Las Vegas results 2001-08-18

LAS VEGAS - The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series was in full swing Saturday night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Rookie Jason Allen captured his second NASCAR Late Model win of the season. Race leader Chris Clyne drove hard to hold his...

LAS VEGAS - The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series was in full swing Saturday night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Rookie Jason Allen captured his second NASCAR Late Model win of the season. Race leader Chris Clyne drove hard to hold his lead over Allen. On the second caution restart, Allen took the lead over fellow rookie Clyne. Allen was able to maintain his lead to the checkered flag in the caution-filled 50-lap main event.

"In longer races we have always done good," Allen said. "Last night (Friday) we came out for two laps and broke a lower right front control arm. We came back; hard work pays off. That is one way to protect my points lead."

Ray Hooper Jr. won the NASCAR Late Model $100-to-win Racer's Supply Fast Dash.

In Grand American Modified action, Fabian Bray collected his third victory of the season in the 25-lap main event. Bray passed race leader Charlie Wahl early in the race and held his position after a caution was thrown mid-race. Stoney Gray finished second followed by Doug Hamm, Jerry Walton and Charlie Wahl.

Glenn Burke held off Ken Kulikowski for the Outlaw Stock win and his eighth victory of the season. Pat Petrie Jr. was third followed by Mark Schriner and Richard Kerr.

Danny Medina of Colorado Springs, Colo. captured the win in the 30-lap Hitchin' Post/Exiss Legends Cars main event. Andy Lewis of Corona, Calif. was second followed by local rookie Justin Johnson, Danny Williams and Rick Rogas.

Joey Mogar slightly increased his three-point Bandolero Cars lead over Alex Haase by taking the checkered flag. Haase, Kevin Terrell, Eric Chelberg and Patrick Clark followed Mogar.

Dee Dee Romeo was the national anthem singer and Aspen Bray served as Junior Race Fan.

Racing action continues Saturday, Sept. 1 at the Bullring with NASCAR Weekly Racing Series No. 14. The Series includes NASCAR Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Chargers and Hitchin' Post/Exiss Legends Cars. There will be a Thunder Roadster exhibition and Bug Bowl Car Football.

50-LAP NASCAR LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1. Jason Allen, 2. Chris Clyne, 3. Mike Ray, 4. Darren Michels, 5. Bill Newman, 6. Rick Rochell, 7. Thane Alderman, 8. Wayne Jacks, 9. Ken Holt, 10. Steve Anderson, 11. Chuck Trickle, 12. Jeff Coleman, 13. Jerry Spilsbury, 14. Jeff Perkins, 15. George Antill, 16. Rick Chelberg, 17. Ray Hooper Jr., 18. Lance Magin, 19. Steve Rzesnoweicky.

25-LAP GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED FEATURE: 1. Fabian Bray, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Doug Hamm, 4. Jerry Walton, 5. Charlie Wahl, 6. Greg Haase, 7. Sonny Boeckman, 8. Larry Gerchman, 9. C.J. Sherkenbach, 10. Wayne Morris Jr., 11. Kirk Miller, 12. Scott Osborn, 13. Sonny Wahl, 14. Glenn Davis.

25-LAP OUTLAW STOCKS FEATURE: 1. Glenn Burke, 2. Ken Kulikowski, 3. Pat Petrie Jr., 4. Mark Schriner, 5. Richard Kerr, 6. Anthony DeBaise, 7. Tom Youmans, 8. Jerry Thitchener, 9. Jimmy Winans, 10. Terry Watson, 11. Mark Schottmuller, 12. Guy Griebel, 13. Michael Haslam, 14. Ron Moffatt.

30-LAP HITCHIN' POST/EXISS LEGENDS CAR FEATURE: 1. Danny Medina, 2. Andrew Lewis, 3. Justin Johnson, 4. Danny Williams, 5. Rick Rogas, 6. Aric Wiszt, 7. David Anderson, 8. Morris Sealy, 9. Brad Harrison, 10. Dennis Lovelady, 11. Frank Eidrich, 12. Bob Woodsford, 13. Steve Legg, 14. Ron St. Amand, 15. Fletcher Hammond, 16. James Galza, 17. Spencer Clark, 18. Anthony Medina, 19. T.J. Clark, 20. Kurt Minnick.

10-LAP BANDOLERO CAR FEATURE: 1. Joey Mogar, 2. Alex Haase, 3. Kevin Terrell, 4. Eric Chelberg, 5. Patrick Clark, 6. Chris Clark, 7. Joshua Gross, 8. Justin Waters, 9. Tom Lovelady, 10. Shelby Bailey, 11. Hayli Rochell.

8-LAP NASCAR LATE MODELS HEAT #1: 1. Ray Hooper Jr., 2. Darren Michels, 3. Mike Ray, 4. Jason Allen, 5. Bill Newman, 6. Chuck Trickle, 7. Jerry Spilsbury, 8. Chris Clyne.

8-LAP NASCAR LATE MODELS HEAT #2: 1. Wayne Jacks, 2. Lance Magin, 3. Steve Anderson, 4. Steve Rzesnowiecky, 5. George Antill, 6. Thane Alderman.

8-LAP NASCAR LATE MODELS HEAT #3: 1. Rick Rochell, 2. Ken Holt, 3. Rick Cobb, 4. Rick Chelberg, 5. Jeff Perkins, 6. Jeff Coleman.

8-LAP GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED HEAT #1: 1. Larry Gerchman, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. C.J.Sherkenbach, 4. Charlie Wahl, 5. Sonny Wahl, 6. Glenn Davis, 7. Wayne Morris Jr.

8-LAP GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIED HEAT #2: 1. Jerry Walton, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Fabain Bray, 4. Greg Haase, 5. Sonny Boeckman, 6. Kirk Miller, 7. Scott Osborn.

5-LAP OUTLAW STOCKS HEAT #1: 1. Ken Kulikowski, 2. Glenn Burke, 3. Richard Kerr, 4. Jimmy Winans, 5. Guy Griebel, 6. Terry Watson, 7. Ron Moffatt.

5-LAP OUTLAW STOCKS HEAT #2: 1. Pat Petrie Jr., 2. Anthony DeBaise, 3. Michael Haslam, 4. Jerry Thitchener, 5. Tom Youmans, 6. Robert Rittgers, 7. Mark Schriner, 8. Mark Schottmuller.

5-LAP BANDOLERO CARS HEAT #1: 1. Joey Mogar, 2. Chris Clark, 3. Josh Gross, 4. Tom Lovelady, 5. Kevin Terrell.

5-LAP BANDOLERO CARS HEAT #2: 1. Alex Haase, 2. Eric Chelberg, 3. Patrick Clark, 4. Justin Waters, 5. Hayli Rochell, 6. Shelby Bailey.

NASCAR LATE MODEL QUALIFYING (TOP FIVE): 1. Mike Ray 15.228, 2. Bill Newman 15.257, 3. Darren Michels 15.283, 4. Jerry Splisbury 15.293, 5. Jason Allen 15.298.

HITCHIN' POST/EXISS LEGENDS CAR QUALIFYING (TOP FIVE): 1. Spencer Clark 17.537, 2. Danny Medina 17.737, 3. Andrew Lewis 17.765, 4. T.J. Clark 17.778, 5. Brad Harrison 17.931.

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