Kvapil, Gilliland, Cobb, Owens on points changes

Drivers Make a Point about Points

Kvapil, Gilliland, Cobb, Owens Like Rule Change

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (January 26, 2011) - With NASCAR announcing a new points system Wednesday night, drivers in all three of the sport's national touring series are looking forward to how it will simplify matters for all involved -- from the driver in the cockpit to the fan watching at home.

NASCAR officials announced that in the 2011 season, drivers will earn from 43 points for first place to one point for last (43rd) place. The winner will also receive bonus points.

Travis Kvapil, David Gilliland, Jennifer Jo Cobb and Alli Owens make their points about the points:

Travis Kvapil Driver, No. 34 Long John Silver's Ford
Front Row Motorsports

"I don't think it will make a difference how we race, as far as passing cars or going for a win. It's still going to be the same, in that the higher you finish, the more points you get.

"I like the idea of it being easier to understand, though. If you're battling someone around you in points -- say someone who's 10 points ahead -- you'll know how many spots you need to catch up to him. Before, it was harder to figure out. You had to wait until after the race or even until you got home to look it up on the Internet to see how many points you got."

David Gilliland Driver, No. 38 Taco Bell Ford
Front Row Motorsports

"I definitely think this new point system is going to be better, especially for the fans. I think NASCAR has done a great job in listening to the fans and trying to make changes for their benefit.

"For us, as drivers on the track, I don't think it's really going to change anything there. You're always going to race hard and race to get ahead of the guy in front of you, whether it's for one point or five or 10. But it will definitely make it easier when you're trying to figure out what you wind up with when you cross the finish line."

Jennifer Jo Cobb Driver, No. 10 "Driven" Ford
Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing

"I like the new system a lot. It simplifies the process. It's not just easier for the fans to follow, but it mirrors the system that I grew up with in NASCAR's grassroots level. Each position was always separated by one or two points from first place to last place. It keeps the competition close throughout the year, which I know the fans will enjoy."

Alli Owens Driver, No. 76 Mullinax Ford/TheQualityConnection.org Ford
Ray Hackett Racing

"This will be an easy system for the fans to follow. The old way was very confusing to the casual fan. Heck, it was too confusing for the diehard fans. There were so many variables and factors that made it too tough to know what was going on.

"I think you'll see this system engage new fans. It will make it easy for them to keep up with the points race and follow their favorite drivers."

-source: breaking limits

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