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May 27 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox May 28 - Cow-A-Bunga Enduro 200 June 3 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox POWELL BATTLES VETERANS TO EARN FEATURE WIN (West Salem, WI - May 20, 2000) Brad Powell knew the ...

May 27 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox May 28 - Cow-A-Bunga Enduro 200 June 3 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox


(West Salem, WI - May 20, 2000) Brad Powell knew the competition in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Late Model division has gotten tougher since he broke in several years ago. But if you had told him he would have to get by Steve Holzhausen and Kevin Nuttleman to get the lead, and then hold off Nuttleman and Steve Carlson to keep it, he may have thought it would be a long while before he got to Victory Lane.

On Saturday night in the Centurytel 25, he did just that, and backed up his fast qualifying time with his first Late Model feature win in three seasons.

The yellow flew in the feature event before the 25-car field managed to get a lap in, as Shawn Pfaff went sideways in turn one. While Pfaff got his car back under control, the chain reaction from having the car on the outside pole sideways caught the rear of the field, as four cars ended up spinning through the turn.

Pfaff led a lap on the restart, before Holzhausen took over and opened up a three-car advantage on the former champ Pfaff. The second yellow flew on lap four, as Todd Oliver spun in turn three, and brushed the wall.

Nuttleman was the man on the move on the second restart, as he quickly got by Pfaff for second on the outside, then ducked inside to take the top spot from Holzhausen. As Nuttleman went to the lead, Powell and Carlson were closing, and by lap six, had taken over second and third from Holzhausen.

Powell took very little time in proving that his Five Star Telecom Taurus was a match for Nuttleman, as he went to the outside, and took the top spot on lap eight as the cars came out of turn four. He extended his lead to four lengths, when the yellow flew again on lap 14, as Todd Korish and Brent Kirchner touched in the turn, and Kirchner came spinning down the frontstretch.

There was contact between Carlson and Nuttleman one lap back into green flag racing, and Carlson took advantage by moving into second as Nuttleman held onto his Wehrs Chevy Monte Carlo, but fell six lengths behind the black 66 of Carlson.

Todd Oliver bunched the field again on lap 18, as he spun in turn four, and came to a rest blocking the entrance to the pits, forcing another yellow.

The top three cars pulled away on the restart, with Carlson looking to the outside of Powell once. Powell was too strong, and when Nuttleman edged his bumper underneath Carlson on lap 21, and the two cars raced side by side for several laps, Powell pulled away to the win.

Nuttleman edged underneath Carlson for second at the checkers, with Holzhausen and Paul Proksch rounding out the top five.

Powell was fast timer at 97.057 MPH, and Ronnie Hawley, Jr. took the win in the B-Main. Heat wins went to Bob Timm and Mike Belling, while the Bud Dashes went to Mark Lamoreaux and rookie Todd Korish.

Twice this season, Tony Ciano's El Camino has shattered track records in qualifying twice this year, but he was stopped short of a trip to Victory Lane. He had to chase down Jimmy Gilster, then hold off his younger brother Dan Gilster down the stretch, but he came away with the checkered flag on Saturday night.

Corey Jankowski got by Gilster late to take second, while Chand Wehling and Blake Horstman rounded out the top five. Dennis Osthoff won the B-Main, while Dan Gilster set fast time at 86.297 MPH. Heat winners were Scott Stingl, Phil Schreier, and Dave Stetzer, while Chand Wehling and Jimmy Gilster took the Bud Dashes.

Matt Inglett got went to the lead early, turned it over to John Olson at the white flag, but battled back to edge Olson to the finish to take the United Auto Supply Thunderstox feature. Olson finished second, followed by Mary Schill, Jason Bolster and Dean Ashbacher.

Dale Jacob won the B-Main, heat wins went to Rob Curran, Olson and Schill, while Les Stanfield won the Bud Dash.

The Hornets were back in action on Saturday, and Pete Arentz and Chris Hartley came away with feature wins in convincing fashion. Both drivers were able to get big leads early, then navigate the traffic in 33-car features to take the wins.

Arentz held off late challenges from Jeff Martin and Todd Lemke to take his win, as Martin finished second and Lemke third. Micheal Steele and Richard Placek rounded out the top five. Hartley cruised to his win, as Barry Logging and Clint Mohn moved by second-place driver Ryan Larson on the final lap to claim second and third. Larson was fourth, and Bruce Schuttemeier finished in fifth.

Jeff Martin, Schuttemeier and Larson took the three heat wins in the division.

<pre> Midwest Fuels NASCAR Late Models

Centurytel 25 - 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 2. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 3. Steve Carlson, La Crosse; 4. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 5. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 6. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 7. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 8. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta; 9. Mike Belling, La Crosse; 10. Kraig Burrows, Barre Mills; 11. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 12. Tom Carlson, La Crosse; 13. Jim Hagel, Holmen; 14. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 15. Kurt Thicke, Rockland; 16. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 17. Frank Doherty, Elgin, IL; 18. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 19. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 20. Todd Korish, La Crosse; 21. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 22. Bob Timm, Winona, MN; 23. Jeff Krueger, La Crescent, MN; 24. Tom McClintock, Barre Mills; 25. Ronnie Hawley, Jr., Winona, MN

B-Feature - 1. Ronnie Hawley, Jr., Winona, MN; 2. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 3. Jeff Krueger, La Crescent, MN; 4. Frank Doherty, Elgin, IL; 5. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg

Qualifying - 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse, 20.251 secs., 97.057 MPH; 2. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse, 20.253 secs., 97.047 MPH; 3. Steve Carlson, West Salem, 20.294 secs., 96.851 MPH; 4. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, 20.353 secs., 96.571 MPH; 5. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, 20.382 secs., 96.433 MPH

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Bob Timm, Winona, MN; 2. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 3. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 4. Andy Burgess, Rice Lake; 5. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Mike Belling, La Crosse; 2. Tom McClintock, Barre Mills; 3. Frank Doherty, Elgin, IL; 4. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 5. Marv Degarmo, Chaseburg

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 2. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta; 3. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 4. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 5. Kurt Thicke, West Salem

Even Bud Dash - 1. Todd Korish, La Crosse; 2. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 3. Tom Carlson, La Crosse; 4. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 5. Kraig Burrows, Barre Mills

Ray Hutson Chevrolet Sportsman

Centurytel 15 - 1. Tony Ciano, La Crosse; 2. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 3. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 4. Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 5. Blake Horstman, Bangor; 6. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 7. Tom Thill, West Salem; 8. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 9. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 10. Chuck Timm, Galesville; 11. Ralph Barrette, Stoddard;

12. Rick Steinhoff, Sparta; 13. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 14. Ralph Cottone, Bangor; 15. Phil Schreier, Sparta B-Feature - 1. Dennis Osthoff, Romance; 2. Rick Steinhoff,

Sparta; 3. Ralph Cottone, Bangor; 4. John Korish, La Crosse; 5. Jeff Winterfield, La Crosse

Qualifying - 1. Dan Gilster, West Salem, 22.776 secs., 86.297 MPH; 2. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, 22.786 secs., 86.259 MPH; 3. Tony Ciano, La Crosse, 22.823 secs., 86.119 MPH; 4. Rob Mahan, Sparta, 23.028 secs., 85.353 MPH; 5. Blake Horstman, West Salem, 23.043 secs., 85.297 MPH

Heat 1 - 1. Scott Stingl, Mindoro; 2. Mark Olson, Lewiston, MN; 3. Jason Lindvig, La Crosse; 4. Jeff Winterfield, La Crosse; 5. Al Bartels, Tomah

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Phil Schreier, Sparta; 2. Steve Bell, La Crosse; 3. Dan Linnehan, Sparta; 4. Rick Steinhoff, Cashton; 5. Todd Lockington, Mindoro

Qualifying Heat 3 - 1. Dave Stetzer, Melrose; 2. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 3. Dan Osthoff, Romance; 4. Aaron Hass, La Crosse; 5. Paul Smith, Bangor

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 2. Rick Steinhoff, Cashton; 3. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 4. Blake Horstman, Bangor; 5. Tony Ciano, La Crosse

Even Bud Dash - 1. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 2. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 3. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 4. Ralph Barrette, Stoddard; 5. Chuck Timm, Galesville

United Auto Supply Thunderstox

Centurytel 15 - 1. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 2. John Olson, Sparta; 3. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 4. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 5. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 6. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 7. Dan Secor, West Salem; 8. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 9. Craig Kohlmeier, Hokah, MN; 10. Rob Curran, Rockland; 11. Jeff Waughtal, Black River Falls; 12. Branden Berg, North Bend; 13. Al Wolf, Cashton; 14. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 15. Al Bartels, Tomah

B-Feature - 1. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 2. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 3. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 4. Al Bartels, Tomah; 5. Mark Challet, Bangor

Heat 1 - 1. Rob Curran, Rockland; 2. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 3. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 4. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 5. Pat Horihan, West Salem

Heat 2 - 1. John Olson, Sparta; 2. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 3. Tom Galstad, Holmen; 4. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 5. Jeff Waughtal, Black River Falls

Heat 3 - 1. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 2. Dan Secor, West Salem; 3. Branden Berg, North Bend; 4. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 5. Craig Kohlmeier, Hokah, MN

Bud Dash - 1. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 2. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 3. John Olson, Sparta; 4. Rob Curran, Rockland; 5. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN


Centurytel Pink 15 - 1. Pete Arentz, La Crosse; 2. Jeff Martin, Sun Prairie; 3. Todd Lemke, Caledonia, MN; 4. Michael Steele, West Salem; 5. Rick Placek, La Crosse; 6. Bob Cisweski, La Crosse; 7. Todd Einck, La Crosse; 8. Jerrod Logging, La Crosse; 9. Alan Arneson, Onalaska; 10. Eric Fass, Mindoro; 11. Liz

Galstad, La Crosse; 12. Dan Rozek, La Crosse; 13. Norman Lee, Onalaska; 14. Rick Wardenburg, Onalaska; 15. Linda Baardseth,

West Salem

Centurytel Orange 15 - 1. Chris Hartley, La Crosse; 2. Barry Logging, La Crosse; 3. Clint Mohn, La Crosse; 4. Ryan Larson, La Crosse; 5. Bruce Schuttemeier, Spring Grove, MN; 6. Travis Hancock, Holmen; 7. Danny Cole, Jr., La Crosse; 8. Troy Opsahl, Caledonia, MN; 9. Shane Anderson, Holmen; 10. Robert Stansfield, La Crosse; 11. Randy Hass, La Crosse; 12. Ryan Einck, La Crosse; 13. Ty Burrows, Sparta; 14. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 15. Aaron

Vinson, La Crescent, MN

Heat 1 - 1. Jeff Martin, Sun Prairie; 2. Pete Arentz, La Crosse; 3. Todd Lemke, Caledonia, MN; 4. Rick Placek, La Crosse; 5. Steve Hodson, La Crosse

Heat 2 - 1. Bruce Schuttemeier, Spring Grove, MN; 2. Rick Schermerhorn, Bunker Hill; 3. Charlie Schwabenbauer, Holmen; 4. Clint Mohn, La Crosse; 5. Ty Burrows, Sparta Heat 3 - 1. Ryan Larson, La Crosse; 2. Dave Hagen, La Crosse; 3. Ann Lagston, West Salem; 4. Travis Hancock, Holmen; 5. Norman Lee, Onalaska

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