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Dave Stacy, driver of the ...

Dave Stacy, driver of the #6 Goody's Dash / RASN / Ford Probe, fought back from a blistered tire pit stop, that got him 1 lap down, to finish 2nd at the race in Homestead yesterday. There was some confusion in the pits as to which tire to use (Dash cars can only change damaged or flat tires). Dave had an ALL-PRO team help out during the race with Chiefing and fueling. Yours truly handled the jacking duties (quite well I might add). After the race NASCAR determined Dave used an improper tire (inside & outside are different compounds) and he was disqualified! Appeal pending. A Goodyear pit consultant advised the All-Pro guy to use 1 tire, and Butch Labuzan, a volunteer trained by Dave suggested another. Unfortunately, the crew chief decided on the Goodyear recomendation, and used an outside tire from Daytona (with 200 laps on it) instead of the Daytona insides (which were Homestead insides) This was a harder tire, and actually was slower than the proper tire, thus giving Dave NO advantage whatsoever! NASCAR didn't see it that way, and took back Dave's trophy! Needless to say, Dave was quite disapointed! He did want to thank ALL RASN'ers for the continued support, and vowed..."to get 'em next time!" --

Dale Evans Miami,FL. ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------- Contest Director- Sebring Aerobatic Chmps.'96 & '97 I.A.C. #23 Pompano Bch. I.A.C. #37 Miami/Homestead

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