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Scarborough, ME - In baseball its known as the "All-Star Game," in football it's the "Pro-Bowl," but in NASCAR it's known as "The All-Star Showdown." On November 8, 2003 NASCAR will hold the inaugural Toyota "All-Star Showdown" at Irwindale ...

Scarborough, ME - In baseball its known as the "All-Star Game," in football it's the "Pro-Bowl," but in NASCAR it's known as "The All-Star Showdown." On November 8, 2003 NASCAR will hold the inaugural Toyota "All-Star Showdown" at Irwindale Speedway in Southern California. The event will be by invitation only, and will include the top fifteen drivers in both the Busch North and the Winston West Series. The race will give these thirty drivers a chance to shine before a live television audience.

Attending this thrilling event will be two very familiar drivers. Nineteen-year-old Rookie Ryan Moore and his father Kelly Moore will make the trip to California for both educational and entertainment purposes. The Moore's will be competing with the top fifteen drivers of each series, and will be doing so on a state of the art, short-track facility. "I am just thrilled to get the opportunity to race on live television," said Young Moore. The high exposure level Ryan will be exposed to is often unheard of at such a young age.

Team owner, Kelly Moore, made the decision for the Moore Racing Team to travel to the West Coast. "It's a really great opportunity that NASCAR is giving all of us," said Moore, "It's going to be an exciting event for both the 47 and 74 team, and a great learning experience for all." The Moore Racing Team will head to California October 29th and will remain out west until November 9th. Racing will not begin at Irwindale Speedway for the Moore family, for they will begin their efforts at California Speedway in Fontana. Ryan Moore will compete in the Winston West Series race scheduled for Saturday November 1. Not only will Moore compete for educational purposes, but also to build his impressive Rookie season resume. It will be the first time the young driver will set foot on a two-mile super speedway oval. "I am really anxious just to get out West," said Moore, "There is so much for me to look forward to learning, and it's by far the best opportunity that's ever been offered to me." This race will air Monday, November 10th at 8 PM on Speed Channel. Ryan and father Kelly will head to Irwindale following the Fontana race, and both will compete in the All-Star Showdown.

The characteristics of the Irwindale race will be very unfamiliar to several drivers. It will be a unique experience for Rookies and Veterans alike to showcase their talent on live television. Two qualifying races will determine the starting positions for the feature event. The line-up for the two qualifying races will be determined by each driver's finish in the final 2003 NASCAR championship point's standings. The first qualifying race will determine the inside row of the feature event and the second will determine the outside row. The qualifying events will be lined up by inverting the driver point standings for each series. In the first heat, the driver whom finished 15th in the overall point standings for the Winston West Series will start first and 14th for the Busch North Series will start second, and so on. The second heat race will be opposite, with the 15th place driver of BNS points standings starting first, and the 14th place driver of WWS starting the race in the second spot. Both Rookie Ryan Moore and father Kelly will be in the second heat race, for the 47 car finished 5th in the point standings, with his son not far behind him in the 11th spot in the standings. The 125-lap feature event will have an interesting twist that could throw several drivers for a loop. On lap 100, there will be a ten-minute break. At this break, based on fan decision, the line-up will be inverted. The fans will choose the number of positions that they would like to invert, it may only be the top two or it could be as many as the top ten. It will make for an extremely interesting race and an unusual one as well. The feature event will air Saturday, November 8th at 8 PM on Speed Channel.

Ryan Moore recently finished up his rookie season on the Grand National Division, Busch North Series, earning the 2003 Raybestos Rookie of the Year Award and has completely amazed people with his talent. The young driver gives his father the credit for his style and admits that he is one of the luckiest kids today.


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