Hobgoods sweeps South Boston

(South Boston,VA) The NASCAR Touring Series train chugged into Big Daddy's South Boston Speedway with the South Boston 150 for the Goody's Dash Series. The former "Baby Grands" marked the second touring series to visit South Boston in the past...

(South Boston,VA) The NASCAR Touring Series train chugged into Big Daddy's South Boston Speedway with the South Boston 150 for the Goody's Dash Series.

The former "Baby Grands" marked the second touring series to visit South Boston in the past two events.

Brandon Ward #11 surrendered to Justin Hobgood #65 on the first lap, but two cars spinning in three brought out the yellow. With the restart on lap four, Hobgood pulled to a slight lead, as Wade Day #52 used his local track experience to challenge for second on lap 10. Day completed the pass and worked to catch Hobgood. As the tail end of the field came into sight for Hobgood, Day was on his bumper by lap 15. With 20 laps in, Day was in a Hobgood Oreo as Jake Hobgood #64 sandwiched Day from third. Zach Brewer #31 and Joey Miller #19 tangled in turn three on lap 24. As the side-by-side restart bunched around the front, Wade Day made a gutsy attempt on the apron to pass Hobgood. Series Point Leader, Robert Huffman #37, turned on the juice to move up to fourth by lap 35. Pit stops cycled under caution on lap 40, Huffman #37, elected not to pit and assumed the lead with Kelly "Girl" Sutton also remaining to claim second. Attempting to climb back through traffic, Wade Day #52, trailing the Hobgood brothers, tagged Brewer #31 bringing out another caution.

Day restarted in eighth, while the the Hobgood's held fourth and fifth. With 65 laps in, Sutton began to feel the pressure for second place. Danny Bagwell #10, made the move as Justin Hobgood #65 and Jake Hobgood #64 also made the move around Sutton. With smoke bellowing from rubbing tires, Hobgood and Bagwell saw the caution wave for debris. Day pitted too early under the caution and was accessed a one lap penalty, ending his chances for a top finish. Day was running in the Top 5 before the caution. Huffman led the restart, but Jake Hobgood #64 went to work immediately for the lead on lap 79. Bagwell and Justin Hobgood went right back to rubbing fenders battling for third. Huffman surrendered the lead to Jake Hobgood by only inches at the line on lap 83. The door-to-door battle was slowed after five laps, when #33 Matt Boarman looped his ride in front of the leaders. Jake Hobgood led Huffman, but Justin Hobgood wanted second.

Another side-by-side tussle for position on lap 95. It was a Hobgood night at the front after lap 100, as Jake led Justin over Huffman and Bagwell. T.J. Majors, driving for Dale Earnhardt Jr., worked his way up to seventh by lap 115. As another caution waved, Jay Godley #18 used his local Late Model experience to power into sixth. However, with a tight pack on the restart, lap 120, Godley made contact with the turn four wall bringing a halt to the action. With only 15 to go, debris on the race track calmed the battle between brothers and bunched up the front for a twelve lap shootout. Ward drove to the inside of Huffman for third, while Majors tried to track down Bagwell for fourth. Hobgood (Jake) pulled Hobgood (Justin) to the finish, as Ward, Huffman, Bagwell, and Majors took the top six spots.

Jimmy Mullins #75 started the excitement for the Coor's Light Late Models, as he beat Phillip Morris #01 to the stripe to keep his lead. Morris battled right back by lap three, as the top 10 were lined nose-to-tail for the first 10 laps. Mullins and Morris broke away with Woody Howard #30 left on an island by himself for third. Morris became unsatisfied with second on lap 25, making a hard charge for the lead on Mullins' bumper. Mullins held his line and his position, but Morris stayed with him through lap 35. On lap 45, Morris inched out Mullins on the backstretch, while Howard made his way for second on Mullins by lap 49. As Morris battled in lap traffic, Howard was able to close the gap to three car lengths. With 35 laps remaining, only five cars remained unlapped by Morris. Dean Ward #2 worked behind Scott Worley for sixth place. Worley, with smoke trailing his machine due to contact with the leader, blew a tire and wrecked ino the turn four wall for the first caution on lap 125. With caution stacking up the field, Howard lined up behind Morris with several lap cars separating the final four machines on the lead lap. Lap 132 saw Morris jump away from Howard with Mullins mired in traffic for third. With 149 on the board, Wayne Ramsey #51 slammed the turn two wall, bringing the red flag and a sprint to the finish with the lead lap cars. Mullins chunked Howard on the start going into turn one, but Howard held on to hold off Mullins, as Phillip Morris took the win.

Racing cranks up again on June 21st with the Sprint 300. Twin 110s for the Coor's Light Late Models, 50 laps for the Sheetz Limited Sportsman, and 30 laps for the Pure Stocks. For more information call 1-877-440-1540 or log onto www.southbostonspeedway.com


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