Little Trees Racing All-Star Showdown preview

Little Trees Racing All-Star Showdown preview
Nov 5, 2003, 11:20 AM

The All-Stars of "Little Trees" Racing Eager For Trip West No. Haverhill, NH (November 3, 2003): Mike Olsen is not the only All-Star at "Little Trees" Racing. His crew, who led him to a ninth place finish in the 2003 Grand National Division, Busch ...

The All-Stars of "Little Trees" Racing Eager For Trip West

No. Haverhill, NH (November 3, 2003): Mike Olsen is not the only All-Star at "Little Trees" Racing. His crew, who led him to a ninth place finish in the 2003 Grand National Division, Busch North Series point standings, are eager and ready to compete for bragging rights at Irwindale Speedway's Toyota All-Star Showdown this month. The invitation-only event will pit the best of NASCAR's top touring divisions, the Busch North Series and the Winston West Series, against each other.

"A lot of people have been concentrating on the driver's aspect of the showdown," Mike Olsen said. "But it will be the team enthusiasm that plays a key part, and my team is pretty pumped about this race. It'll be the first time we can go to a track and not have to worry about points. It'll be racing at it's best."

The Toyota All-Star Showdown will kick off on November 6th when the teams arrive at Irwindale Speedway in California. SPEED will carry live coverage of the event on Friday, November 7th at 11 p.m. EST and Saturday, November 8th at 8 p.m. EST.

Following are short biographies on the All-Stars at "Little Trees" Racing:

Harry Norcross: Crew Chief/Front Tire Changer
Norcross got his start in racing working as a general mechanic for a dirt-track driver. He spent three years working at local dirt tracks until moving on to Mike Olsen's Busch North Series efforts. A friend of Olsen's since childhood, he started helping with the basics around the shop and eventually worked his way up to his current position as crew chief. The 1997 race season was a crucial turning point for Norcross, who spent several months with Olsen in North Carolina working out of Busch Series' driver, Bobby Dotter's shop. There he learned about chassis work, downforce, and fabrication techniques. Norcross led Olsen to the Busch North Series Championship in 2001.

Todd Aldrich: Shop Mechanic
Todd Aldrich works full-time in the "Little Trees" race shop maintaining and repairing crucial components of the No. 61 "Little Trees" Chevrolet. Aldrich, who is also Mike Olsen's younger brother, competes in a Late Model at the highly competitive White Mountain Motorsports Park in New Hampshire. Aldrich has accumulated two feature wins as a driver, and is looking forward to further success with support from his grandfather Stanley "Stub" Fadden.

John Aldrich: Truck driver/Catch Can Man
John Aldrich, Olsen's stepfather, is responsible for getting the No. 61 "Little Trees" Chevrolets to and from the racetrack on a weekly basis. He is looking forward to transporting the racecars, with his wife along side, more than 3000 miles to Irwindale Speedway! Away from the track, Aldrich owns his own business consisting of a fleet of milk tankers that haul milk from Vermont and New Hampshire farms to be processed in Massachusetts.

James Lang: Tire Specialist/Tire Carrier
Lang has spent the last five years working alongside members of the "Little Trees" race team, and has become a key aspect of the program. His ability to master the complex areas of rubber compounds, stagger, and tire wear has made him one of the top tire specialists on the series. When not at the racetrack, full time college student Lang dedicates himself to designing and maintaining the "Little Trees" website.

Chris Prescott: Jackman
Prescott is a service writer at a local GM dealership and has been with the team the last two seasons bringing with him much valuable mechanic expertise. Faithful to the demands of weekly travel with the race team, his other passions include boating, hunting and working on cars.

Harry Solt: Gas Man
Solt has been a mainstay on the Busch North Series, Grand National Division for 15 years, and brings more than 40 years of racing experience with him to "Little Trees Racing". Very dedicated and loyal to the team, "Solty" is also well-known around the garage area as he sells parts to racers throughout New England.

Scott Robbins: Mechanic
Scott Robbins, has served full time for the National Guard since 9/11. While juggling his duties of active service, the experienced mechanic spends most of his time fighting fires as a member of his town's local fire department and working as an Emergency Medical Service worker. His expertise in this field has allowed him to work as part of the safety services crew at New Hampshire International Speedway.

Karen Norcross: Scorer
Karen is the wife of crew chief Harry Norcross, and serves as the team scorer. Race day duties include taking practice times, scoring during the feature event and ensuring the entire team is fed by preparing home cooked meals in the Little Trees hauler. The team is especially grateful for Karen's baking contributions as each week she supplies an infamous variety of scrumptious cookies to snack on. When not at the racetrack, Karen is busy running her own business - Karen's Daycare. Two children that attend her daycare on a regular basis are none other than Olsen's two sons, Ryan and Garrett. Karen is also mom to sons Michael, 15, and Chris, 12.

Dan Perry: Spotter
Dan Perry is Mike Olsen's eyes during every race as he spots from a point high above the track. A busy father of four and the owner of three laundromats, volunteer fireman and water commissioner for his town, Perry rarely misses a race. Perry also serves as the expert in updating and maintaining the team's radio communications.

Jim Kilmer: Tire Carrier and Mechanic
Kilmer began working on the Busch North series crewing for Mike's grandfather, Stub Fadden. Upon Stub's retirement, Kilmer became a great asset to the Little Trees team bringing his expertise in automotive mechanics to the team. Kilmer resides in Albany, NY with his two daughters. The furthest crewmember from the shop, the very dedicated and hard worker travels solo to each venue without complaint.

Travis Dickinson: Tire Carrier
Dickinson, a recent high school grad, was first introduced to the Little Trees team through a work study program through his high school in 2001. After being so impressed with the operation, Dickinson began visiting the shop on a regular basis to volunteer his time to assist and learn all he could.

Travis Fadden: Pit Sign
Fadden, has always puttered around the shop of his grandfather Stub and big cousin, Mike. Finally turning 16 this year, Fadden has begun traveling with the team and eagerly assists with errands and duties in the garage area. Fadden, with his true love of the sport, will continue to expand his role as a vital crewmember.

Penny Degre: Media Relations
Penny has handled the teams public/media relations since primary sponsor "Little Trees" came aboard at Fadden Racing. Penny is the NASCAR Busch North Series editor/columnist at Speedway Scene, the largest auto racing trade publication in the Northeast, and brings nearly 10 years of experience with the media to her position at Fadden Racing.


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