Greenville Pickens report 2001-06-16

GREENVILLE, SC (June 16, 2001)- After a poor month in which Donnie Bishop saw a somewhat comfortable 30 point lead dwindle down to mere single digits, the veteran driver bounced back in a big way Saturday by capturing both the early and late ...

GREENVILLE, SC (June 16, 2001)- After a poor month in which Donnie Bishop saw a somewhat comfortable 30 point lead dwindle down to mere single digits, the veteran driver bounced back in a big way Saturday by capturing both the early and late Gatorade Twin 50 lap Late Model feature races. The wins ended a miserable six week drought for Bishop, who had earlier reeled off a six race win streak.

In the early event, it took a little help from slower traffic for Bishop to overtake race long leader Pete Silva of Leicester, NC, but on lap 43 Bishop got the advantage he had been waiting for. Silva appeared to be heading for his second win, when he got caught behind Stephen Gahagan. Silva went to go high side for the pass, but when Gahagan pulled to the high side, it stalled Silva's advance just long enough for Bishop to gain the advantage and move to the front. "Stephen is a friend of mine, he went racing around the bottom of the race track across the race track in front of us," a disappointed Silva said after seeing the win slip away. "I don't know who's on the radio but the deal is to get the hell down and get out of the way."

Bishop held on the remaining 7 circuits to score the win, his first since May 5. "I couldn't have beaten him if it hadn't been for the traffic," Bishop said. "We were about the same speed, I don't think I could have passed him or he could have passed me. I figure if you keep digging hard enough it pays off in the long run."

Silva could not advance in the closing laps and settled for second, with Randy Porter of Greenville placing third. Gene Morgan, the defending track champion who scored two wins during the month long Bishop drought, placed fourth, and Marietta's Marty Ward rounded out the top five.

In the nightcap race, Ward started second and led the first 10 laps before 1993 track champion Randy Porter moved to the front. By lap 12 Bishop had advanced to second, and on lap 30 he took the lead for good, earning him his second trip of the evening to victory lane. Ward held on to place second, with Porter falling to third after leading most of the race. Morgan placed fourth once again, with Arden NC's Lee Tissot rounding out the top five.

It took until almost 2:30am for officials to declare Greenville's Robby Robbins the winner of the 15 lap Super Stock race, as technical inspectors completely tore down his race car. But Robbins' Monte Carlo stood the test and he claimed his 8th season victory in 11 starts. Greg Dodgens pressed Robbins for the lead in the final laps but fell just short, scoring a season high second place finish. Easley's Randy Ballew was third, and Greenville's Ken Guthrie placed fourth. Michael Cain rounded out the top five.

In the 15 lap B.F. Goodrich Street Stock race, Greenville's Tim Sams moved quickly to the front and held off a final charge from Dacusville's Red Ables to claim his fourth season win. Points leader Daryl Culbertson placed third, with Liberty's Chris Meinders working his way up through the field to play fourth. Bubba Horton of Greenville rounded out the top five.

Easley's Scott Mann continued his Charger hot streak, picking up his third straight win in the first race by besting Johnny Taylor of Piedmont and Joel Cox of Greenville. In the second Charger feature, points leader Ted Somero scored the win, with Easley's Kennith Powell taking second. Greenville's John Weathers was third.


Late Model Race No. 1 (GATORADE TWIN 50/early)

1. Donnie Bishop, Greenville; 2. Pete Silva, Leicester, N.C.; 3. Randy Porter, Greenville; 4. Gene Morgan, Travelers Rest; 5. Marty Ward, Marietta; 6. David Roberts, Simpsonville; 7. Tyler Bob Mangum, Powdersville; 8. Brandon McCarson, Greenville; 9. Lee Tissot, Arden, N.C.; 10. R.A. Brown, Irmo; 11. Kenneth Headen, Liberty; 12. James Young, Fletcher; 13. Stephen Gahagan, Hot Springs; 14. J.R. Robbs; Gaffney; 15. Jimmy Doyle, Hendersonville, N.C.; 16. Blair Addis, Greenville; 17. David Messer, Candler, N.C.; 18. Benny Youngblood; Fletcher, N.C.; 19. Tony Williams, Easley; 20. Greg Wallace, Mooresville, N.C.; 21. Jamie Barbery, Travelers Rest; 22. Darrell Burris, Alexander, N.C.; 23. Jimmy Driver, Anderson; 24. Jay White, Central; 25. Andy Driver, Williamston; 26. Brad Allen, Asheville; 27. Bobby Adams, Travelers Rest.

Late Model Stock No. 2 (GATORADE TWIN 50/nightcap)

1. Donnie Bishop (Greenville); 2. Marty Ward (Marietta); 3. Randy Porter (Greenville); 4. Gene Morgan (Travelers Rest); 5. Lee Tissott; 6. Pete Silva (Leicester, N.C.); 7. Jay White (Central); 8. R.A. Brown (Irmo); 9. Jimmy Doyle (Hendersonville, N.C.); 10. J.R. Robbs (Gaffney); 11. Jamie Barbery (Travelers Rest); 12. Tony Williams (Easley); 13. Jimmy Driver (Anderson); 14. David Messer (Candler, N.C.); 15. Benny Youngblood (Fletcher, N.C.); 16. Andy Driver (Williamston); 17. Kenneth Headen (Liberty); 18. David Roberts (Simpsonville); 19. Stephen Gahagan (Hot Springs, N.C.); 20. Brandon McCarson (Greenville); 21. Tyler Bob Mangum (Powdersville); 22. Darrell Burris (Alexander, N.C.); 23. Bobby Adams (Travelers Rest); 24. Brad Allen (Asheville, N.C.); 25. Greg Wallace (Mooresville, N.C.).

Super Stock

1. Robby Robbins (Greenville); 2. Greg Dodgens (Easley); 3. Randy Ballew (Easley); 4. Ken Guthrie (Greenville); 5. Michael Cain (Easley); 6. C.M. Knight (Simpsonville); 7. Jayson Brown (Fountain Inn); 8. Chris Headen (Greenville); 9. Jackie Williams (Greenville); 10. Paul Pittman (Greenville); 11. Jon Martin (Mountville); 12. Phillip Lynch (Greenville)

Street Stock

1. Tim Sams, Greenville; 2. William "Red" Ables, Dacusville; 3. Daryl Culbertson, Travelers Rest; 4. Chris Meinders, Liberty; 5. Stephen "Bubba" Horton, Greenville; 6. Vince Quinn, Greenville; 7. Stanley Pressley, Travelers Rest; 8. Rick Kelley, Greenville; 9. Mike Hughes, Greenville; 10. Don Christie, Greenville; 11. Travis Allen, Greenville; 12. Billy Lusk, Easley; 13. Rick Cullen, Easley; 14. Woody Rowland; 15. Anthony Anders, Greenville; 16. Michael Bruton, Fountain Inn.

Charger I

1. Scott Mann, Easley; 2. Johnny Taylor, Jr., Piedmont; 3. Joel Cox, Greenville; 4. Ryan Dombrosky, Greenville; 5. Bryan Davis, Easley; 6. James Johnson, Greenville; 7. Wayne Clayton, Spartanburg; 8. Frank Dean, Powdersville; 9. Rena Tate, Easley; 10. Debbie Brannon, Fountain Inn; 11. Jimmy Mann, Jr., Greenville; 12. Bob Horton, Greenville; 13. Pete Porter, Greenville; 14. Eddie Trammell, Greer; 15. James Madden, Liberty; 16. Lee Bright, Greenville.

Charger II

1. Ted Somero, Greer; 2. Kenneth Powell, Easley; 3. John Weathers, Greenville; 4. Terry King, Slabtown; 5. Michael Pittman, Greenville; 6. Byron Mabery; Piedmont; 7. Chris Black, Fountain Inn; 8. Chuck Kellner, Liberty; 9. Jamie Passmore, Greenville; 10. Ed Hodges, Fountain Inn; 11. Steve Brown, Pendleton; 12. Mark Brockman, Greer; 13. Jamie Madden, Piedmont; 14. Travis Hardin, Greenville.


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