzhausen took one of the two Wisconsin Late Model qualifying features, and Brad Powell and Kevin Nuttleman took the Twin 25's for the NASCAR Northern Series as they set the field for their 50-lap features on Sunday.

Rich Snyder and John Zimmerman moved to the front of the first qualifying feature for the Wisconsin Late Models, as 23 cars battled for eight spots in the feature. Fredrickson moved by Snyder on lap three for the lead, as Todd Blair moved up into third, bringing Jeff Kendall along into fourth.

Zimmerman and Snyder pulled away from the field, as seven cars battled for the final four spots behind Blair, after Kendall moved into third on lap seven. Todd Kluever closed on Blair in fifth, with Ron Breese, Jr. Gary Back, and Frank Kreyer followed.

Kendall continued his charge to the front, as he slipped under Snyder on lap 11, and closed on Zimmerman by lap 15. Further back, Breese also continued picking off cars, getting up into fourth by lap 17 when the yellow flew as a car brushed the frontstretch wall, spreading debris on the track.

On the restart, the first eight cars were nose to tail, with Kreyer holding down the ever-important eighth spot. Right on his bumper, however, was Chris Wimmer, Les Ferris and Kirby Kurth.

On lap 23, Wimmer went outside to try to take the final transfer spot from Kreyer, but slid high, allowing Ferris to duck underneath him for ninth. With Ferris and Wimmer side by side, Kreyer was able to hold them off to advance.

At the front of the field, Jeff Kendall moved to the outside of Zimmerman on lap 20, and made the pass through turns one and two, with Breese also following around the 44 of Zimmerman. Breese ducked underneath Kendall on the final lap, and the two cars touched in turn four, as Kendall held on for the win. Breese was second, followed by Zimmerman, Kluever, Snyder and Blair. Back and Kreyer were the final qualifiers for the 50-lap feature on Sunday.

The field strung out behind leader Toby Rott quickly in the second qualifying feature, but Steve Holzhausen wasn't about to settle for his eighth-place slot, as he quickly moved by three cars to get up to fifth, with Eddie Hoffman tagging along for the ride. Dean LaPointe sat in second, with Brian Bagwell third and Bobby Wilberg fourth in front of Holzhausen.

With Holzhausen and Hoffman on the charge, Wilberg ducked underneath Bagwell on lap 12, and took over third. Wilberg drove Bagwell up the track a bit in turn four, allowing both Holzhausen and Hoffman to move through the hole. Wilberg looked for a way around LaPointe for second, but Holzhausen went to the outside and passed both cars, just before Bagwell spun on the backstretch on lap 15, bringing out the caution.

Holzhausen took very little time in completing his run to the front, as he and Rott pulled away from LaPointe. Holzhausen got the nose of his car underneath Rott coming out of turn two, and made the pass for the lead in turn three.

Bobby Wilberg and Eddie Hoffman moved by Rott by lap 20, and tried to close in on the eight-length lead Holzhausen had built. That lead evaporated on lap 22, as LaPointe was bumped from behind by Neil Knoblock in turns three, and spun, forcing another caution. It was all Holzhausen from that point on, as he pulled away to the win. Wilberg took second, followed by Hoffman, Fransen and Rott.

In the NASCAR Northern Series qualifying features, Kevin Nuttleman and Brad Powell set up another battle, this time for the Oktoberfest 50 title, as they took the wins in the two qualifying 25-lap features on Saturday night. Nuttleman and Powell battled the entire 2000 season for the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway NASCAR Late Model track championship, with Nuttleman finally winning out in the end.

Just two laps into the opening 25-lap qualifying feature for the NASCAR Northern Series, Tony Bagstad got turned from behind in turn four, triggering a seven-car accident that cluttered turn four, and the infield. Several cars, including first-time late model driver Dan Gilster, had to head to the pits to make minor repairs. Gilster, the 2000 Sportsman track champion at La Crosse, had turned in an impressive third-quickest qualifying time, but came back on the track a lap down.

Jason Schneider remained on the point on the restart, with Steve Holzhausen right on his bumper, looking for his second checkered flag of the evening. Troy Wangerin, Dan Fredrickson and Kraig Burrows trailed Holzhausen, s they tried to solidify top eight finishes to advance to Sunday's main.

Kevin Nuttleman and Mike Belling had other plans, as they charged through the field, and Nuttleman went high on lap ten to get by both Burrows and Fredrickson. Belling had a little more trouble getting by the two cars, and Nuttleman moved by Wangerin as well before Belling was able to get by Fredrickson.

At the front, Holzhausen dogged Schneider, but couldn't find a way to the front, and on lap 15, Nuttleman moved to the high side, getting by Holzhausen, and moving up to challenge Schneider for the lead. The challenge was not answered, as Nuttleman drove by Schneider and into the lead on lap 16.

Schneider stayed with Nuttleman on the restart, but couldn't make a pass for the lead, as the La Crosse Track Champion came home with the win. Tony Bagstad made a late charge through the field to finish fourth behind Nuttleman, Schneider and Holzhausen.

Greg Croell slid along the backstretch wall on the opening lap of the second qualifying feature, but that was nothing compared to what happened to him on lap two. As he came out of turn two, he saw nothing but the sliding car of Brian Johnson, Jr., whose spin triggered another multiple car accident.

Jeremy Miller pulled away from the field on the restart, and Brad Powell and Steve Carlson started making their way through the field

On lap 17, as Powell and Carlson struggled to reign in Miller, Croell's problems cropped up again, as he spun in turn four, bringing out a yellow that totally evaporated Miller's lead. On the restart, Powell quickly ducked underneath Miller, taking the lead, with Carlson and Andy Burgess following through. Another spin on lap 21 slowed the field, but it still came down to a battle between Carlson, the Re\Max Challenge Series veteran, and Powell, who often has turned wrenches for Carlson.

The battle failed to materialize, as Powell held off Carlson for two laps, then pulled away to post the win. Carlson finished second followed by Andy Burgess, Todd Korish, Brent Kirchner, Ricky Bilderback, Tim Hagen and Johnny Spaw.

Rick Corso was looking to repeat as McLeodUSA Mid American Stock Car Oktoberfest Champion. He survived an early yellow, and took the lead from Brian Baker on lap 11, then held off the two cars battling for the championship to become the first driver this year to repeat as an Oktoberfest champion.

While Corso was repeating, Mark Pluer was putting pressure on Bill Prietzel in the championship picture. If Pluer finished ahead of Prietzel, he would take the title, if Prietzel could keep Pluer in his rear view, then he would be crowned the champion.

Preitzel started with the advantage, starting in front of Pluer, and those two moved up through the field, and sat in second and third on lap 23, when the yellow flew for a Brian Baker spin on the frontstretch.

Pluer looked to the outside on the restart,and pulled alongside in the final two turns, but was unable to make the pass for the lead, as Prietzel held on for second place, and the season championship for the McLeodUSA Mid American Stock Car Series.

Mike DeKeuster took fourth, followed by Bobby Gutknecht, Jimmy Becker, James Swan and Robert Workmeister.

In the McLeodUSA Super Truck Oktoberfest feature, Ryan Matthews settled things early, pulling out to a big lead in taking the win. Danny Heinritz put on a furious charge down the stretch, but a late yellow forced him to pass Jerry Seibel a second time, and that held him up long enough to allow Matthews to take the win. Bill Prietzel managed to charge through the field to take third, followe by Seibel, Darren Wolke, Donnie Woller and Mark Eberhart.


NASCAR Re\Max Challenge Series

Qualifying Results                          Time        Speed (MPH)
1     Mark Kraus        Stratford, WI       19.049      102.998
2     Travis Kvapil     Janesville, WI      19.051      102.987
3     Eddie Hoffman     Wheaton, IL         19.100      102.723
4     Mike Garvey       Lakeville, MN       19.107      102.685
5     Jason Schneider   St Louis Park, MN   19.147      102.470
6     Pete Moore        McFarland, WI       19.163      102.385
7     Steve Holzhausen  Bangor, WI          19.176      102.315
8     Jon Lemke         Greenfield, WI      19.177      102.310
9     Paul Menard       Eau Claire, WI      19.184      102.273
10    Brad Wagner       Rockford, IL        19.201      102.182

Last Chance - 1. Matt Mylin, Roscoe, IL; 2. Curtis Van Der Wal, Oskaloosa, IA; 3. Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4. Boris Jurkovic, Orland Park, IL; 5. Ryan Hanson, Beloit, WI; 6. Jeff Martin, Webster, MN; 7. Jeff Frederickson, Kaukauna, WI; 8. Dave Finney, Sycamore, IL

Provisional Starters: Brian Hoppe, Madison, WI; Nathan Haseleau, Marshall, WI

Wisconsin Late Models

Odd Qualifying Feature - 1. Jeff Kendall, Montello; 2. Ron Breese, Jr., DeKalb, IL; 3. John Zimmerman, Markesan, WI; 4. Todd Kluever, Marshall, WI; 5. Trent Snyder, Ironton, MN; 6. Todd Blair, Madison, WI; 7. Gary Back, Vesper, WI; 8. Frank Kreyer, Cottage Grove, WI; 9. Les Ferris, Northfield, MN; 10. Chris Wimmer, Wausau, WI

Even Qualifying Feature - 1. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor, WI; 2. Bobby Wilberg, Orfordville, WI; 3. Eddie Hoffman, Wheaton, IL; 4. Eric Fransen, West Bend, WI; 5. Toby Rott, Slinger, WI; 6. Clint Sillars, Wausau, WI; 7. Neil Knoblock, Wausau, WI; 8. Rick Loch, Muskego, WI; 9. Shane Bishop, Pell Lake, WI; 10. Robb Vanderloop, Kaukauna, WI

Qualifying Results                        Time        Speed (MPH)
1     Kirby Kurth       Nekoosa, WI       19.370      101.446
2     Scott Wimmer      Wausau, WI        19.437      101.096
3     Chris Wimmer      Wausau, WI        19.453      101.013
4     Eddie Hoffman     Wheaton, IL       19.513      100.702
5     Frank Kreyer      Cottage Grove, WI 19.537      100.578
6     Eric Fransen      West Bend, WI     19.567      100.424
7     Ron Breese, Jr.   DeKalb, IL        19.610      100.204
8     Steve Holzhausen  Bangor, WI        19.611      100.199
9     Jeff Kendall      Montello, WI      19.621      100.148
10    Rich Loch         Muskego, IL       19.670      99.898

NASCAR Northern Series

Odd Qualifying Feature - 1. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, WI; 2. Jason Schneider, St Louis Park, MN; 3. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor, WI; 4. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, WI; 5. Dan Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN; 6. Mike Belling, La Crosse, WI; 7. Rick Wateski, La Crosse, WI; 8. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, WI, 9. Tom Carlson, La Crosse, WI; 10. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro, WI

Even Qualifying Feature - 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse, WI; 2. Steve Carlson, West Salem, WI; 3. Andy Burgess, Eau Claire, WI; 4. Todd Korish, La Crosse, WI; 5. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 6. Ricky Bilderback, Rockton, IL; 7. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 8. Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids, IA; Brian Johnson, Jr., South Beloit, IL; 10. Adam Royle, Farmington, MN

Qualifying Results                          Time        Speed (MPH)
1     Kevin Nuttleman    Bangor, WI         20.278      96.903
2     Steve Carlson      West Salem, WI     20.294      96.827
3     Dan Gilster        West Salem, WI     20.412      96.267
4     Bart Horstman      Bangor, WI         20.510      95.807
5     Mark Lamoreaux     Bloomington, MN    20.573      95.514
6     Johnny Spaw        Cedar Rapids, IA   20.579      95.486
7     Tony Bagstad       Cashton, WI        20.580      95.481
8     Brad Powell        La Crosse, WI      20.599      95.393
9     Mike Belling       La Crosse, WI      20.613      95.328
10    Adam Royle         Farmington, MN     20.660      95.111

McLeodUSA Mid-Am Stock Cars

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Rick Corso, McHenry, IL; 2. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI; 3. Mark Pluer, West Allis, WI; 4. Mike DeKeuster, Racine, WI; 5. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI; 6. Jimmy Becker, Burlington, IL; 7. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI; 8. Robert Workmeister, Plainfield, IL; 9. Jesse Wilcox, Waterloo, WI; 10. Eugine Gregorich, Jr., Kewuanee, WI

Qualifying - 1. Mark Pluer, West Allis, WI, 21.152 secs., 92.899 MPH; 2. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI, 21.187 secs., 92.746 MPH; 3. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI, 21.275 secs., 92.362 MPH; 4. Mike DeKeuster, Racine, WI, 21.280 secs., 92.340 MPH; 5. Rod Brewe, Kaukauna, WI, 21.325 secs., 92.145 MPH

Heat 1 - 1. Kevin Lee, Homestead, IA; 2. Brian Baker, Springfield, WI; 3. Rick Corso, McHenry, IL; 4. Denny Norton, Jr., Wender Lake, IL; 5. Robert Workmeister, Planfield, IL

Heat 2 - 1. Jimmy Becker, Burlington, IL; 2. James Swan, lake Geneva, WI; 3. Jamie Dorsey, Rockford, IL; 4. Mark Pluer, West Allis, WI; 5. Josh Bauer, Random Lake, WI

McLeodUSA Mid-Am Super Trucks

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Ryan Matthews, Lake Geneva, WI; 2. Danny Heinritz, Green Bay, WI; 3. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI; 4. Jerry Seibel, Campbellsport, WI; 5. Darren Wolke, Bloomington, MN; 6. Donnie Woller, Merrill, WI; 7. Mark Eberhart, Ripon, WI; 8. Keith Johnson, Dudnas, MN; 9. Mark Anderson, Minnetonka, MN; 10. Lee Meyerdirk, Rogers, MN

Qualifying - 1. Danny Heinritz, Green Bay, WI, 21.152 secs., 92.899 MPH; 2. Bill Prietzel, Franklin, WI, 21.187 secs., 92.746 MPH; 3. Jerry Seibel, Campbellsport, WI, 21.275 secs., 92.362 MPH; 4. Donnie Woller, Merrill, WI, 21.280 secs., 92.340 MPH; 5. Lee Meyerdirk, Rogers, MN, 21.325 secs., 92.145 MPH

Heat 1 - 1. Gary Kite, East Bethel, MN; 2. Gary Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN; 3. Mike Martindale, Machesney Park, IL; 4. Darren Wolke, Bloomington, MN; 5. Al Brace, Wausau, WI

Heat 2 - 1. Ryan Matthews, Lake Geneva, WI; 2. Andy Jirik, Lonsdale, MN; 3. Mark Sorenson, Faribault, MN; 4. Danny Heinritz, Green Bay; 5. Donnie Woller, Merrill, WI

Late Results from Friday night

CWRA Late Models

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Rory Melbinger, Marshfield, WI; 2. Chris Weinkauf, Merrill, WI; 3. Dan Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN; 4. Trent Snyder, Ironton, MN; 5. Bobby Wilberg, Orfordville, WI; 6. Gary Back, Vesper, WI; 7. Don Turner, La Crosse; 8. Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa, WI; 9. Rocky Breezer, Poynette, WI; 10. Dean LaPointe, Marshfield, WI; 11. Rex Rossier, Plover, WI; 12. M.G. Gajewski, Wausau, WI; 13. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 14. Jeff Wey, Madison, WI; 15. Joe Kryzkowski, Junction City, WI

Limited Late Models

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Nathan Haseleau, Marshall, WI; 2. Ken Olson, Fort Atkinson, WI; 3. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 4. Dean Hackl, Lone Rock, WI; 5. Kurt Clapper, Dane, WI; 6. Jerry Parker, Palmyra, WI; 7. Justin Switlick, Wausau, WI; 8. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, WI; 9. Scott Nottlestad, Stoughton, WI; 10. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, WI; 11. Tim DeGroot, Kaukauna, WI; 12. Dale Smith, Lake Mills, WI; 13. Toph Gray, Madison, WI; 14. Ryan Ley, Sullvan, WI; 15. Bruce Havel, Deerfield, WI

Midwest Trucks

Oktoberfest 20 - 1. Todd Norder, Janesville, WI; 2. Charlie Cottam, Janesville, WI; 3. Dan Harris, Madison, WI; 4. Dan Heinritz, Green Bay, WI; 5. John Wood, Sun Prairie, WI; 6. Andy Jirik, Lonsdale, MN; 7. Gary Ziegler, Cottage Grove, WI; 8. Dave Gruenberg, Madison, WI; 9. Fred Oswald, Lake Mills, WI; 10. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 11. Lee Meyerdirk, Rogers, MN; 12. Bart Pinziti, New Berlin, WI; 13. Kevin Glosemeyer, Janesville, WI; 14. Brian Hankins, Sun Prairie, WI


Oktoberfest 20 - 1. Dave Kaus, Bloomington, MN; 2. Mike Bidlack, Elkhorn, WI; 3. Wade Roggeman, Brooklyn Park, MN; 4. Eldon Zacek, St. Peters, MO; 5. Curt Barfknecht, Elko, MN; 6. Kirk Olson, Reedstown, WI; 7. Brian Holtz, Franklin, WI; 8. Jim Kulseth, Rosemount, MN; 9. Rick Tackman, Jr., New Berlin, WI; 10. Andy Anderson, Oregon, WI; 11. Roger Longseth, Madison, WI; 12. Steve Johnson, Ramsey, MN; 13. Jim Ross, Rhodes, IA; 14. Joel Willman, Friendship, WI

Area Sportsman

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Blake Horstman, Bangor, WI; 2. Scott Beckler, Sparta, WI; 3. Greg Scheck, West Salem, WI; 4. Randy Storlie, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 5. Tom Thill, West Salem; 6. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 7. Josh Helfand, Rockford, IL; 8. Shane Huebel, Wonewoc, WI; 9. Larry DeVito, Camp Douglas, WI; 10. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley

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