Hoover Racing ready for Big Diamond 2005

Hoover Racing Team is Gearing up For Big Diamond 2005 Reading, PA -- December 12, 2004 - Freddie Fisher of Sinking Springs, PA, enjoyed visiting Big Diamond Raceway's Hoover Chevrolet Winners' Circle so much he can't wait for the 2005 racing ...

Hoover Racing Team is Gearing up For Big Diamond 2005

Reading, PA -- December 12, 2004 - Freddie Fisher of Sinking Springs, PA, enjoyed visiting Big Diamond Raceway's Hoover Chevrolet Winners' Circle so much he can't wait for the 2005 racing season with his Hoover Chevrolet/Wachovia Securities/West Side Auto Body and Sales #95 NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Sportsman Modified.

The weekly trips from the teams race shop in Robesoniato Minersville are still months away, yet Fred Fisher has wasted no time making sure the first of two Chevrolet Sportsman engines is ready to race in 2005. Last month Fisher was at the Hoover Race Shop watching Big Diamond Technical Inspector, Charlie Haas, put the seals on a brand new, John Wertz-built engine,which passed tech with flying colors. For the second year in a row Wertz was given the call to produce both of the engines for Fishers #95 Sportsman as well as those for John's own #42 NASCAR Dodge Racing Series Modified mount driven by Jeff Sech rist.

"I said prior to last season that I liked John,... that he was from the old school of thinking, and maybe his engines didn't have every trick gadget there is on the market, but they produced great horsepower," Blake Tobias,Hoover Racing Team Promotions Manager shared.b^0x001cThe cost of this year's new power plant came slightly higher than last year because we needed an extra set of heads machined, but we could have Wertz build us three engines, if it were necessary, for what many engine builders are charging for one."

"Last year Fred spent under $3,000.00 on the Wertz engine," continued Tobias, "and we heard nothing but negative comments from the big name engine builders who claimed it would be a 'back of the pack' engine or that it would blow up the first night out. Those detractors thought they were right when Fred only ran a few laps at Grandview's Bug Day only to be disappointed to learn it was just a distributor problem."

"It was great when during the first race of the season, right out of the box; Fred took a second in the feature. Not too bad when running an engine from a guy like John,who the experts claimed didn't know how to build a racing engine," Tobias said this time with a smile. "The best part of 2004004 was seeing Fred not only getting his first Sportsman Victory, but seeing him back that effort up with a second win. I was nevermore proud of any driver I'd ever been around and it made it all the better knowing it was a Wertz, Lightning Bolt Chevrolet Power Plant under the hood that helped put him there."

Hoover Racing is also getting ready for the arrival of two newly designed 2005 Dirt Wheels Chassis that both Fisher and Sechrist will be piloting in the upcoming season.

"We just picked-up Fred's chassis," commented Corey Sechrist, who did double duty last season as one of the lead Mechanics on both of the Hoover Team cars along with Kevin Steffey and Jay Correll. "Fred's car should be race ready before the New Year. Then focus will then shift to getting Jeff's ride finished up by the middle of January."

"I'm looking forward in making a hard charge and going after the point championship this season at Big Diamond. Knowing I will have John's engine powering a chassis from the best in the business, Dirt Wheels, and a great crew of talented guys behind me makes me even more confident that we can make it happen. We showed we can run up front, now we need to be more consistent," Fisher said.

Jeff Sechrist is also ready to do battle in the mighty Modified class again this coming season at Big Diamond. In 2004 Jeff posted impressive finishes throughout the season,including his first top five finish since joining the Modified class a few years ago.That plus a host of top ten finishes nearly catapulted Jeff to a top ten 10 season point finish. For 2005, that top ten in points is a goal that should be achievable.

"I'm ready to do it again,last year with that 2003 Dirt Wheels Chassis and John's technical and financial support, I finally got to show what I knew I could do," Jeff shared enthusiastically. "This year we will have a 2005 DirtWheels car and Wertz engine should help us break into that top ten in points, and hopefully higher."

And more news from Hoover Racing is that wrench, Corey Sechrist, will become the third driver for Team Hoover in 2005. Corey will be running in the Roadrunner class all season, putting a Hoover Chevrolet sponsored car in all three divisions. Corey will be driving his own Chevrolet Monte Carlo making his debut into the world of dirt track racing.

"We think it might be the first time a car in each of the three divisions at Big Diamond will carry the same chief sponsorship in the same season," stated Tobias.

In addition to primary support from Hoover Chevrolet, sponsorship support for Hoover Racing comes from Wachovia Securities, West Side Auto Body and Sales, Salvatore's Italian Ristorante, Bachman's Roofing and Remodeling, Countryside Auto Center, Manor Equipment Inc., Copenhaver Paving, Jim Althouse Garage, Snap-On Tools -- Curt Bottorf, Rocky's Tree Clinic, Silver Streak Transportation LLC, Kent Windham Embroidering Service, Greg Ulrich and Sons Landscaping, Big Show Racing Promotion Services, Steffey Excavating, Morales Marketing and Design, Burkhart Brothers Performance and Dirt Wheels Chassis.

"All of us at Hoover Racing look forward to seeing all the fans back at Big Diamond in a few months for another exciting season of racing," Tobias summarized. "Until then we will keep everyone updates by posting articles, updates and photographs regarding the entire Hoover Racing Team.


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