Gafrarar recieves Rookie of the Year award

Gafrarar is the 2002 NASCAR Goody's Dash Rookie of the Year! (Rusty Wallace's former Fabricator takes title in first full season!) Mooresville NC - November 29, 2002 In February, at the season opener in Daytona, Chuck Gafrarar, set his goals...

Gafrarar is the 2002 NASCAR Goody's Dash Rookie of the Year!
(Rusty Wallace's former Fabricator takes title in first full season!)

Mooresville NC - November 29, 2002 In February, at the season opener in Daytona, Chuck Gafrarar, set his goals to winning the 2002 NASCAR Goody's Dash Rookie of the Year title. On Saturday, November 23rd, at the Sheraton Four Season, Greensboro, NC, Gafrarar wrapped up his season as he received the 2002 NASCAR Goody's Dash Rookie if the Year title!

Gafrarar came on the scene late January testing in Daytona. The month of February was a whirlwind for Gafrarar who made major life changes in his career and life within a matter of days! Gafrarar purchased a new home , moved in and headed to more changes. On his return from Daytona, Gafrarar left his position with Penske Racing South as a fabricator for Rusty Wallace. A position he held for over 6 1/2 years - Gafrarar headed out the door to run the Dash series fulltime. On Saturday, February 2, Chuck married Jacqueline Boger Gafrarar. Within three days after the wedding Chuck flew to Daytona to prepare for the first race of the season. His bride flew to meet him for raceday and Sunday the bride and groom headed to their honeymoon! On his return he went fulltime into his already established business of Chuck Gafrarar Raceworks INC. It was a month filled with fast paced changes and all for the good! Determination is more than a word to this Rookie of the Year!

From the start of the Dash events Gafrarar ran with Moss Motorsports. Mid-way through the season switched teams to run with the Highlands Motorsports Team, owned by Wade Lopez and Tom Sweeney, Bristol, TN. It was a positive move for Gafrarar and Highlands, with their first run grabbing a 4th place finish in Sparta KY and soon picked off five high finishing Rookie of the Race awards! The season stats Gafrarar picked up three top fives, six top tens and 12 top 20's. Gafrarar kept the point lead for the Rookie of the Year title since the second race of the season! Over the years, Gafrarar became known for his Winston Cup fabrication skills and as the GDS progressed the Driver status took over with NASCAR associates seeing Gafrarar in a whole new light.

Gafrarar, racing since he was nine years old will chalk up 24 years experience in the racing field this March. He is working his way to goals he set as a child racing go-karts and moving upwards to the Pro Kart circuits, Legends cars, late models, Dash and All Pro cars. Gafrarar represents many sponsors each race and stated "I really wanted to win the Rookie title not only for me but all my sponsors...they are the ones who made this possible. I have a great group of sponsors and crew who work with me to achieve this common goal. I just can't thank them enough." Gafrarar was quick to mention "the Dash series is awesome and totally family oriented. It reminds me of my years on the WKA & IKF Pro kart circuits. Everyone knew everyone and all tried to make the best of good or bad situations that come along in motorsports." Gafrarar stated "this series has an excellent group of NASCAR officials and Touring staff who help us all make the series the good one it is today."

Kudos and thanks to Gafrarar's great sponsors go to: Icehouse, Lopez & Associates LLC, Refrigeration Services INC, Highlands Motorsports INC, I.H. Caffey INC, Allan Powell Race Engines, Pro-Image Computer Graphics, Weaver Race Cars, Lincoln Welders, Food Country, MeadWestvaco, INC, and Shields Electronics Supply INC. Also thanks to my parents for their support, Steven Lee - Travel Club International, Barb Saunders - GDS Photographer, JHE Productions INC, Randy "Chubby" Bodnar, Bobby Gill, my wife Jacqueline for all the support with this hectic schedule and to Tim Wallace, my business partner - who kept our shop going during my race time. Thanks to Wade Lopez and Tom Sweeney Team owners and to Reese Milton my teammate and our crew for a great season and Michael Johnson from I.H. Caffey - for all the words from our sponsor...Icehouse this season!

Gafrarar said "I am a firm believer in TEAM work - Together Everyone Accomplishes More...this season we made it a proven point." In interviews, he was asked what he would do during his time off. Gafrarar stated " there is no time off now it's forward preparing the cars and working on adding sponsors to our team. Team Highlands is full throttle working on Daytona and looking for another great season in 2003."

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