La Crosse results 2000-09-09

Sept 16 -Eve of Destruction-Thunderstox, Hornets, Green Mamba Jet Car, Trailer Race Oct. 5-6-7-8 - 31st Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend Featuring: NASCAR Re/Max Challenge Series 200 Lap Feature, NASCAR Northern Series, Wisconsin Late Models, ...

Sept 16 -Eve of Destruction-Thunderstox, Hornets, Green Mamba Jet Car, Trailer Race

Oct. 5-6-7-8 - 31st Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend Featuring: NASCAR Re/Max Challenge Series 200 Lap Feature, NASCAR Northern Series, Wisconsin Late Models, Plus: Modifieds, Area Sportsman, and More!

(West Salem, WI)- Brad Powell took command of the field on lap five, and went on to claim the Five Star Telecom 25 Saturday night at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway. Pole setter Troy Goodenough would lead the opening four laps before surrendering the top spot to Powell, who started tenth in the 25 car field.

Tim Nelson was able to slide by Goodenough to claim second on the eighth circuit before relinquishing second to Mark Lamoreaux four laps later. Lamoreaux was unable to catch Powell, and maintained his second position through the conclusion of the final Midwest Fuels Late Model feature event of the 2000 season. Paul Proksch fought his way through tough competition to finish third. Tom Carlson crossed the line in fourth with Kevin Nuttleman rounding out the top five.

With his fifth place showing Nuttleman was crowned the 2000 Midwest Fuels Late Model Champion. This is Nuttleman's seventh Late Model Championship at the West Salem, WI facility, and second in a row.

Blake Horstman topped 24 other drivers to claim the victory in the Five Star Telecom 15 for the Ray Hutson Chevrolet Sportsman. Horstman led from the start, but nearly surrendered his lead on numerous occasions to a hard charging Tony Ciano.

Ciano's attempts at the lead would be halted, as second place point man Corey Jankowski attempted to take the runner-up position from Ciano. Jankowski would brush the wall while making his move, having to settle for third, Jeff Baker claimed fourth and Rob Mahan made a strong return to finish fifth.

Point leader Dan Gilster posted the top speed in qualifying, and followed it up with a sixth place showing in the feature event. All of this allowed Gilster to add one point to his point lead, which is now a narrow 26 points over Jankowski. The Championship will be decided on Thursday night October 5 as part of the Oktoberfest Race Weekend.

Jeff Edwards pulled his Thunderstock into victory lane as he held off point leader Jason Bolster who finished second and third place finisher Rob Curran. The three battled for the lead during the final five laps, with Bolster sneaking by Curran on the inside to claim second at the checkers.

Early race leader Anthony Wheeler led a group of drivers across the line for a fourth place showing. Al Bartels managed to finish fifth in a race that saw drivers go as many as four wide to gain the upper hand on their fellow drivers.

Mark Lamoreaux and Corey Jankowski won the United Auto Supply Shootout for the Late Models and Sportsman divisions. The fields consisted of feature winners from their respected classes in a 15 lap no holds barred shootout format.

This Saturday night is the EVE OF DESTRUCTION, featuring the Trailer Race of Destruction, Green Mamba Jet Car, Monster Truck Madness and the School Bus Jump. The mayhem is set to begin at 7pm, it will be fun for the whole family. Make your plans now to attend the 31st annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend on October 5-6-7-8 featuring the 'stars and cars' of the NASCAR Re/Max Challenge Series in a 200 lap feature event. Call the speedway box office at 608-786-1525 for more information.


Midwest Fuels NASCAR Late Models

FIVE STAR TELECOM 25- 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 2. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 3. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 4. Tom Carlson, La Crosse 5. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 6. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN; 7. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 8. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 9. Kurt Thicke, West Salem; 10. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 11. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 12. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 13. Ronnie Hawley, Winona, MN; 14. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls; 15. Dan Steele, West Salem; 16. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 17. Kraig Burrows, West Salem; 18. Frank Doherty, Elgin, IL; 18. Bill Niles, Holmen; 19. Isaak Owen, Holmen; 20. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 21. Jim Hagel, Holmen; 22. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg; 23. Greg Croell, Holmen; 24. Tom McClintock, Onalaska

B-Main - 1. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg; 2. Dan Steele, West Salem; 3. Greg Croell, Holmen; 4. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 5. Bob Timm, Winona, MN

Qualifying - 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse, 20.414 sec. 96.111 mph.; 2. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, 20.448 sec. 95.951 mph.; 3. Tom Carlson, LaCrosse, 20.463 sec. 95.880 mph.; 4. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, 20.581 sec. 95.331 mph; 5. Paul Proksch, Stoddard, 20.632 sec. 95.045 mph

Heat 1 - 1. Jim Hagel, Holmen; 2.Isaak Owen, Holmen; 3. J. Herbst, West Salem; 4. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 5. Jeff Krueger, La Crescent, MN

Heat 2 - 1. Bill Niles, Holmen; 2. Tom McClintock, Onalaska; 3. Kraig Burrows, West Salem; 4. Bob Timm, Winona, MN; 5. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg

Budweiser Odd Dash - 1. Frankie Doherty, Elgin, IL; 2. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 3. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 4. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 5. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro

Budweiser Even Dash - 1. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 2. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 3. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 4. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 5. Rick Wateski, La Crosse

United Auto Supply / Raybestos Shootout - 1. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 2. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 3. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 4. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 5. Brad Powell, La Crosse

Ray Hutson Chevrolet Sportsman

FIVE STAR TELECOM 15 - 1. Blake Horstman, Bangor; 2. Tony Ciano, La Crosse; 3. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 4. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 5. Rob Mahan, Sparta; 6. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 7. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 8. Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 9. Chuck Timm, Galesville; 10. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 11. Kevin Eddy, Sparta; 12. Tom Thill, West Salem; 13. Don Henderson, Holmen; 14. Sam Andersen, Melrose; 15. Mike Campbell, Bangor

B-Main - 1. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 2. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 3. Aaron Hass, La Crosse; 4. Trent Boettcher, La Crescent, MN; 5. Dave Tradup, Viola, MN

Qualifying - 1. Dan Gilster, West Salem, 22.651 sec. 86.619 mph; 2. Chuck Timm, Galesville, 22.964 sec. 85.438 mph; 3. Jeff Baker, Holmen, 22.981 sec. 85.375 mph; 4. Greg Scheck, West Salem, 23.059 sec. 85.086 mph; 5. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, 23.098 sec. 84.942 mph.

Non-Qualifying Heat: 1. Dan Linnehan, Bangor; 2. Doug Lee, Holmen; 3. Russ Kelly, Holmen; 4. Jeff Winterfield, La Crosse; 5. Lucas Korish, La Crosse

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. John Hafner, Onalaska; 2. Todd Lockington, Mindoro; 3. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 4. David Stetzer, Melrose; 5. Paul Smith, Bangor

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Don Henderson, Holmen; 2. John Towner, Trempealeau; 3. Brian Sanders, La Crosse; 4. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 5. Joey Johnson, West Salem

Odd Bud Dash -  1. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 2. Morris Proctor, Genoa; 3.
Jeff Baker, Holmen; 4. Tony Ciano, La Crosse;  5. Corey Jankowski, Tomah

Even Bud Dash - 1. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 2. Rob Mahan, Sparta;

3. Chuck Timm, Galesville; 4. Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 5. Kevin Eddy, Sparta

United Auto Supply / Raybestos Shootout - 1. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 2. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 3. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 4. Chuck Timm, Galesville; 5. Chand Wehling, Stoddard

United Auto Supply Thunderstox

FIVE STAR TELECOM 15 - 1. Jeff Edwards, La Crosse; 2. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 3. Rob Curran, Rockland; 4. Anthony Wheeler, La Crosse; 5. Al Bartles, Tomah; 6. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 7. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 8. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 9. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 10. John Olson, Sparta; 11. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 12. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 13. Jason Stark, La Crosse; 14. Brandon Berg, North Bend; 15. Mark Challet, Bangor

B-Main - 1. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 2. Dan Secor, West Salem; 3. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 4. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 5. John Olson, Sparta

Heat 1 - 1. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 2. Jeff Edwards, La Crosse; 3. Alan Wolf Cashton; 4. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 5. Jes Tenner, Melrose

Heat 2 - 1. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 2. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 3. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 4. Rob Curran, Rockland; 5. Anthony Wheeler, La Crosse

Heat 3 - 1. Branden Berg, North Bend; 2. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 3. Al Bartles, Tomah; 4. Robert Challet, Bangor; 5. Jason Stark, LaCrosse

Bud Dash - 1. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 2. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 3. Dale Jacob, Winona MN; 4. Jeff Edwards, La Crosse; 5. Branden Berg, North Bend

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