La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway 2000-08-19

Aug 26 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox Sept 2 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, 100-lap feature for Late Models Sept 9 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox KIRCHNER HOLDS BACK DOGGED POWELL FOR FIRST WIN by David...

Aug 26 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox
Sept 2 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, 100-lap feature for Late Models
Sept 9 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox

by David W. Morgan

(West Salem August 19, 2000) - One week after being tangling with Brad Powell, Brent Kirchner saw Powell coming down the stretch as Kirchner tried for his first feature win of the season. Kirchner was able to hold off a last-lap attempt by Powell for the win, as Kirchner took his first checkered flag of the season, leading all 25 laps.

Kirchner outgunned rookie Todd Korish on the start, but Marv DeGarmo and Troy Goodenough came together in turn on of the second lap, triggering a nine-car accident that brought out the only caution of the event. All eight were able to continue in the event.

Kirchner opened up a lead of five lengths on the restart over the rookie, but Korish fought back, and closed in on Kirchner by lap ten. Behind the lead pair, Powell led a group of cars moving up through the pack, ducking inside to get by Kurt Thicke for fourth on lap seven, then going to the outside to get by Kraig Burrows for third on lap ten.

Powell then chased down Korish, getting by him coming out of turn four on lap 16, but found himself six car-lengths in the rear of Kirchner. He gradually cut down that distance, pulling up on Kirchner's rear bumper at the white flag. He looked low, then tried to get around the 88 car through turns three and four, but Kirchner held on for the win.

Powell was followed by Korish, Steve Holzhausen and Burrows, while Paul Proksch, Thicke, Kevin Nuttleman, Steve Carlson and Mark Lamoreaux rounded out the top ten.

Ken Hutchens led the way in the B-Main to advance to the feature, and Paul Proksch set fast time at 96.309 MPH in qualifying. Heat wins went to Greg Croell and Isaak Owen, while Rick Wateski and Brent Kirchner won the Bud Dashes.

Mike Campbell led the first ten laps of the Ray Hutson Chevrolet Sportsman feature, but on lap 11, Rick Shisler spun on the frontstretch, and bunched up the field as the yellow flew. he outgunned Jimmy Gilster on the restart, and held off Jeff Baker over the final two laps to come away with his third feature win of the season.

Baker took second, followed by Jimmy Gilster, Tony Ciano, Chand Wehling, Blake Horstman, Dan Gilster, Corey Jankowski and Kevin Eddy.

Chuck Timm was the fast timer, clocking in at a near-record 22.610 seconds for an average speed of 86.776 MPH. Qualifying heats went to Larry Bolster, Jr. and Don Henderson, while Greg Scheck and Tom Thill took the Bud Dashes. Matt Inglett and Adam Degenhardt made a sandwich of early leader John Hendrickson as they moved by him on the inside and outside on lap three, and although Inglett went to the lead, Degenhardt took over at the point two laps later, and came away with his second feature win of the season.

Branden Berg came away with the win in the B-Main to advance to the feature, while John Hendrickson, Mary Schill and Jason Bolster won heat races, and Dale Jacob won the Bud Dash.

Jason Lindvig jumped to the lead in the Kwik Trip 15 for the Hornets, but two yellows erased any lead he was able to build, but he was able to hold off Todd Lemke and Ryan Larson for the win. Larson took second by inches at the line, followed by Lemke, Clint Mohn and Dan Osthoff.

In the second feature, the Milkworks 15, Chris Hartley pulled away after a lap three caution, and although Keith Kirchner made a valiant effort to chase him down and join his brother Brent in Victory Lane, he fell short at the finish, as Hartley claimed his third feature win of the season. Kirchner took second, followed by Allen, Bob Cisewski, Jr., and Jerrod Logging. Heat winners for the Hornets were Todd Lemke, Chris Hartley and Jason Lindvig.

Midwest Fuels NASCAR Late Models

Kwik Trip 25 - 1. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 2. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 3. Todd Korish, La Crosse; 4. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 5. Kraig Burrows, Barre Mills; 6. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 7. Kurt Thicke, West Salem; 8. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 9. Steve Carlson, West Salem; 10. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 11. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 12. Bob Timm, Winona, MN; 13. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 14. Mike Belling, La Crosse; 15. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 16. Jim Hagel, Holmen; 17. Tom Carlson, La Crosse; 18. Greg Croell, Holmen; 19. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg; 20. Frank Doherty, Elgin, IL; 21. Isaak Owen, La Crosse; 22. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls; 23. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN; 24. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 25. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro

B-Main - 1. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls; 2. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 3. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN; 4. Greg Croell, Holmen; 5. Tom Carlson, La Crosse Qualifying - 1. Paul Proksch, Stoddard, 20.372 secs., 96.309 MPH; 2. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor, 20.387 secs., 96.238 MPH; 3. Mike Belling, La Crosse, 20.419 secs., 96.087 MPH; 4. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, 20.472 secs., 95.838 MPH; 5. Brad Powell, La Crosse, 20.493 secs., 95.740 MPH Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Greg Croell, Holmen; 2. J. Herbst, West Salem; 3. Scott Howe, Holmen; 4. Curt Eckleberg, West Salem; 5. Dean Cota, Minnesota City, MN

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Isaak Owen, La Crosse; 2. Jim Hagel, Holmen; 3. Tom Carlson, La Crosse; 4. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN; 5. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 2. Bob Timm, Winona, MN; 3. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 4. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 5. Brad Powell, La Crosse

Even Bud Dash - 1. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 2. Steve Carlson, West Salem; 3. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 4. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 5. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor

Ray Hutson Chevrolet Sportsman

Kwik Trip 15 - 1. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 2. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 3. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 4. Tony Ciano, La Crosse; 5. Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 6. Blake Horstman, Bangor; 7. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 8. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 9. Kevin Eddy, Hatfield; 10. Dave Stetzer, Melrose; 11. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 12. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 13. Tom Thill, West Salem; 14. Ralph Barrette, Stoddard; 15. Greg Scheck, West Salem

B-Main - 1. Aaron Hass, La Crosse; 2. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 3. Dan Linnehan, Sparta; 4. Rick Steinhoff, Sparta; 5. Paul Smith, Bangor Qualifying - 1. Chuck Timm, Galesville, 22.610 secs., 86.776 MPH; 2. Dan Gilster, West Salem, 22.698 secs., 86.439 MPH; 3. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, 22.778 secs., 86.136 MPH; 4. Jeff Baker, Holmen, 22.944 secs., 85.513 MPH; 5. Chand Wehling, Stoddard, 23.036 secs., 85.171 MPH

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 2. John Towner, Trempealeau; 3. Rick Steinhoff, Sparta; 4. Paul Smith, Bangor; 5. Dan Linnehan, Sparta

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Don Henderson, Holmen; 2. Trent Boettcher, La Crescent, MN; 3. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 4. Aaron Hass, La Crosse; 5. Scott Stingl, Mindoro

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 2. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 3. Chuck Timm, Galesville; 4. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 5. Blake Horstman, Bangor

Even Bud Dash - 1. Tom Thill, West Salem; 2. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 3. Ralph Barrette, Stoddard; 4. Tony Ciano, La Crosse; 5. Jeff Baker, Holmen

United Auto Supply Thunderstox

Kwik Trip 15 - 1. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 2. Dan Secor, West Salem; 3. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 4. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 5. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 6. Jason Stark, West Salem; 7. John Olson, Sparta; 8. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 9. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 10. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 11. Alan Wolf, Cashton; 12. Branden Berg, North Bend; 13. Craig Kohlmeier, Hokah, MN; 14. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 15. Jes Tenner, Melrose

B-Main - 1. Branden Berg, North Bend; 2. Jes Tenner, Melrose; 3. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 4. Alan Wolf, Cashton; 5. Ed Senn, La Crosse

Heat 1 - 1. John Hendrickson, La Crosse; 2. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 3. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 4. Dan Secor, West Salem; 5. Al Bartels, Tomah

Heat 2 - 1. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 2. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 3. Jason Stark, West Salem; 4. Joey Johnson, Bangor; 5. Rob Curran, Rockland

Heat 3 - 1. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 2. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 3. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 4. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 5. John Olson, Sparta

Bud Dash - 1. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 2. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 3. ; Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 4. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 5. Jason Bolster, Sparta


Kwik Trip 15 - 1. Jason Lindvig, La Crosse; 2. Ryan Larson, La Crosse; 3. Todd Lemke, Caledonia, MN; 4. Clint Mohn, Lansing, IA; 5. Dan Osthoff, Romance; 6. Troy Opsahl, Caledonia, MN; 7. Nate Roessler, Coon Valley; 8. John Langaard, Westby; 9. Danny Cole, Jr., Lansing, IA; 10. Jeremy Wagner, La Crosse

Milkworks 15 - 1. Chris Hartley, La Crosse; 2. Keith Kirchner, La Crosse; 3. Ben Allen, La Crosse; 4. Bob Cisewski, Jr., Minnesota City, MN; 5. Jerrod Logging, Lansing, IA; 6. Ren Revels, Necedah; 7. Taje Burrows, Sparta; 8. Dan Erdmann, La Crosse; 9. Pat Denzer, La Crosse; 10. Lorne Klonecki, Melrose

Heat 1 - 1. Todd Lemke, Caledonia; 2. Ann Langston, West Salem; 3. Shane Anderson, Holmen; 4. Ben Allen, La Crosse; 5. Craig Johnson, La Crosse

Heat 2 - 1. Chris Hartley, La Crosse; 2. Ryan Larson, La Crosse; 3. Dan Osthoff, Romance; 4. Clint Mohn, Lansing, IA; 5. Gary Mahlum, Holmen

Heat 3 - 1. Jason Lindvig, La Crosse; 2. Rick Placek, Lansing, IA; 3. Nate Roessler, Coon Valley; 4. Troy Opsahl, Caledonia, MN; 5. Bob Cisewski, Jr., Minnesota City, MN

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